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Top 10 Books
  1. The Princes and the Dragon
  2. Blood Trail
  3. The Life of Maximilian Denvers
  4. Piercing the Shroud of Strength
  5. Luna's Child
  6. Above All Other Women
  7. The Watcher and the Bull
  8. The Kidnapping of Mira Von Perner
  9. The Girl and the Warehouse
  10. Gay, Like Happy
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Molly Jones


Hey there! :3 

Name: Molly, Mars, or MJ

Favourite Genre: I prefer to write Tragedies, as I find that putting characters through turmoil generally helps me to characterise them better. Sometimes (very rarely) I also write Romance, but this is generally in drabble form rather than chaptered form. 

Hobbies and Interests: Other than reading and writing, I play the piano and sing. I also draw, and draw a lot of mock-ups for my cover art and sketches of my characters!

Favourites: Colour - blue; Animal - dolphin; Book - Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer; Series - Harry Potter; Season - Autumn; Song - currently, its Rihanna's Dancing in the Dark

Other: I have ADHD so sometimes it takes me a long time to work on writing. But it's my love, so I will always get around to it. Also, feel free to talk to me about characters! (Disclaimer: I will most likely talk your ear off if you ask about my OCs.) 

New Books


The Nefarious Nine By: Leaf Soto

They say there's nine of them. Each one good at something. Each one just as evil as the next. Follow the adventures of nine ne'er-do-wells as they ravage the world, not knowing what is secretly in store for them. (Trigger Warning: This story follows the lives of nefarious criminals so violence,… Read More


Zoe's Story By: Tori Smith

The story (or part of it) of what happened to my dog Zoe… If she could talk. Based on a writing prompt. Read More


The Dungeon That Never Ends By: Thomas Boyle

In a city known as Rorico, there’s a dungeon that adventurers go in to earn fame. A man named Thomas Yates wanted to become an adventurer. An adventurer like his grandpa that is said to be dead. He has two sisters to take care of and he works for people just to earn money. Working at bakery’s,… Read More


Zero Hour By: Jared Howarth

--- Warning --- This book is Rated R. High school principal Jordan Ames tells four students their near future. Two boys try to clean up their attitudes and language. Two girls want to have boyfriends. Mr. Ames knows what is best for students...after all he is the principal. Read More


Stories of a Once-Ordinary Girl By: C. M. Brighid Bachleda

Volume 1 of the Dragon Lords of Gaea … Read More


Más allá de una despedida By: Kyo Kei

Un hombre despierta en la habitación de un hospital, sin recuerdos de quién es o qué hizo antes de que le trajesen allí. Es entonces cuando conoce a una joven que le da asilo mientras espera a que la policía encuentre algo de información sobre su pasado. En el corto periodo durante el que… Read More


Magical Mysteries: 1#: Mysteries of an Egg By: Haley Wirick

Shadow and Angel Mystic are in a bit of a pickle when they find themselves taking care of an egg. Because, well, it's an illusion penguin egg. And illusion penguins aren't really opened with welcome arms-er paws. Read More


Reflections of a Feline Being By: Paula Grover

Miaurra is a Feline Being of the Highest Order. She is the Supreme Ruler in a Den full of Human servants. The Humans serve her well for the most part, but at times can be extremely disobedient! One day, they bring into the Home Den an interloper named Ra-Ra...and Miaurra's Rulership is thrown into… Read More

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Danny Power

For: Unusable

Thank you very much for your comment! 

I'll reply to both of your comments here, in the name of efficiency, but I'm delighted that you, for the most part, enjoyed the opening chapters (especially considering your own body of work on SparkaTale). I know dystopia is a crowded genre right now but I'm glad the information wasn't forced, that you could get the sense of the dystopian landscape in the background. 

1. In relation to what you said in regards to Ian's mother, you're absolutely right. I went back over it again & it does seem a bit contradictory. I'll add in a word or two, perhaps allowing her to say 'I'm ready now.' instead. I wouldn't have spotted that if you hadn't told me, so thank you!

2. As for your second comment, which was also a valid point, I'll add more information to explain just why synthethics are created. Some of created to accomodate parents who lost their children, definitely, but they are also created for people who lost their uncle, aunt, grandparent, grandfather, parent etc (not restricted to just children/teenagers) or maybe even perhaps to clone a living sibling. That would set up an interesting dynamic where the cloned copy of an existing person would recieve much more abuse & distrust than their original counterpart, almost like twins where one is more highly valued than the other. Another thing I will definitely add into my work in due course. 

I would also like to stress, of course, that sythethics weren't created originally to live among the general population...but you'll understand once you keep reading (if you plan on doing so ^^'

I'm working on the final chapter now, which will leave things open for its inevitable sequel, then I will work on removing all the grammar mistakes (I wrote 'threw' instead of 'through', can you believe that?!) & tweaking the characters themselves. 

But again, thank you very much for your comments & critiques!

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Leaf Soto

For: No strings

What a wonderful short story with many twists and turns. I really, really loved the wording and how the storyline flowed from one character to the next. Really great work, well done.
Random Tale