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Brutal Instinct: A Wolf and Humanity

By: Ronnie Wakeman

Status: Completed


Companionship is all that one may seek in a world gone mad. Loneliness haunts a troubled soul on an empty road. Sometimes, insanity gets the better of the people who live by themselves, only having memories to keep them company.

Deep within the trees, a lyncanthrope creature, once a human, is the underdog. There are others exactly like him, but they are the alpha and the omega. The only difference between him and the other wolves is one thing: he has managed to keep his human emotions, thoughts, and dignity intact. He is a very apethetic, emotional creature, trying to find his way in this dark world he is trapped within.

He has starved himself for days, hiding in his dark cave as to keep himself from being wounded or killed by the others. Upon finding a group of teenage boys, the wolf believes that he may have found himself a complete feast. But an attack from the others ensues, and he finds himself saving the remaining surviver.

Stuck between the choice of keeping his human diginity and the bloody urges he can never control, the werewolf must find a way to help the boy escape before it is too late for him. And the howling is getting closer...

Created: August 25, 2013 | Updated: September 3, 2013

Genre : Horror

Language : English

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