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Top 10 Books
  1. The Princes and the Dragon
  2. Blood Trail
  3. The Life of Maximilian Denvers
  4. No Strings
  5. Luna's Child
  6. Above All Other Women
  7. The Watcher and the Bull
  8. The Kidnapping of Mira Von Perner
  9. The Girl and the Warehouse
  10. Gay, Like Happy
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C. M. Brighid Bachleda


I'm working on a Fushigi Yuugi X-Over Fanfic Novel; have yet got any Comments and I just updated it...
New Books


Collecting a Chance By: Fuschia Rose

Some things that are lost can be found again. Some things that are found can be lost forever. … Read More


The Rebels of Dacroleia By: M!ka May

Blood covers the darkened room, causing the smell of rotten flesh. … Read More


CrimZon Universe By: Just BI-You

(A rehaul of my old work CrimZon Universe and a continuation of CrimZon) This is a tale of a young man Erb, a dragon and saiyan hybrid, traveling to other worlds in search of allies and power in order to combat whatever threat roams through the dark shadows of the multiverse while finding out the… Read More


The Luna Silver Blade Memoirs-A Novel By: C. M. Brighid Bachleda

A Planet of the Apes Fanfic Novel … Read More


Brooke and Chase By: Amicia Vela Bianchi

When Chase realizes that Brooke has been following him in the hallways to class he confronts her. Just when Chase thought he had finally found a way to get rid of Brooke after she inserted herself into his life. He didn't expect to want her back... What can he do when she belongs to someone else? Read More


Fighting For You By: Amicia Vela Bianchi

She is the new wolf in town and soon becomes the alpha's girlfriend. Not having met anyone else yet she is in for a surprise when she meets the beta... Read More


StarLight Q Volume 1 By: Ryan Nurse

Because all the good letters were already taken. … Read More


Together We Cry By: Reenie Mx

Andy, a lonely yet loving girl, and Angie, a girl angry at the world about everything, go through the early stages in life making pretty much every major mistake a child can make. There is never a right answer for them, never a solution, only a path that will lead to more trouble. And all they can… Read More

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Luna's Child

For: Luna's Child

Sorry for the extremely late reply. Thank you for your kind words!

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C. M. Brighid Bachleda

For: No Strings

Wow...that was a bit scary but good...
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