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Top 10 Books
  1. The Princes and the Dragon
  2. Blood Trail
  3. The Life of Maximilian Denvers
  4. No Strings
  5. Luna's Child
  6. Above All Other Women
  7. The Watcher and the Bull
  8. The Kidnapping of Mira Von Perner
  9. The Girl and the Warehouse
  10. Gay, Like Happy
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C. M. Brighid Bachleda


I'm working on a Fushigi Yuugi X-Over Fanfic Novel; have yet got any Comments and I just updated it...
New Books


Under Shadow [A Stardew Valley Fanfic] By: MissKatrina Lynne

In a world shared by many races of beings, a war has erupted between the Dwarves and the creatures known as the Shadow People. The Dwarves, having driven the Shadow People from their ancestral home, forced the Shadow People to resort to violence, thus beginning The Elemental Wars. But the Shadow… Read More


Match By: Tori Smith

Following the events of "Next Best Thing" Bella needs her service dog for the first time. Read More


Morning Alarm By: Tori Smith

A typical morning for a young woman living in 2027. Read More


Chocolate By: Kain Delo

(Sequel to Musk) Aria has just found out that she had a lot of schoolwork piled up along with her final exams but all she could think about was chocolate and how great it was so now it's up to the boyfriend to get her to work. Read More


Claudia's Creativity By: Allyson Andrews

On a Friday afternoon, Claudia and her friends meet after school. She shows off her latest artwork. What kind of pictures and compliments would Claudia get from her friends? Find out Baby - sitters Club fanfiction Read More


Cocoa Issues By: Tori Smith

An anecdote about Nathan and Vivian's first kiss. Read More


The Luna Silver Blade Memoirs By: C. M. Brighid Bachleda

"Whatever intelligent species who may find my story; I pray that you do not destroy it. You may not believe it but I hope that you hear my voice and let me tell you my story." Rated M (Cover Art from Google Images) Read More


Helga's Plan By: Allyson Andrews

Hey Arnold fanfiction Helga's version of "Arnold and the Mystery of Hats." In the past, Helga has always tried to tell Arnold that she loves him. Would she be able to do this and get his attention to hear that? How would he react? What is her plan this time? Find out Read More

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Leaf Soto

For: Meme - a short story

For a short story, this is one of the better ones I have read here. Really nice work.

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C. M. Brighid Bachleda

For: No Strings

Wow...that was a bit scary but good...
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