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Coucou à toi, être mortel - ou bien même immortel.


Je m'appelle Katia, j'ai 16 ans. Je suis une addicte de lecture et je suis une grande fan de romans policiers. Mon auteure préférée est Agatha Christie, la reine du crime. Cela fait un an que j'écris. Et... Euh. Je ne sais plus quoi dire.

Mes fictions:

  • Sweet Sacrifice (basée sur l'excellent Pretty Little Liars)
  • Smell of Insane
  • Collection Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge:

- Déjà parus:

  1. Dance With the Devil
  2. Three Wishes
  3. Riverside
  4. The Sound of Silence
  5. Lost
  6. Home
  7. Last Breath
  8. My Own Worst Enemy
  9. Unnatural Selection
  10. The Hanging Tree

- Prochainement:


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Merci à mes lecteurs - réels ou "fantômes"-, en particulier 'M', qui ne cesse de m'encourager.


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  • Secrets And Lies


    So this is a story inspired by Pretty Little Liars? I love this series! I absolutely love the books, and the TV Show adaptation as well.

    I have only read the prologue and the first chapter for the moment. I liked it. I can see that the main characters are similar to the original ones. That's normal, after all. The story all begins with the Queen Bee and her "followers". By the way, I like the fact that Alison is here a boy! Haha, that's different from other fictions, and that's good. I wrote a FanFiction of PLL last year from A's point of view. But mine sucks, aha.

    I will read the next chapters as soon as I can.

    I don't fully understand English, but thankfully your writing is simple and I can know what's going on, haha.

    Keep it up.

    Commented on: July 4, 2015

  • How to write your own story


    I read this 'how to', and I find it pretty interesting - especially the getting inspired part. I'm a beginning writer, and you know, I find my writings... Well, most of time I'm not fully satisfied of my stories, even though my friends find them "great" - but, uh, I mean they are my friends, and I don't know if they are really objective. Anyway, I keep on writing, and I find my inspiration mostly in music - when some lyrics speak to me.

    So, I'll keep on reading your 'how to' and try to follow your advices. And, by the way, it's nice to give us this little help!

    Thank you.

    Commented on: June 17, 2015

  • One Hundred Words

    I haven't read them all, but well, this is pretty awesome! I really like the idea, and even though I don't fully understand English, I found the few ones I have read funny. Keep it up!

    Commented on: May 31, 2015