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Inmortal By: Kyo Kei

Cuenta la historia de un ser inmortal que busca el significado de su existencia. Read More


Ryugujo By: Julia Ellis and Lauren Rudesill

Five friends from a regular neighborhood, in a regular city, in a regular world find a mysterious book at their local library. Little do they know that this book is full of dangerous magical spells that can transport them to many different ‘Otherworlds’. Accidentally, Teruko brushes a page with… Read More


Halo: Rebirth By: Thomas Boyle

In the year 2592, the members of Blue Team have passed away. 58 years later, a new threat has come to the universe. Wiped out 40 colonies already. 10 years after the war started, the UNSC needs a hero more than ever. So 10 years later, a doctor known as Dr. Eliza Taylor decides to go out on a… Read More


Grey Wolves By: Ann Darkwater

The city of Atereat is beautiful but dangerous and troubled capital of the strongest country in Albeastria- Caureus. Whithin the walls the organisation known as 'Grey Wolves' made its home in the city's slums, The Gallows. In time they grew in power and with time they became the ones who run the… Read More


Celestia Sits on Fluttershy's Face By: Bad Dragon

Celestia desperately searches for an item of the right shape to scratch the itch in her ass. Alas, there is nothing in her room that would fit. It is then that Fluttershy, with her pretty snout, comes knocking on the door. … Read More


Equilibrar By: Emi V.

She falls away from one world and is offered a white lily by a dying woman, awakening into another land. What is the Order of the Moon? Why does this chaotic world look to her to return balance? Read More


Heart of Cogs By: Wali I.

In the future, as the Earth is left reeling in the wake of the Third World War, one gifted young girl sets out on her journey trying to find away to live a life on a wounded world. This is her story. Read More


Whites vs. Blacks By: Thomas Boyle

Whites and Blacks are all over the universe. They were formed in the year 2426. On April 7, 2553, a month and 4 days after the truce between the aliens and the UNSC, the Whites and Blacks are all over the universe with over 20,000 bases for each. Then each base started disappearing one by one. By… Read More

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Serina Harcourt

For: Snowfall


Aww, I’m sorry to hear you haven’t felt well :( Hopefully you’re recovering quickly and are feeling better now. Anyway, yeah that was partially the intention behind the title. Well, that and I love the Pretty Little Liars theme song and couldn’t resist borrowing some of the lyrics from it :P That song fits the show so perfectly and it wasn’t even written specifically for the show. One of the actresses had heard it and suggested it for the theme. I’m getting off topic already :P This is one of the few times that I knew going into a chapter like this that everyone would make it out alive. Typically I have other ideas of things I’d like to do or ways I’d like to see the story go, so I’m never quite sure if everyone will survive. This time though I’ve planned ahead all the way to the final chapter, so I knew we wouldn’t be losing anyone here. Don’t get comfortable though, I could just be luring you into a false sense of security or something :P The bit at the end with JTG’s message to Tony is… complicated. There are two principles to this story that need to be remembered. The first is that everyone has a secret, and the second is almost nothing is exactly as it first appears. (This should not be taken as confirmation that Tony does, in fact, have shape-shifting abilities :P) A lot more happened on Labor Day than has been revealed and it involved a lot more people than the girls know about. JTG knows, however. Of course, JTG knows everything :P You know, I'm just going to leave whether or not Tony and JTG are in cahoots (I agree, that's an awesome word xD) entirely up to your imagination for now. It's certainly possible and I'm interested to see what other related theories you can come up with, so please, by all means, ramble away :)

Hahahaha, yes! A compliment for Michael at last xD One day, you will love him. I will make it happen. I'm confident in my ability to successfully succeed! :P I didn’t set out to give Michael this hero moment and he almost didn’t get it. At first, I really liked the idea of Snow managing to talk Tony down. Obviously Snow rescuing herself instead of needing to be rescued is something I like to see instead of a damsel in distress sort of scene. In this case though, knowing all of Tony’s backstory, it just didn’t make a lot of sense that she’d be able to do that. It didn’t fit with who Tony is so in the end Michael got to be a badass. He’s not complaining :P Lol, I’m sorry! I know that was mean, but it’s just not the time for Michael's secrets to come out. You’re right that it is coming but I’ll not say when. To be honest, I was surprised by Michael telling Mary too. I spent a ton of time planning out exactly what was going to happen over the next ten chapters and Michael never told her. Then I get to their conversation and it just felt like the right time for him to tell her. Of course, that left me with the problem of whether or not I should also tell the audience and I really did consider it. But like I said, this just isn’t the time. That’s a big reveal. I mean a big, big reveal. Easily in the top 3 of the whole story and I already know when and how it’ll all come out, so sadly it has to wait for a later chapter. But yeah, you’re right. Michael has handled this all really badly no matter his intentions or how he’s behaving now. Obviously Michael is changing and I’d say Snow has been instrumental in that change, but he’s still done bad things and has behaved like an absolute douchebag regardless of the reasons why.

I swear, I had more trouble with Snow and Tony’s conversations than I did with anything else. Try as I might, it never felt genuine to me. It all felt forced and it didn’t flow properly. It took me ages to get something that even remotely approached what I was going for. It also required me to change Tony quite drastically. At first, he was quite a bit more a pervert in regards to Snow. He does have a fetish for underage girls after all, so it seemed fitting. I guess I can’t write child molestation scenes properly (which is a really weird thing to be upset about) because instead of feeling disturbing and creepy, it was just really awkward and Tony felt too much like a cartoon villain instead of a pedophile. But yes, Tony’s scars are certainly real and there’s still a lot of things about Tony that we don’t yet know. While he's clearly not a good guy, something surely drove him to be the way he is so I'd say your theory is a pretty good one. As with a lot of things, it'll be a while before all of Tony's secrets come out. I've got a lot of other things to deal with before I get to Tony. A lot of other things :P As for what Mary will do, well I'll keep that a surprise for now, but it will have a pretty significant effect on her moving forward. Her world has been rocked, let's leave it at that. Also, Michael didn't lie. He told her the absolute, honest to God, truth. That's not to say he told her every secret he has, he didn't, but the parts that had to do with Mary were all true. Anyway, thanks so much for the comment :) And please, don't worry about being a little late. I just hope you're feeling better now :)  

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C. M. Brighid Bachleda

For: No Strings

Wow...that was a bit scary but good...
Random Tale