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Bruxas da Noite by Joel Puga In Progress
Poucos o sabem, mas, debaixo das nossas cidades, no meio das florestas e montanhas e até sob as águas do oceano, existe um outro mundo, um mundo cheio de magia, lugares fantásticos e criaturas mitológicas e imaginárias. Por casualidade, tomei conhecimento dele, e a minha curiosidade levou-me a explorá-lo. Hoje, arrependo-me de não me ter controlado, de não ter ignorado esse conhecimento e continuado com a minha vida normal. Pois, embora tenha visto coisas incríveis para além da imaginação da maioria das pessoas, também conheci as Bruxas da Noite e as terríveis verdades sobre a condição humana e o lugar da humanidade no universo que trouxeram com elas. Como voltar à vida normal depois de tudo o que vi? Não sei se é possível, mas este relato é uma tentativa de atenuar os terríveis efeitos desse conhecimento, um primeiro passo em direção à normalidade. Talvez partilhar tudo o que descobri, a simples ideia de que este conhecimento não é só meu, me ajude.

Updated: September 15, 2017 | Published: February 27, 2017 | Reviews: 0

The Heart of a Starchild by Cho and Gall In Progress
Warwick, a savage creature born from perverse science and alchemy, uses his abilities to rid the streets of Zaun of the rampant crime that infests it, if only to curb his murderous instincts and to make up for the sins he made when he was still a man. Upon hunting down one such criminal to the peaceful island nation of Ionia and suffering grievous injuries from the fight, he is found and cared for by a kindly being named Soraka.

Updated: September 14, 2017 | Published: July 26, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Concert or No Concert by Allyson Andrews Completed
Jason McDayson and his friends are already talking about summer vacation, and it's still April. His friend, Thomas Peters tells him what his girlfriend comes up with. What would their folks say? Find out

Updated: September 14, 2017 | Published: April 12, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Powers: The Lost Chapters by Leaf Soto In Progress
These are a collection of stories that were cut out of the first Powers novel or are original moments that can't fit into the storyline. They are in no particular order. Consider it like the OVA episodes of an anime, but of the Powers series. Enjoy.

Updated: September 13, 2017 | Published: August 18, 2016 | Reviews: 0

The Curse of King Arthur (Being Rewritten) by Black Rose of Chaos Completed
For most of his sixteen-year-old life, Augustine “Austin” Cavalier, has led a pretty normal life. Friends, family and attempting to stay awake in class were pretty much his daily life. But when dreams from his past start haunting him again, that's when Austin's normal life does an 180. Now, armed with the legendary sword Excalibur by the Lady of the Lake, Austin has to stop an evil Sorceress from casting our world into darkness before his dreams, become our living nightmare. (Book 1 of The Arthurian Trilogy)

Updated: September 11, 2017 | Published: September 6, 2013 | Reviews: 1

Mirah and Kaspar Book 1: The Temple of Erylian by Amanda Parks In Progress
Mirah, a guard in the local town of Ravia, wakes up in a courtyard ruin, surrounded by the mangled corpses of her friends. She meets Kaspar, a thief living in the forest, and learns that her brother, Lieven, who is also a member of the Ravian guard, is missing. Together, Mirah and Kaspar set off to find and rescue Lieven from whatever fate has befallen him.

Updated: September 10, 2017 | Published: October 30, 2016 | Reviews: 0

eTu'nes Part 2: Reason to Fight by Zach Wood Completed
It has only been a few weeks since eTu’nes made her grand appearance to the crime-ridden streets of Tokyo, and Fui, the woman behind the armor, is having the most difficult time juggling her secret life and her public life. For every hour she’s in school, a terrible act is being committed out in the streets, and every time she’s out there helping people, her social life suffers. It also doesn’t help that two organizations are after her head: The Murasakiiro no Shi, a wide-spread crime organization that was originally mistaken for a Yakuza organization whose boss, a mysterious man who always stays in the shadows, wants her dead for reasons not even his lackeys understand. And the Mosurum Obsicors, a mysterious group that stretch back thousands of years before the rise of the Roman Empire who see Fui as a Kitsune, a magical fox monster from Japanese folklore, and want her dead for that reason. In what will be the worst month of Fui's life, her fragile mental psyche will break when the Mosurum Obsicors begin their hunt, and when a heartbreaking tragedy strikes while investigating a illegal racing circuit, forever scarring the one most dear to her.

Updated: September 5, 2017 | Published: December 22, 2016 | Reviews: 0

War: The Soto Story by Leaf Soto In Progress
The third and final installment in the "Powers" trilogy. Now that the world has been thrown into chaos by Vice-President Sharpe declaring war on the Gifted, or as he calls them 'Mutants', what will Leaf and the others do when faced with the choice: Go to war, or hide?

Updated: September 4, 2017 | Published: September 7, 2016 | Reviews: 0

Muffin Strangers by Kain Delo Completed
She's been having a bad day and he's been spending too much time at the Cheese. On the day her admission letter came, they happened to meet over a cup of coffee and a chocolate muffin.

Updated: September 4, 2017 | Published: March 15, 2015 | Reviews: 0

Knights vs Dragons: Legends Awakening by Robin Ward In Progress
"When the time comes that snow and thunder collide, a miscommunication shall mark a time of serenity and a change of leadership." Amnesiac Dracoknight Marco travels with Sokara and the legendary Delyran Shepherds to re-route the cause of a great threat that is controlled by the opposite territory of Akardos.

Updated: September 3, 2017 | Published: October 31, 2016 | Reviews: 0

Musk by Kain Delo Completed
His perfume pulls me in. I'm mesmerized.

Updated: September 3, 2017 | Published: July 25, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Cubicle by Mireille Sillander Completed
Late night at the office takes an unfortunate turn

Updated: September 2, 2017 | Published: September 2, 2017 | Reviews: 0

The Hunter Chronicles: Nathan Hunt by David Crook In Progress

Updated: September 2, 2017 | Published: September 2, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Soto's Guide to Life: Part 2 by Leaf Soto In Progress
As we all may know, relationships come and go. Hopefully you've read my first part, which wasn't originally intended to be the first part in (I'm hoping only) a two-part series.

Updated: August 30, 2017 | Published: October 18, 2016 | Reviews: 0

Book of Emotions by Yin Harmony In Progress
A collection of vent stories and poems. Rated Teen for cursing.

Updated: August 29, 2017 | Published: April 26, 2016 | Reviews: 0

Gifted by Genevieve Middleton Completed
On a small island isolated from the rest of the world, children are taken away from their families if they are found to possess powers, or Gifts. The Gifted form the government and are trained in combat so they can maintain control through any means necessary. This order has been maintained for over a thousand years, and is all the nonGifted and the Gifted have ever known. In a far away, isolated mountain village, a young nonGifted woman vows to overthrow the Gifted and retrieve her stolen sister. On the other side of the island in a sleepy farming town, a girl dreaming of adventure discovers she has a mysterious power that the Gifted can’t explain. As they fight the Gifted, either for revenge or freedom, they discover there is more to them than they ever thought.

Updated: August 28, 2017 | Published: September 9, 2013 | Reviews: 2

The Anima Project - The Demon Lord Project by Charlie Bechel Completed
A supplementary short story taking place between Shadow of Ares and Advent of the Hunter. Details the lives of six of the seven subjects of Orion Caedo's Demon Lord Project prior to the launch of the project against Trucido. (NOTE: CONTAINS SPOILERS FROM SHADOW OF ARES. BE SURE TO READ THAT FIRST!)

Updated: August 28, 2017 | Published: January 1, 2015 | Reviews: 0

The Anima Project β: Advent of the Hunter by Charlie Bechel Completed
The second book in a series; A long-term chess game initiated by the ancient hero Adrastus DeDante begins to rapidly draw to a close as chosen acolytes join forces in a band of mercenaries (led by Laurence Alvey) working to uncover the hidden intent behind Csar Amarandos' sudden turn to aggression against reality itself. -- The second book in the The Anima Project series! Follows after the events of Shadow of Ares. Feedback appreciated!

Updated: August 28, 2017 | Published: January 21, 2015 | Reviews: 0

The Anima Project α: Shadow of Ares (2017) by Charlie Bechel Completed
The first book in a series; The heir to the most advanced military of any Universe, The young heir to the Alvisio family's revered title of Fleet Admiral is called upon to take up the duty his father left for him in more ways than one. Rushed into a uniform and aboard a ship, he is tasked with facing the second unwelcome invasion from another world ever since the Garra crossed the universal barrier and began their bloody conquest of Agni. Something pushes these events onward from the darkness, their servants intent on bringing about the end of all things. What will it take to put an end to the coming storm?

Updated: August 26, 2017 | Published: March 11, 2014 | Reviews: 0

Jimmy's Mission by Mireille Sillander Completed
“When the Lord calls, Jimmy takes up His mission. No matter where that mission might take him.”

Updated: August 26, 2017 | Published: August 26, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Playground by Tama Al-Beiti In Progress
Taylor has no memory of the first 10 years of her life. Could the mysterious recurring dream hold the key to uncovering her past?

Updated: August 22, 2017 | Published: December 30, 2014 | Reviews: 1

Lumpy's New Life by Allyson Andrews Completed
Leave It to Beaver fanfiction Lumpy Rutherford finally returns home from Africa. This time he brings home an orphaned teenager named Louise. How would she react to being in a strange country? Story came on its own. Oneshot

Updated: August 19, 2017 | Published: August 19, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Gvera Cross: Book of the North by Blackheart Ravensoul In Progress
Sequel to Gvera Cross. The necromancer has fled north to Kalmer. As Solean and Gvera give chase new allies and unexpected discoveries await them.

Updated: August 11, 2017 | Published: March 11, 2017 | Reviews: 0

Wastelanders: Revolution by Lisa Wynn In Progress
Four bounty hunters. Find a cyan haired girl named Niamh in the desert. However, Niamh doesn't remember more than her name. Ryan, Beltran, Rowan, and Jin while dealing with their own issues and try to track down their primary target. A man called 'Lariat' ho seems to know more about Niamh than even she does. Who is Lariat and why is he after Niamh?

Updated: August 10, 2017 | Published: April 23, 2015 | Reviews: 0

Powers: The Soto Story by Leaf Soto Completed
The first book of the "Powers" series. It's a story of kids who discover that they have special powers or "Gifts". Kids with these Gifts are invited to an institution, where they will learn to control their gift, and how to use them properly. Sometimes, when things go wrong and they must work together to overcome their problems. Can they overcome their problems? (Has some swearing and dialogue, varying levels of violence, and imagery)

Updated: August 9, 2017 | Published: February 17, 2015 | Reviews: 0