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Heathens by Hector Medina In Progress
The children of Havenbrook are missing and the only people left to turn to are two demon hunters, Dion and Apollo. They’ve come to help the small rural town and the traumatized citizens within. Their mission is simple, to investigate and put a stop to the recent outbreak of black magic and human sacrifice. But things aren’t that easy. Rituals, demons, and their own selfish desires stand in the way of the demon hunters as they battle against the leader of the black mass, Alestor and the prince of the hell pulling his strings with false promises. Being the only people able to fight, it’s up to them to take the battle from Earth back into Hell.

Updated: November 20, 2017 | Published: August 28, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Fairy Tail: 9th Hell by Thomas Boyle In Progress
Fairy Tail is a well known guild in Fiore. A team known as Team Natsu has been formed for awhile. They were asked by the Magic Council to do a job that no one has ever completed, not even Gildarts. It was known as Locate 9th Hell. No one knows where or what it is. What’ll happen on the journey to locate 9th Hell?

Updated: November 20, 2017 | Published: November 14, 2017 | Reviews: 0

What If's of The 2000s by Millennium Productions In Progress
What If's of short stories caused by selected majors within the era of No Awakening, No Sequence and Dibs Theory Finale.

Updated: November 20, 2017 | Published: September 10, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Under Shadow [A Stardew Valley Fanfic] by MissKatrina Lynne In Progress
In a world shared by many races of beings, a war has erupted between the Dwarves and the creatures known as the Shadow People. The Dwarves, having driven the Shadow People from their ancestral home, forced the Shadow People to resort to violence, thus beginning The Elemental Wars. But the Shadow People overcame the Dwarven race and rose to the surface of the world, tired of living a life underground in the shadows. Their rage brought darkness upon the land, and their army moved in on the human race, angered by their alliance with the Dwarves. They took over cities rapidly, killing all who stood in their way, taking humans captive, and searching out those who escaped their grasp. The only hope left for humanity lies in a mythical valley where light still exists. But will the surviving humans reach this valley in time to restore light to their world once more?

Updated: November 20, 2017 | Published: October 21, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Snowfall: Moments After by Serina Harcourt Completed
For a few moments, we thought the game was over. We thought JTG was dead. We thought wrong. That terrible night at the abandoned mine outside of town was the worst night of my life, but it was also only the beginning. The next day, the game would begin in earnest. My name is Nikki Sorrento and this is the story of what happened moments after we learned JTG was still alive. This is what happened on that awful night when everything changed. Tomorrow, the dangerous game would begin, but on that night... that dark, cold night, we would meet our *other* worst enemy.

Updated: November 20, 2017 | Published: November 19, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Armor and Ammo by Leaf Soto In Progress
A fan-fiction of the characters from Nutaku's Armor Blitz game. World War 2 era tanks in human form. Girl form to be precise. This little gem is a story I'll create using the characters I have in-game. So it'll change constantly. If you've wanted to read about a harem of tank-girls then this is the one for you! Please Enjoy.

Updated: November 19, 2017 | Published: August 28, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Conquest by Amanda Parks In Progress
Fifteen years ago, eight men, ambassadors, lords, and kings, were accused of murdering the Emperor of Sarivand and Valthann. Their execution sparked a bloody and far-reaching war. When the war comes to his hometown of Almsway, Tristan, the heir to the House of Calder, is swept up in the tide as he and his friends struggle to survive in the wake of the Emperor's Conquest.

Updated: November 19, 2017 | Published: June 24, 2014 | Reviews: 0

War: The Soto Story by Leaf Soto In Progress
The third and final installment in the "Powers" trilogy. Now that the world has been thrown into chaos by Vice-President Sharpe declaring war on the Gifted, or as he calls them 'Mutants', what will Leaf and the others do when faced with the choice: Go to war, or hide?

Updated: November 18, 2017 | Published: September 7, 2016 | Reviews: 0

1685 Blightblossom Lane by Eldritch Grandma In Progress
Many centuries ago, Dama Fristad: a woman of great power and great kindness to all creatures, created a city to serve as a haven for humans and nonhumans alike. The simple story of a young man, his condo, and the Unicorn, Naga, Eldritch-Horror, Minotaur, Wendigo, Sphinx, Lich/Grim Reaper, Mimic, and Rakshasa who room with him. Oh, and there's some hijinks of both the sexual and social variety tosses in there as well.

Updated: November 18, 2017 | Published: November 12, 2017 | Reviews: 0

End of Days by Thomas Boyle In Progress
Sometime after the Reclamation, a new group of Covenant was born. The commanding ship is known as End of Days which is the new holy city for the Covenant. They are more dangerous than the first Covenant. But no one knew of them for 50 years because they were training. What’ll happen when the Covenant come back stronger than ever?

Updated: November 17, 2017 | Published: October 28, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Joel and the Pajamas by Allyson Andrews Completed
Sarah Surprise is excited for Thanksgiving to come. There is something fun going on at her school the day before Thanksgiving. Her brother Joel doesn't like the idea. What sort of thing is going on? Find out!

Updated: November 17, 2017 | Published: November 17, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Zjjan Master by Hearm jan In Progress
I've retired for my freedom and to find peace. I was born a knight with no inheritance. What could they expect from me? —Jaino. I've tried to purge the catalyst. Is my strength not enough? —Jesifer. Author's note: This would be my first Novel, revisable by some time. I hope anyone can enjoy. Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Novel, Romance Sub-genre: Crime, Dark, Magic, Sci-Fi, ScienceFiction, MartialArt, Mature, SwordPlay, Role-Playing, Tournament, War

Updated: November 15, 2017 | Published: May 2, 2015 | Reviews: 1

Bruxas da Noite by Joel Puga In Progress
Poucos o sabem, mas, debaixo das nossas cidades, no meio das florestas e montanhas e até sob as águas do oceano, existe um outro mundo, um mundo cheio de magia, lugares fantásticos e criaturas mitológicas e imaginárias. Por casualidade, tomei conhecimento dele, e a minha curiosidade levou-me a explorá-lo. Hoje, arrependo-me de não me ter controlado, de não ter ignorado esse conhecimento e continuado com a minha vida normal. Pois, embora tenha visto coisas incríveis para além da imaginação da maioria das pessoas, também conheci as Bruxas da Noite e as terríveis verdades sobre a condição humana e o lugar da humanidade no universo que trouxeram com elas. Como voltar à vida normal depois de tudo o que vi? Não sei se é possível, mas este relato é uma tentativa de atenuar os terríveis efeitos desse conhecimento, um primeiro passo em direção à normalidade. Talvez partilhar tudo o que descobri, a simples ideia de que este conhecimento não é só meu, me ajude.

Updated: November 14, 2017 | Published: February 27, 2017 | Reviews: 0

A Few Lost Kids by Rayaan Chowdhury In Progress
Born into a 3rd World city that offers little hope, a few kids find redemption in music and the eternal joy of Rock N' Roll.

Updated: November 13, 2017 | Published: November 3, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Short Stories and Tall Tails by Leaf Soto In Progress
A collection of short stories about a certain group of special characters, or cats rather, and their highlights in life.

Updated: November 12, 2017 | Published: January 17, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Danganronpa: All aboard the Maru-Kuma by Harry Farrar Completed
It's Danganronpa but on a boat. and lots of Oc's, please read and review, thanks: My Oc's are, Ellery Campbell/Orion Silver Fire, Lucian Angel and Isabella, Sylvi Fiske, Melania Lo Bianco, Hossam Nazari, Ariane Astier, Eden Meadow Whisper and Aiden Pond Flame- Returning characters are Makoto, Byakuya, Kyoko and Hagakure is mentioned and Monokuma and a few other mentions to. I hope this helps avoid confusion

Updated: November 12, 2017 | Published: November 2, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Awakening, No Sequence by Millennium Productions Completed
With the events of No Sequence during the transitional period, April, a once homeless 17 year old female soul develops responsibility for her surroundings through her past threatening status, using her mental disorder against her so called "Retriever" taking place in the finale year of the Early 2000s, set in 2003.

Updated: November 12, 2017 | Published: May 2, 2016 | Reviews: 0

Stranger adventures in a new world by David Donnan In Progress
This is a story about Lily and Dj how they end of in a strange new world never heard of before, but the story take place in their world first.

Updated: November 12, 2017 | Published: October 27, 2013 | Reviews: 0

'Eamersdr - Dreamers' - A collaboration with Emi Valladarez by Danny Power In Progress
*Under editing and re-structuring* The 'Eamersdr' were rare, individuals who could weave between parallel worlds, maintaining peace between both realms. It was not passed through bloodline nor ancestry, but by something far greater... A cataclysmic war wiped them out, and both dimensions lost contact with each other - until one finds himself in this precarious position, far from aware of the events which are about to take place...

Updated: November 11, 2017 | Published: October 28, 2014 | Reviews: 2

Follow Me by Allyson Andrews Completed
Wayne Larsen has a conversation with the Lord and he is supposed to follow where God wants him to go in His direction for new ministry. Written a week ago with idea. Please review if you are in need of prayer. Scripture from Message version. Spiritual content

Updated: November 11, 2017 | Published: March 17, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Breath of the Resistance [A Modern Breath of the Wild Fanfic] by MissKatrina Lynne In Progress
Link had been involved in Hyrule's Special Forces Unit for some time, but his most recent promotion earned him the title of one of Hyrule's appointed Champions, tasked with the duty in protecting Hyrule from evil forces. With his new title came the role as Princess Zelda's handler, a job that Zelda made clear she was not thrilled about. Under Dorian's orders, Link and Zelda traveled throughout Hyrule, activating the four Divine Beasts in preparation for an attack that was foretold thousands of years prior. But with a mole in the SFU, Link quickly realizes that the approaching war is much more complicated than he realizes, and he has only himself to trust. This is a more modern take on the events of Breath of the Wild. I tried to keep as true to the events in BotW as possible while also taking more liberties, making it more modern and hopefully exciting and fun. Enjoy! You can also read it on AO3:

Updated: November 10, 2017 | Published: October 21, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Surfing the Graviton Wave by Snafu Bared In Progress
Nicolas Reuel has spent his twenty year career tilting at windmills. Burned out, unremarkable, facing his mid-life crisis as a single parent, he might be the most interesting man in the world. Something from his past refuses to stay buried in his mind. Someone from his past needs him, and will not take 'no' for an answer. (Completed, revised story is at Magic Fairy tale Multiple arms alternate reality

Updated: November 10, 2017 | Published: August 20, 2014 | Reviews: 0

Meant Awhile by Md. Taqi Yasir In Progress
A station-wagon or a Rickshaw ride is where the life beholds. The static journey ends nowhere. A glimpse of the end is at the infinity. The paradox beholds it's grace.

Updated: November 9, 2017 | Published: November 4, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Big Paws by Tori Smith In Progress
Goliath (also known as Big Paws) started life as a shelter dog no one wanted, but one day a lady picks him up for a "very special job" something that will change his life forever. Goliath becomes a service dog in training; a journey that not only saved his life but the life of someone he hasn't even met yet. Through a series of adventures he is transformed into a young woman's working partner.

Updated: November 9, 2017 | Published: September 4, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Fan Entertainment by Thomas Boyle In Progress
In the year 2025, a man named Thomas Boyle created an entertainment company known as Fan Entertainment. But didn’t announce it till 5 years later. When they had a lot of content to show. On March 24, 2030, Fan Entertainment is officially announced. What’ll happen after the announcement of the company?

Updated: November 9, 2017 | Published: November 6, 2017 | Reviews: 0