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Tales from Dragenia

By: Zach Wood

Status: In Progress


all it takes is one second. One simple second for everything to change forever. And for two civilizations, nothing will be the same. Dragenia. a small planet from Messier 32, a small galaxy orbiting the Andromeda galaxy, is where colonists from the Milky Way will call home, and where two native races vie for control. for thousands of years, the two races of the planet have co-existed with..... a less then stellar history. The Gaharots, a race of raptor-like creatures known for their technological prowess, are being suppressed and enslaved by their neighbors, the Ferids, a humanoid race capable of transforming into mighty beasts called Aerids, or as we call them, Dragons. Things are reaching a fever pitch on the mainland, but far from the mainland is where the most important events will transpire. The sub-continent of Evioly is home to close-to-nature tribes of Ferids who live side-by-side with their Gaharot compatriots in peace and equality. In a small village on top of a mesa lives a little girl, a girl who shall bring with her an extraordinary destiny. Her life, and the life of everyone on the planet, will change forever when colonists from the Milky Way Galaxy come to establish a new home. Sokuro, a girl from the planet with an important destiny. Bran, a boy from the stars in search of a home. These two shall bring about a great change to Dragenia, and it will all begin with a chance encounter and a important discovery.

Created: October 16, 2017 | Updated: January 14, 2018

Genre : Fantasy

Language : English

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