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I'm simply a music living, lyric writing, wannabe singer who has an absolutely twisted mind. I absolutely love horror writing and am constantly on the lookout for inspiration and new ideas! The novel Sharp Teeth by Toby Barlow is easily my favorite horror novel and has inspired a bit of my writing, including my newest original story "Beyond Blooded". I also must say that I absolutely love the Showtime series Dexter. As mentioned before, I love music. I have a love for various genres and bands/artists, ranging from punk to metal to rock to even electronica. I tend to usually listen to Fall Out Boy, Within Temptation, Bentley Jones, Florence +The Machine, and Maroon 5. If you ever want to chat about anything, just message me or find me on another site (see below). OTHER ACCOUNTS Bolts For Explosives Tumblr: Jungle Age: Bolts For Explosives Carnegie Hall Musical Exchange: deviantART account for miscellaneous art and insanity: BrokenSerenade Second dA account for writing and art worth being uploaded: BoltsForExplosives NovelJoy: Bolts For Explosives
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