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By: Zach Wood

Status: In Progress


17 year old Fui Yamataka is not your typical girl; far from it. From birth, she's always been sickly, being born with a whole plethora of illnesses and diseases that would've killed any normal baby at that time. Lucky for her, she lives in the year 2175, a full 150 years after the Heakaluesly, a race of spacefaring telepathic cepholopods, or squids as they are nicknamed, arrived on Earth, having narrowing escaped the destruction of their own planet and spending centuries abroad. Very advanced, the Hesk were able to move humanity forward on the technological table by a century, even creating perfect copies of the cities and metropolis' lost to the ocean. Like they did for humanity, they were able to help her; giving her experiment implants that allowed her to live past the diseases that wrack her so, but the same implants also run the risk of killing her too. Another thing that makes her unordinary is the fact that she is born with the ears and tails of a fox, something that has happened to no human. Some view her as the next step in humanity's evolution, others view her as a experiment gone wrong, but most just see her as a freak. Whichever case, in the past 17 years, her life has been torture, living in fear that her implants or illnesses will kill her. All that changed when she met En, a combat A.I. with the avatar of a cybernetic wolf 'on loan' to the Hesk by his creators not long before their home world was destroyed. However, the creators want him back, something he doesn't want. One fateful night brought the two of them together, and they soon discover that they can merge into one being with extraordinary abilities thanks to her implants. Whether by fate or coincidence, that's when things began to go wrong in the world as all sorts of evil began to creep out of the shadows. Doning the name 'eTu'nes', Fui and En find themselves as the only line of defense against a wave of villainy they have yet to encounter. Their lives will never be the same.

Created: November 22, 2015 | Updated: January 7, 2018

Genre : Science Fiction

Language : English

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1: Prologue: State of the World 983
2: Part 1: Genesis of a Hero 5
3: Chapter 1: A New Story Begins; Enter Fui Yamataka 5248
4: Chapter 2 Crime on the Rise; robbery at the Shochin Bank 4808
5: Chapter 3 A Friend from across the sea; meet Elis Mia 6661
6: Chapter 4: Under the Sea; Visit at the Heakaluesly Enclave 7156
7: Chapter 5 King of the back alleys; Chance encounter with Kiryu Kyojin 5938
8: Chapter 6 The fated hour nears; The budding friendship between companions 8997
9: Chapter 7: The hour arrives; the Fated Meeting between Fui and En 6748
10: Chapter 8: The morning after; one step closer to fate 6624
11: Chapter 9: Evagyline and Kousakawa; a eventful tour of Neo Tokyo 8513
12: Chapter 10 The Beginning of a Legend; the Birth of eTu’nes 12678
13: Interlude 1: Destruction of the World; Farewell, Hesk Homeworld 2455
14: Chapter 11 In a name; the new name of a future hero 7210
15: Chapter 12: Damage Control; hiding eTu’nes before her big debut 6731
16: Chapter 13: Start of normal; The track of regularity 8965
17: Chapter 14: on the hunt; the mystery deepens 6102
18: Chapter 15 Physical Training isn’t easy; the hard knock stench of progress 8655
19: Chapter 16: Hours before Fate; the last normal day of Fui’s life 6323
20: Chapter 17: Genesis; eTu’nes epic showcase to the world 9156
21: Chapter 18 Aftermath of Genesis; the start of a legend 6603
22: Part 1 Epilogue: the Violet Darkness 481
23: Part 2: Reason to Fight 124
24: Part 2 Prologue: A Warning 1371
25: Chapter 19: The World Reacts; a preview into eTu’nes influence 4561
26: Chapter 20: The Struggle; the mental Consequences of private actions 6165
27: Chapter 21: Night Prowl; crazy things always happen at night 6070
28: Chapter 22: School Troubles; the unintended consequences 6664
29: Chapter 23: First Encounter; a Glimpse of Fear 6466
30: Chapter 24: Run for your life! 6189
31: Chapter 25: Haunted; the Unrelenting Psychological Assault 5439
32: Chapter 26: Broken; the fragile psyche breaks 4252
33: Chapter 27: New Resolve; a beneficial chat with a Ultimate Deity 6173
34: Chapter 28: The Mosurum Obsicors; the First Duel of Many 6427
35: Chapter 29: Know Thy Enemy 7228
36: Chapter 30: Unexpected Outcomes; Surprising Positives at School 5294
37: Interlude 2 far-gone history of Earth; How the Dead Sector came to be and how the Hesk came to Earth 2044
38: Chapter 31 More Badness; the others of the Mosurum Obsicors 5357
39: Chapter 32: Some quality time alone; Fui and Alkaid’s reflections 6876
40: Chapter 33: Street Racers; The Easier Crime 5358
41: Chapter 34 Unexpected Anger; The Flipping Emotion 6055
42: Chapter 35: Racer City; the new crowd 6075
43: Chapter 36 A goodbye never said; The courage wasted 5723
44: Chapter 37 Attitude city; learning the ropes 9621
45: Chapter 38: Tragedy: The horrific consequences of inaction 9163
46: Chapter 39 Revenge!!; Payback for the Tragedy 11880
47: Part 2 Epilogue: The Dark Web 297
48: Part 3: Into the Database 155
49: Part 3 Prologue: The Dark Web 296
50: Chapter 40 For those not here; catching up the ones gone 4786
51: Chapter 41: The Days After 5439
52: Chapter 42: Struggling to Cope; a girls broken heart 5327
53: Chapter 43 True Intentions; Goto’s true colors 8577
54: Chapter 44: The Longest Day 8117
55: Chapter 45: The Longest Night 8749
56: Chapter 46: Trial 11265
57: Interlude 3: Creation of En 3626
58: Chaper 47: En's Project Revealed 7512
59: Chapter 48: Problems; troubles keep adding up 8010
Total Wordcount: 349771

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