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Witches of the Night by Joel Puga In Progress
Few know this, but, beneath our cities, in the midst of forests and mountains and even under the waters of the ocean, there is another world, a world full of magic, fantastic places, and mythological and imaginary creatures. By chance, I became aware of it, and my curiosity led me to explore it. Now, I regret not having controlled myself, not having ignored this knowledge and continued with my regular life. For, though I have seen incredible things beyond the imagination of most people, I also met the Witches of the Night and the terrible truths about the human condition and the place of humanity in the universe they brought with them. How do I get back to a normal life after everything I saw? I don't know if it's possible, but this account is an attempt to mitigate the terrible effects of this knowledge, a first step toward normalcy. Perhaps sharing everything I discovered, the simple idea that this knowledge is not only mine, will help me.

Updated: October 4, 2017 | Published: February 27, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Conquest by Amanda Parks In Progress
When war arrives in his hometown of Almsway, Tristan, the only son of the House of Calder, is dragged into a war that may never be won.

Updated: October 3, 2017 | Published: June 24, 2014 | Reviews: 0

Lacey's Boring Day by Allyson Andrews In Progress
Lacey, the peppermint puppy somehow had a boring day. It might even turn into a month or a week. Since he likes to write, he will try to do some of it. He has no interest in publishing since he likes to keep it for eyes only. Would his friends read his private stuff? Find out Second Webkinz fanfiction

Updated: October 3, 2017 | Published: August 22, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Stranger adventures in a new world by David Donnan In Progress
This is a story about Lily and Dj how they end of in a strange new world never heard of before, but the story take place in their world first.

Updated: October 1, 2017 | Published: October 27, 2013 | Reviews: 0

Stacey's Birthday Party by Allyson Andrews Completed
It's Stacey's birthday this year. She keeps a neighbor's dog company for a while, and also had a surprise by having a friend come from New York City for the weekend. What did she get from her friends? Find out

Updated: October 1, 2017 | Published: October 1, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Dibs! A Theory Finale by Millennium Productions Completed
The Widows were created from myth to Phase's adopters. The story is now centered around Dibs, a victim of Phase's Demographic and her powerful theory associated with the Paradox, still believed to be breathing and aided by active myths. Go figure. A fading theory set in 2004-2005, series finale.

Updated: September 30, 2017 | Published: August 25, 2016 | Reviews: 0

The Nine by Yin Harmony In Progress
Screams erupted everywhere in the city. Alleyways, apartments, condos, buildings, nowhere was safe from them. They owned the city, no the world, and they knew it.

Updated: September 30, 2017 | Published: December 8, 2016 | Reviews: 0

Would You Dance with Me? by Tori Smith Completed
My OCs Nathan and Vivian at a street fair. Loosely inspired by listening to Shape of You by Ed Sheeran.

Updated: September 27, 2017 | Published: September 27, 2017 | Reviews: 0

No Strings by Yin Harmony Completed
I got no strings to hold me down, to make me fret or make me frown. There. Are. No. Strings. On. Us.

Updated: September 26, 2017 | Published: September 6, 2016 | Reviews: 2

The Gods Among Us by QuickShot 1445 In Progress
After finding himself waking up in a pile of trash in a dark alley, a young teenage boy discovered he has power. Many, many powers in facts; the power to shoot ice from his hand, the power to teleport anywhere in the world, the power to move things with his mind. And yet, even with all he can do, there is one thing he can't do. He can't remember who he. However, as the years pass, he find a group of people who is willing to trust him and who is willing to help him remember who he really is. Or what he really is.

Updated: September 26, 2017 | Published: February 14, 2015 | Reviews: 0

Spirit of the Forest by Millicent Dagworth Completed
Romelia was abandoned as a baby and left for dead. But a near by deer soon changed her fate. She was raised by the deer in a forest untouched by humans and time. Cyri's parents never cared form him. They wanted a girl, but his twin died in a freak accident. Haunted by her memory, they shunned him until he left to join one of the lands feared gangs. When Romelia finds Cyri unconscious and gravely injured, her small forest paradise is soon expanded into a whole world as he tells her of the world and his travels. But Cyri's old gang is still looking for him, and a freak fire alerts the world that Romelia's paradise is not as abandoned as it seems. With Romelia sick, Cyri is the only one who can stop the danger that is coming from all sides. And more importantly, stop Dominique from kidnapping Romelia. But there are still secrets to be revealed. One more important than any other one. (Update: The book is currently on it's way of being published! If anyone wants any more information, just message me!)

Updated: September 24, 2017 | Published: May 22, 2015 | Reviews: 1

All Monsters by Marlett Pines In Progress
Up until now, Cadence's biggest struggle has been with writing essays for her history class. But a mysterious man and an evil race of creatures called 'Shades' change all that. Now Cadence is caught up in a race against time to save her family- if they're even still alive. Adversaries meet her at every turn, and although the mysterious Lucas has pledged to help her, he may turn out to be the biggest obstacle of all.

Updated: September 24, 2017 | Published: September 20, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Black Rain by Blackheart Ravensoul In Progress
For as long as most remember the black rain has always fell. Born from the dark curse power the Black rain twists and curupts endlessly. But one man still fights, the one who remebers the lost days of the sun.

Updated: September 24, 2017 | Published: June 19, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Defenderé a los demonios by Kyo Kei In Progress
Una noche, Kasaiga Eri es salvada de ser asesinada debido a que desciende de la raza de los demonios. El nombre de su salvador es Hioni Reima, alguien encargado de defender a los de su especie.

Updated: September 22, 2017 | Published: November 21, 2014 | Reviews: 0

Follow Me by Allyson Andrews In Progress
Wayne Larsen has a conversation with the Lord and he is supposed to follow where God wants him to go in His direction for new ministry. Written a week ago with idea. Please review if you are in need of prayer. Scripture from Message version. Spiritual content

Updated: September 21, 2017 | Published: March 17, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Next Best Thing by Tori Smith Completed
Bella (from School of Hard Knocks) is still struggling with debilitating mental illness. As she waits for her new service dog she gets through the hard days with the help of her boyfriend Jeremy.

Updated: September 21, 2017 | Published: September 21, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Unbreakable Premonition by Kris Essler In Progress
(Fantasy/Romance/Drama/Action) A world where social class and the ability to use magic defines your future. A magical mishap bonds the two most unlikely people together. These two have to learn to deal with the contempt from each other and their peers. As well as dealing with the emotional, mental, and social issues they both bring to this unfortunate relationship. Watch as this bond changes the views of themselves as well as the views of others, forever changing the rules of society. Just a fair warning this story has a bit of cussing in it. This is the first story I have ever written. I know there are probably lots of errors that can be fixed. I am hoping you all will give this story a chance and tell me what you think. I only posted a bit of it at the moment to see what people think of it. If it does well and people want to read more I will post the rest. I worked hard on this story so again please give it a chance.

Updated: September 21, 2017 | Published: September 21, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Accidental Relationship by Kris Essler Completed
An accidental embarrassing mistext ends up bringing the two most unlikely people closer than they ever imagined.

Updated: September 21, 2017 | Published: September 21, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Gifts: The Soto Story by Leaf Soto Completed
The second book in the Powers series. This is the second generation of the kids with Gifts, so there'll be a lot of changes in the family. It's 20 years later and the next generation has graduated from the recently founded Trades University. Now they must try to fit into society. Until the day comes when they discover some secrets that have been hidden from them this entire time. What secrets will they uncover and how will they handle the truth? (Swearing and dialogue, varying levels of violence, and imagery)

Updated: September 20, 2017 | Published: February 24, 2015 | Reviews: 1

Kegawa by Robin Ward In Progress
Chrom has always been a cat person, but sometimes he likes to visit Schutzenmatt park to see the dogs that pass by. There's a man he constantly see, along with his two, adorable dogs. A realistic version based on transriot's Fur story.

Updated: September 18, 2017 | Published: June 5, 2016 | Reviews: 0

The OutCasts by QuickShot 1445 In Progress
When a mysterious new threat emerge from depth of the unknown, and start unleashing dangerous enemy after enemy, a small group of new heroes calling themselves "The OutCast" is task with the responsible of protecting the city. However, can a telekinesis archer, a speedster knight, a mechanical elf, and a simple, shield-bearing woman really band together to save an entire city!?! Or are the "OutCast" really just outcasts?

Updated: September 15, 2017 | Published: August 3, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Bruxas da Noite by Joel Puga In Progress
Poucos o sabem, mas, debaixo das nossas cidades, no meio das florestas e montanhas e até sob as águas do oceano, existe um outro mundo, um mundo cheio de magia, lugares fantásticos e criaturas mitológicas e imaginárias. Por casualidade, tomei conhecimento dele, e a minha curiosidade levou-me a explorá-lo. Hoje, arrependo-me de não me ter controlado, de não ter ignorado esse conhecimento e continuado com a minha vida normal. Pois, embora tenha visto coisas incríveis para além da imaginação da maioria das pessoas, também conheci as Bruxas da Noite e as terríveis verdades sobre a condição humana e o lugar da humanidade no universo que trouxeram com elas. Como voltar à vida normal depois de tudo o que vi? Não sei se é possível, mas este relato é uma tentativa de atenuar os terríveis efeitos desse conhecimento, um primeiro passo em direção à normalidade. Talvez partilhar tudo o que descobri, a simples ideia de que este conhecimento não é só meu, me ajude.

Updated: September 15, 2017 | Published: February 27, 2017 | Reviews: 0

The Heart of a Starchild by Cho and Gall In Progress
Warwick, a savage creature born from perverse science and alchemy, uses his abilities to rid the streets of Zaun of the rampant crime that infests it, if only to curb his murderous instincts and to make up for the sins he made when he was still a man. Upon hunting down one such criminal to the peaceful island nation of Ionia and suffering grievous injuries from the fight, he is found and cared for by a kindly being named Soraka.

Updated: September 14, 2017 | Published: July 26, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Concert or No Concert by Allyson Andrews Completed
Jason McDayson and his friends are already talking about summer vacation, and it's still April. His friend, Thomas Peters tells him what his girlfriend comes up with. What would their folks say? Find out

Updated: September 14, 2017 | Published: April 12, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Powers: The Lost Chapters by Leaf Soto In Progress
These are a collection of stories that were cut out of the first Powers novel or are original moments that can't fit into the storyline. They are in no particular order. Consider it like the OVA episodes of an anime, but of the Powers series. Enjoy.

Updated: September 13, 2017 | Published: August 18, 2016 | Reviews: 0