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Top 10 Books
  1. The Princes and the Dragon
  2. Blood Trail
  3. The Life of Maximilian Denvers
  4. The Orphan's Code
  5. Piercing the Shroud of Strength
  6. Luna's Child
  7. Above All Other Women
  8. The Watcher and the Bull
  9. The Kidnapping of Mira Von Perner
  10. The Girl and the Warehouse
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Molly Jones


Hey there! :3 

Name: Molly, Mars, or MJ

Favourite Genre: I prefer to write Tragedies, as I find that putting characters through turmoil generally helps me to characterise them better. Sometimes (very rarely) I also write Romance, but this is generally in drabble form rather than chaptered form. 

Hobbies and Interests: Other than reading and writing, I play the piano and sing. I also draw, and draw a lot of mock-ups for my cover art and sketches of my characters!

Favourites: Colour - blue; Animal - dolphin; Book - Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer; Series - Harry Potter; Season - Autumn; Song - currently, its Rihanna's Dancing in the Dark

Other: I have ADHD so sometimes it takes me a long time to work on writing. But it's my love, so I will always get around to it. Also, feel free to talk to me about characters! (Disclaimer: I will most likely talk your ear off if you ask about my OCs.) 

New Books


Soto's Guide to Life: Part 2 By: Leaf Soto

As we all may know, relationships come and go. Hopefully you've read my first part, which wasn't originally intended to be the first part in (I'm hoping only) a two-part series. Read More


Three Little Fish and a Dog By: Shintoshi Sesshou

A writer out in the country has a fantasy come true when he discovers a mermaid. Of course, not everything comes up roses. Wait...'he'? 'Mermaid'? That's not right... Read More


Cracks: Book 1 By: Yin Harmony

I'll be home soon.. I'm right down the street... I want to go home.. Home... Where is home... My home is gone, since they're gone... My heart...Why? Read More


The Powers Halloween Special By: Leaf Soto

In spirit with the upcoming holiday, the Powers gang have a special suprise for their fans and you. Note: This is not part of the main story. During the celebration at the college things slowly start to go wrong and everything is turned upside down. So enjoy this seasonal mystery/thriller performed… Read More


V: THE EARLY YEARS By: mark abbott-jones

The Visitors have started to gain control. The fledgling underground fighters need to find away to stay alive...and one step ahead, as others relish in the power the Visitors bring. Carries on from the Original mini series and takes the second generation path. Read More


A World Full of Only Animals and Mythological Creatures By: Thomas Boyle

On the planet Estia, there are no humans on the planet. Just female animals and mythological creatures. But one day, a human male named Thomas Lambert appears in the world and was there for an unknown reason. After 10 years of him being there, the animals and mythological creatures have learned… Read More


C.H.A.T. By: Leaf Soto

CHAT stands for Carefree, Hilarious, Adventures and role-play That can go anywhere where you can do anything. Seriously. Have you ever been in an online chat anywhere? You wouldn't believe the things that go on there... Read More


The Undefeated Champions By: Thomas Boyle

In the United States, there’s a criminal organization known as the Undefeated Champions. They are the most wanted criminal organization in the world. The boss, Amber Butler, is the second boss of the organization. And is also the second youngest. The youngest is a man named Thomas Kingston. He’s… Read More

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Danny Power

For: Smoke and Mirrors

It's been a while since I've read this, I'm glad I got back to it. 

Another solid chapter. The dialog was well-thought out & funny in parts, I'm starting to warm towards Kaleb now. He's obviously allowing his heart to rule over his head, but he definitely has more layers in his personality than I expected, now that he planned on escorting Ember himself. You also set up the next chapter quite well with the Masquerade.

I like where this story is going!

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Yin Harmony

For: A Haiku for Harmony

It really cute and simple. A lot of imagery from these short sentences. Great job!
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