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Top 10 Books
  1. The Princes and the Dragon
  2. Blood Trail
  3. The Life of Maximilian Denvers
  4. The Orphan's Code
  5. Piercing the Shroud of Strength
  6. Luna's Child
  7. Above All Other Women
  8. The Watcher and the Bull
  9. The Kidnapping of Mira Von Perner
  10. The Girl and the Warehouse
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Danny Power

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Hey thanks for getting back to me! I guess, considering this is something I genuinely want to publish, I'd really appreciate if you were as honest as possible. If there's something you find confusing, if you think a certain character wouldn't do such & such, or if you feel the world isn't built up properly, call me out on it. I can review your work as well, an eye for an eye, and all that!
New Books


Revolution H By: Leaf Soto

I was tired of being pushed around. I hated it! Just because I'm part-cat doesn't mean you have to treat me like an animal. Sure, they call us "Hybrids" just so we don't feel like complete animals. It's just as offensive as everything else they call us. Whatever. When I heard that protests were… Read More


Towards Tomorrow By: Esca Skye

Fallon is chained between two worlds: the world of her past that continues to haunt her everyday life, and the elusive promise of a world where the future is free from the pain of what she's dealt and is currently dealing with. What happens if both instances meet? Read More


You Must Kill the King By: Tan chuan wei

With their town suffering from water shortage, a mechanic and his best friend go travel to another country to ask for water to trade but the end up in a middle of a civil war. Read More


Nettlewhite: A Novel of Redwall By: Kled, the Cantankerous Cavalier

A Pure Ferret, dubbed 'Nettlewhite', is raised at Redwall by the peaceful abbeydwellers upon being taken in as a newborn. Though she acts as a vexatious and irksome creature that few wish to associate themselves with, Nettlewhite gets along well with her loving, adopted squirrel brother Mullen and… Read More


Trust me By: Fatum 03

“Do you trust me?” He asked while extending out his hand for me to take it. Ever since my mother died I lived trusting no one and only wanted one thing in life. That was to get away from the town I was born, where everyone knew the story about my Father, who was once the best man in the world… Read More


Raiders! Extra - The Weight Of A Thousand Worlds By: Mister Mayhem

This is the story of how Felix first met Katheryn, the time they spent together in their earlier years and how they both became cursed. Read More


Libera Nocte By: Misa Chikanatsu

In the midst of a lost cause twenty years past its due date, a group of individuals that call themselves "Phoenix Holders" are forced to find and convince each other to work towards a common goal. Unfortunately, nothing among this party ever goes about that easily. Read More


A New Beginning By: Allyson Andrews

A Hey Arnold fanfiction. Lately Bob hasn't been himself. Helga notices Bob is starting to pay more attention to her and has stopped calling her Olga for once. Would both father and daughter have a better relationship in the future? Story title based on my Nazarene church. Written back in 2014… Read More

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Danny Power

For: Smoke and Mirrors

It's another good chapter, it really is.

Ember in action was actually really handled well. You're making her out to be quite a viable character. We now understand why people are cautious around her, & there were little things - like neglecting to wear anything resembling camouflage because she was confident in her skills - that really made her stand out. Being more like herself around Kaleb was a welcome addition, as well. I felt like she was falling a little bit too quickly in the previous chapter, but this evens it out well. 

Again some small grammar & spelling errors, but seriously nothing that a simple round of editing won't fix. The story is going places, I genuinely don't know what's going to happen next, & that's part of the appeal for me at the moment. 

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Dairis Ozols


Love it, a new background with fresh set of adventure. Fine detailed descritpions of places. Facts that makes curiosity burn, all in all I'm satisfied about this book.
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