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As you can already guess, I really like writing .Apart from writing I also sing , dance and draw I have in interest in photography as well. Basically, almost all the things that require creativity and art interest me. 


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The Last Vampire

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  • Fantasia

    Very well written story so far.engaging and entertaining:)

    Reviewed on: August 15, 2014

  • The Kidnapping of Mira Von Perner

    wonderfully written story ! its really,realy good. It has something about it that attracts you to it and its really hard to stop once you've sarted reading. I suggest that you read it atleast once

    Reviewed on: April 25, 2014

  • 20 Sentences - Shattered

    beautifully written story. I would love to read more

    Reviewed on: January 16, 2014

  • Heroic Demons

    good start. Ouite intriguing keep it up

    Reviewed on: December 10, 2013

  • Destined warriors: A spark of destiny

    Very well written story so far.It' very interesting.Keep up the good work!:)

    Reviewed on: November 17, 2013

  • The Warmth of His Gaurdian

    Its extremely short and to the point. It also leaves a lot to the imagination, but I really like the writing style.It captures your attention effortlessly. I really wish there was more to read:)

    Commented on: June 24, 2016

  • Luna's Child

    it's a well written poem

    Commented on: May 29, 2016

  • The Last Vampire

    Thank you so much for letting me know your views!!

    Commented on: February 10, 2014

  • The Fairy Tale

    its got quite a good beginning.Really captures your interest.Le's see how the rest of the story turns out


    Commented on: February 5, 2014