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Hi, everyone! My name is Allyson. All of these stories I write are ministry. I've been told I've been creative which is a gift from the Lord. I am Christian and I enjoy writing spiritual stories so stay tuned for those! I like:

Oldies music: 50s, 60s, & 70s of rock and roll and country music. Writing is also fun. I like reading mystery novels and biographies on musicians and their lives. Favorites such as:

Donny Osmond and his family

Sonny and Cher (with or without Sonny)

Fleetwood Mac

and others. I know I won't name them all since there's a big list of who I like. I like mysteries involving animals and private investigators. I enjoy those best. You can also find me at:

Queen of Spiritual at fictionpress, fanfiction, allysonandrews1982 and FonzFan82 archiveofourown and also at Readwave. I can be found at Readwave under the name I have up here, so enjoy my works and leave a review to let me know if you liked the story or not. Stories here on my page will be involving some cowritten stories with other friends and also their stories (with permission) so stay tuned for those! I have changed my user name at fanfiction and fictionpress from FonzFan82 to Queen of Spiritual. Some friends think my stories take place in today's time, but I have often thought from time to time about doing a story or two back in the times of the 50s but I don't know if that will happen. I decided to post my fanfictions here but they can be found on the sites I mentioned above. Don't forget to read and review and let me know what you think! Thank you for stopping by!

My favorite classic TV shows:

Happy Days

Leave It to Beaver

Andy Griffith Show

Just to name a few.

I don't update here very often but I will keep these stories updated whenever I can so you're all welcome to follow, favorite review my stories and myself on the above sites. I hope you all like my original stories as much as my fanfiction stories. I've just finished creating characters who are in the 2nd Generation from original characters like Scooby Doo and Happy Days. In progress now is family tree characters, first story is 'Wendy's Hawaiian Celebration' so I'm in progress of story #2 in that series. Ideas are always popping up even if I want a break. Hard to take a break, but it's nice to have new ideas that want to be used. I've been writing on fanfiction and fictionpress for 6 years so far and there's always something new coming to mind. I love all my readers so happy reading!

I've decided to use this account for original stories instead of just both fanfiction and original works. Thanks for enjoying my stuff.

Note on Wendy and friends:

Wendy was wanted over to this site but she and her friends are part of a family tree series but I haven't gotten a chance to share with you yet on the originals I created but I will add them. If you're interested in meeting the ones I created, see 'Christmastime at the McCareys' even though it's not their original introduction.


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Name's Crystal; I am new to this site and I cannot wait to see how my stories will take here. I am a bookworm and I am always writting. I am also apart if two other websites...FictionPress and Fanfiction.Net... I hope that if anyone likes my stories I might try looking for a publishing angency. But right now posting my work here is better!

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I wasn't able to update my ZM yet. I'm currently doing something for my group, and probably it will take about three months or more.

I found this site while I was surfing in search engine to improve my speech in a language. Well, I'm currently surfing to improve my way of speaking, not the writing.


By the way, I would say thanks for David Boyce, and some people on the other sites for helping me improving my diction and understanding about deep in grammars.

David Boyce works are good, though. I had read two of his works. And I enjoy it. 


**12/17/2017 sp200 04 In an ongoing Christmas Party
**12/02/2017 sp04 04 11, The Last Sky's Rejection

​No image release for inkitt yet, due to image text in the site is unreadable on phone.

Since I can't update frequently, why not listen to the songs that I like and currently I routinely play
By Dragon Force,

  • Through flame and fire
  • Fury of the Storm
  • Ashes of Dawn
  • My Spirit Will Go On
  • Black Winter Night
  • Cry Thunder
  • The Game
  • Heroes of Our Time
  • Operation Ground and Pound
  • Soldiers of the Wasteland
  • Three Hammers

By I am I

  • I see you again
  • Silent Genocide
  • This is my life
  • You're the voice
  • Inside of Me
  • Cross The Line

12-17-17 Extras update

  • sp200 04 In an ongoing Christmas Party

12-02-17 Scenes Pages

Updated scenes pages – correction of some errors in text, from storyline to tips.

  • sp04 02 11, Jaino's Party and the Caravan
  • sp04 02 12, Brief, king's opponent
  • sp04 02 13, Criselia vs Jaino
  • sp04 04 10, Rainbow Tribe's Tournament

Additional pages

  • sp04 04 11, The Last Sky's Rejection

I try to use understandable words for my friends can read.


It's hard to find the books that I wanna read due to search engine isn't good -_-
If you wanna know my preference? I want something new.

I'm a reader, who loves reading, epic adventure tales with plenty of characters and full of lore, that are presented uniquely. 


Long->Long->Bio ;D 

I'm accepting review only on Zjjan Master :D 
Adventure, Fantasy, Mature...

Anyway, I don't need grammar review :D I'm crafting words that has a sense, okay? All people don't have the same IQ.

Note: I'm just a beginner ;D And I want to be a beginner; 
A writer's job need to focus writing that can and must attract many readers, and must correct his grammar.
However, a readers job that can't find a book he/she has been seeking must write the book he/she want.


Shaky Seedy Spicy Story-Spumy

is a compilation of my short stories, that I've tried to or just summarize(d)

I'm lazy to create a novel ;D because I love to read 


If anyone wants a review, be specific of what you need.

I'm poor at grammar 'cause I don't like reading a novel that follows all the rules of grammar

It can result to dry

But I love reading stories that are well presented and engaging. 


For adults' content below

Someone has asked me to write an erotica. If you want to read the work, search it on wattpad. 

'Accept me" by Hearm Jan
It currently contains three chapter, and I let it be, until someone asked me to write again or write another story. Don't worry, it's for free. But, if you want to offer improvements, I'll accept critiques.


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I am currently taking a much-needed break from writing. Though I don't know for how long, I will go back to working on my stories and critiquing when I feel like I'm ready :)


Actualmente estoy tomando un descanso de escribir. No sé cuánto durará, pero regresaré a escribir Control Z cuando me sienta listo :)



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Lover of all things fantasy (with a dash of romance, as is a guilty pleasure of mine).


Link : 

A collaborative effort "Eamersdr - Dreamers" with Danny Power:​


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Hello! My name is Millicent Dagsworth, it's a pen name, not my real one, and will not be revealed at any time. So just call me Millicent.

I love to read, write, play video games, anime, playing with my pets, holding our baby chickens (Silkies), talking to my friends, and other stuff like that. I love all animals, no matter what they are, and they love me. 

I can't deal with spiders. I am okay with heights, as long as I don't look down.

My favorite genres are mystery, syfi, romance, fantasy, occasionally horror, and I don't like one's with vampires. I will read one from time to time, but it's not often.

I have a lot of dreams: I want to go to collage, I want to become a Marine biologist, I want my books to be published, ect. I have horrible spelling, so if I spell something wrong, please tell me. 

Update: I have actually accomplished getting into contact with a publisher and they are going to pblish Spirit of the Forest! For more details, message me!

Anyway, I hope you all like my books and please leave a comment. 



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I began writing when I got into high school, but I dreamed long before that. My first stories began on the playgrounds of my elementary school with Lightningbolt, my super hero. Though he's long gone, he helped 'spark' (I like puns) the rest of my stories. I have big plans for these stories, so hold on and you'll see some crazy stuff.


(Michael Vey is sort of what I had imagined Lightninbolt to be like... good books by the way.)


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A nerd who wants to be an astrophysicist, a theatrical performer and an author. I pretty much always write, and if I'm not writing, I'm reading or playing Tomb Raider or Halo, and occasionally performing. I really enjoy drawing, and have recently started drawing my OC's and characters.


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Hi guys, welcome to my Spark A Tale profile! (INCOMPLETE; IN PROGRESS.)

I'm a girl. 18 yrs.old (about to be 19 in August.) and spend most of my time writing fanfictions and original stories.

This is where I write most of my stories (especially Metal Fight Beyblade and Smash Bros.)

I also read other fanfictions and other stories too.

Feel free to visit my Website :)

Favourite Book Series: Last Dragon Chronicles, Warrior Cats, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Kingdom Hearts Manga

Favourite Games: Pokemon, Geomon, Beyblade, Kingdom Hearts, Star Fox, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., Fire Emblem: Awakening/Fates, Kid Icarus, Xenoblade Chronicles, King of Fighters 99,2000,2001

Favourite Hobbies: Beyblading, writing stories, playing outdoors.

I am also available on these sites! (Active and Available)

Archive Of Our Own (Active and available)

Wattpad (Active and Available)

Taskey (Abandoned this site; stories are still available)

Worthy Of Publishing (Active and Available)

Teen Ink (Abandoned this site; stories are available)

Spark A Tale (Active and Available)


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My preferred name is Desi and I'm not one with a lot of time on my hands but I'll try to review stories when I can. I have currently obtained my degree in Business at a university, not that anybody cares. I've been writing stories for a while now and I have written quite a few but it's not like anyone gives a damn [not to be blunt but it's true]. I've removed any stories that may have been available to read by me because no one reads a thing that I write. Neither blog posts, nor tweets, etc. So, if you suddenly see there aren't any stories on my dash, it's because I've removed them for your own good [besides, it's not like you would've read them anyway]. In the meantime, check out works done by other rewarding writers. I'm sure they have something better to offer than I do. Ta ta!


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