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The Reality Check By: ThePen Paradox

When James receives an odd machine in the mail, it sends him into a new world, and on an adventure of a lifetime. However, his journey quickly becomes less than pleasant. With no way to escape the game, all he can do is press forward, even if it leaves him on the brink of insanity. His struggle… Read More


Collection of Short Horror Stories By: Blackheart Ravensoul

A Collection of my short horror stories Read More


Short Stories and Tall Tails By: Leaf Soto

A collection of short stories about a certain group of special characters, or cats rather. Read More


Proxima By: Thomas Boyle

In the year 2525, the first Legion Project was set, known as Legion-I. The very first Legion was known as Thomas-00000. He went through training that you wouldn’t believe. He went to a school with the rest of them known as UNSC Lavarius. He is one of 7200 survivors of the project. He trained to… Read More


Lynn By: Lady Aragem

A woman awakens naked and alone in a forest with no memory of from where she came from or how she got there. She can only remember one thing, her name: Lynn. She realizes she is no longer in her world, the world of machines, large cities, and streaming information, but in a world where magic and… Read More


Inner Demons By: TJ nyx

Everyone has their inner demons, everyone has baggage. But not like Gavin Wessen. His soul is giving a piggyback ride, and there is nothing he can do to stop it. Read More


Nora By: Danny Power

As a little girl, Sunshine-meets-Mountaintop would look at the stars, and the patterns that only she could see. Little did she know that those patterns would point her towards an adventure she would one day grow to understand. Unfortunately, there are others who are searching for the same meaning… Read More


Shishigami No Miko: The Priestess of the Beast Gods By: C. M. Brighid Bachleda

A Fushigi Yuugi X-Over Fanfic Novel … Read More

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Spyro Kev

For: Dibs! A Theory Finale

I'm thinking of posting What If's, small events of my characters. What If is translated as Lore in No Awakening. I regret not posting a 1998 Chapter, which I have a What If event for. It will also allow me to add development to Marcus and possibly introduced an African American version of Kev, influenced by Late 90s Will Smite. Dragon Ball Z inspired No Sequence events and Dibs! Shadows of The Widow's Wrath, influenced by Paper Mario.

They won't become continuous though.

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Leaf Soto

For: No strings

What a wonderful short story with many twists and turns. I really, really loved the wording and how the storyline flowed from one character to the next. Really great work, well done.
Random Tale