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Hello! My name is Millicent Dagsworth, it's a pen name, not my real one, and will not be revealed at any time. So just call me Millicent.

I love to read, write, play video games, anime, playing with my pets, holding our baby chickens (Silkies), talking to my friends, and other stuff like that. I love all animals, no matter what they are, and they love me. 

I can't deal with spiders. I am okay with heights, as long as I don't look down.

My favorite genres are mystery, syfi, romance, fantasy, occasionally horror, and I don't like one's with vampires. I will read one from time to time, but it's not often.

I have a lot of dreams: I want to go to collage, I want to become a Marine biologist, I want my books to be published, ect. I have horrible spelling, so if I spell something wrong, please tell me. 

Update: I have actually accomplished getting into contact with a publisher and they are going to pblish Spirit of the Forest! For more details, message me!

Anyway, I hope you all like my books and please leave a comment. 



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I am a 21 year old from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Writing has been own personal escape for the past 6 years. I opened this account to do my first NaNoWriMo. Hoping it goes well. 


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I would like to change my username to MillenniumProductions now. Its exactly fitting for my work. Every viewer of my in progress series is appreciated. I honestly don't care for reviews since I'm sadly a temporary writer. I don't or plan to read any other works. Its only fair. Beside my own work, I really can't get into writing or common reading. I only got into writing due to my limited inspirations and my favorite eras growing up as a kid and preteen, The Late 90s and 2000s. My novel is a tribute and appreciation to have experienced those times. Once I finish writing my true interests, my time in the writing genre is done. My novel is my legacy. My credits should lack detail right now. haha I plan to fix that. If you enjoy reading my work, I occasionally go back and edit Chapter mistakes I may not at first realize. My writing may lack and, that's ok. My novel is exactly how I want it to be. The flaws are what truly makes my novel No Awakening, No Sequence and Dibs! A Theory Finale. Its fun, non generic and so 2000s to me. My novel writing style is as much as I try to avoid dated writing. The beginning of my series may have too much romance. I apologize for that and the edits I'm realizing I still need to make. Its not how I intended. Just that its apart of Rin's personality. She's random. Also, the fetish appeal couldn't be helped. Experimenting is a major aspect within my series.

My series refer to the Young Adult, General and Tragedy genre. Definitely not for preteens. I have the right voices for Kev and Phase, but I most likely won't be alive or young enough to if my series is ever established in the public.

For anyone if you get confused from a seemly lack of Chapter orders. MillenniumProductions books of the 2000s:

No Awakening: Energy of Consuming Anxiety

Kev's Departure, Chapter 1. Pending, Chapter 2. False Advertisements, Chapter 3. New Years, 2000, Chapter 4. Rin's Sophomore Year, Chapter 5. Flash Back, Chapter 6. Anxiety, Chapter 7. Occasional Accidents, Chapter 8. Genesis's Consciousness, Chapter 9.

No Awakening: Announcing Apple

Apple's Awakening, Chapter 1. What's Luv? Chapter 2. Signature Enemy, Chapter 3. Green Apple, Chapter 4. Positive Listening, Chapter 5. Spy Something, Sneak Peak, Chapter 6. Preview, Chapter 7. After School Nostalgia, Chapter 8. Monster Announcement, Chapter 9. Surviving Destinies, Chapter 10.

No Awakening: Inner Negatives

Privacy/Defeating Mesmerize, Chapter 1. Millennium Best Buds, Chapter 2. Fever Sequel/Oh Boy, Chapter 3. False Enemy, Chapter 4. Confronting Millennial Self, Chapter 5. Unconscious Band Aid, Chapter 6. Opposites, Chapter 7. Awakened Positivity, Chapter 8. Consciously Tied, Chapter 9. Progressed, Chapter 10. Promise, Chapter 11.

Awakening, No Sequence:

Transitional Start, Chapter 1. Critical Memories, Chapter 2. Series Establishment, Chapter 3. Tears From Above, Chapter 4. ConFrontin' Dilemma, Chapter 5. Skipped ParticiPatience, Chapter 6. Common Enemies, Chapter 7. Last Assignment, Chapter 8. What? In School Suspension, Chapter 9. Accurate Self Developed, Chapter 10. Phased Evil, Chapter 11. Harassed Finale, Chapter 12. Featured Warnings, Chapter 13. Defeated Incorporated, Chapter 14. Transition, 15.

Dibs! A Theory Finale

Chapter 1, Widow's Theory. Chapter 2, Reporting, Myths Assignment. Chapter 3, Wonderful. Chapter 4, Metaphor. Chapter 5, Shivering For Something To Do Tour. Chapter 6, 2005 Awakening. Chapter 7, Catering Interests. Chapter 8, Transferred, Announcing Hourglass. Chapter 9, Premise.

Lauren & Nav: Proxy's Organization

Chapter 1, Beginnings of 6. Chapter 2, Proficiencies/Refrigerated Ignorance. Unauthorized, Chapter 3. Proxy's Intuitions/Bigger Things, Chapter 4. Refrigerated Ambitions, Chapter 5. Ending, The Black Swan Effect.

I'm just going to say it now, if its up to me and my books are published, I'm selling them each just for 10. Haha The No Awakening Trilogy should be 30 dollars if brought all together, while No Sequence and Dibs! A Theory Finale are still just 10 and 8.

As for the most popular characters from my book I can see will most likely be Rin, Lilith, Apple and the Kiwis, while Phase will generally be the face of the series. Haha I probably should throw in Lauren now to.


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Just a simple woman with a love of monsters and heavy thought. Also dark humor because, really, if you can't laugh at the worst, how can you laugh at the best?


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Joel Puga was born in the Portuguese city of Viana do Castelo. From a very early age, he showed a propensity for writing, creating stories that he shared with family and friends. Later, he saw his tales published in several Portuguese fanzines and anthologies. He recently decided to pursue self-publishing, seduced by the freedom that it gives him.


Patreon -


Joel Puga nasceu na cidade portuguesa de Viana do Castelo. Desde muito cedo, mostrou apetência para a escrita, criando histórias que partilhava com a família e os amigos. Mais tarde, viu contos seus serem publicados em diversas fanzines e antologias portuguesas. Recentemente, decidiu enveredar pela autopublicação, seduzido pela liberdade que esta lhe proporciona.


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Joel Puga nació en la ciudad portuguesa de Viana do Castelo. Desde muy temprano mostró gusto por la escrita, creando historias que compartía con su familia y amigos. Más tarde, vio sus cuentos publicados en diversos fanzines y antologías portuguesas. Recientemente, decidió auto-publicar sus historias, seducido por la libertad que esto le proporciona.


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Nothing much to say...

I got bored of the world I lived in so I tried to create a new one.

My story Scarlet Rose! (Formerly known as Raiders!) is now available on Kindle here -->


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Hi, my name is Amanda. I'm a twenty-something girl with a single ambition: finish a novel. Right now, I'm re-working and completing my project from NaNoWriMo 2011-- which I won!-- called Conquest. Please take a look if you find some time; reviews, both good and bad, are always welcome! Learning from my reviews is how I grow as an author.

A little about me... I really love writing fantasy; even when I try to write something in the real world it ends up having some supernatural facet. I'm a bit of a romantic when it comes to my characters, I guess, and I write about people I find the most interesting. I tend to be drawn to darker characters for whatever reason-- perhaps the notion of redemption stirring in my soul and trying to get out. I know I've done a good job when my characters come to life and try to take control of the plot.

Some of my favorite books include the Harry Potter series, the Wicked Years by Gregory Maguire (and, in fact, anything by Maguire), the Wrinkle in Time series by Madeleine L'Engle, the Chronicles of Narnia, John Dies at the End by David Wong, Anthem by Ayn Rand, 1984 by Orwell, The D'Artagnan Romances by Dumas (the Three Musketeers is the best one, though).

I love folk and punk music (and any combination thereof). My favorite singer at the moment is Frank Turner. I like to doodle, but I don't have a lot of real talent. I like to learn about history and one of my favorite hobbies when working on a novel is world-building.


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Somewhat of a novice as both a writer and an artist; theres nothing much to tell except that I am intrigued by many science fiction, fantasy, action, adventure, and other exciting genres either from books, tv shows or movies; romance however and mystery novels are not my thing - especially poetry.


You can check some of my work on


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By the way, I would say thanks for David Boyce, and some people on the other sites for helping me improving my diction and understanding about deep in grammars.

David Boyce works are good, though. I had read two of his works. And I enjoy it. 


**11/15/2017 New Chapter: sp04 04 10, Rainbow Tribe's Tournament​
​No image release for inkitt yet, due to image text in the site is unreadable on phone.

Since I can't update frequently, why not listen to the songs that I like and currently I routinely play
By Dragon Force,

  • Through flame and fire
  • Fury of the Storm
  • Ashes of Dawn
  • My Spirit Will Go On
  • Black Winter Night
  • Cry Thunder
  • The Game
  • Heroes of Our Time
  • Operation Ground and Pound
  • Soldiers of the Wasteland
  • Three Hammers

By I am I

  • I see you again
  • Silent Genocide
  • This is my life
  • You're the voice
  • Inside of Me
  • Cross The Line

11-15-17 Scenes Pages

Updated scenes pages – correction of some errors in text, from storyline to tips.

  • sp04 02 06, Analyze
  • sp04 02 07, JSA's Cruelty I
  • sp04 02 08, JSA's Cruelty II
  • sp04 02 09, Fate of the Karagana Tribe
  • sp04 02 10, Criselia and Jaino
  • sp04 04 01, Apodeictic Intention, Threat to Raume
  • sp04 04 02, Apodeictic Intention, Threat to Raume
  • sp04 04 03, The Unspoken Decision
  • sp04 04 04, A Battle and The Dominant Subduer
  • sp04 04 05, Her Mother's Call
  • sp04 04 06, The Spirit of Light
  • sp04 04 07, Hoven vs Jaino
  • sp04 04 09, Intervention and Preparation
  • Skills, Poles' Basic

Additional pages

  • sp04 04 10, Rainbow Tribe's Tournament

I try to use understandable words for my friends can read.


It's hard to find the books that I wanna read due to search engine isn't good -_-
If you wanna know my preference? I want something new.

I'm a reader, who loves reading, epic adventure tales with plenty of characters and full of lore, that are presented uniquely. 


Long->Long->Bio ;D 

I'm accepting review only on Zjjan Master :D 
Adventure, Fantasy, Mature...

Anyway, I don't need grammar review :D I'm crafting words that has a sense, okay? All people don't have the same IQ.

Note: I'm just a beginner ;D And I want to be a beginner; 
A writer's job need to focus writing that can and must attract many readers, and must correct his grammar.
However, a readers job that can't find a book he/she has been seeking must write the book he/she want.


Shaky Seedy Spicy Story-Spumy

is a compilation of my short stories, that I've tried to or just summarize(d)

I'm lazy to create a novel ;D because I love to read 


If anyone wants a review, be specific of what you need.

I'm poor at grammar 'cause I don't like reading a novel that follows all the rules of grammar

It can result to dry

But I love reading stories that are well presented and engaging. 


For adults' content below

Someone has asked me to write an erotica. If you want to read the work, search it on wattpad. 

'Accept me" by Hearm Jan
It currently contains three chapter, and I let it be, until someone asked me to write again or write another story. Don't worry, it's for free. But, if you want to offer improvements, I'll accept critiques.