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Great Grocery Games!

By: Johnathan Floyd

Status: In Progress


A wacky story of groceries, games and ham grenades!

Created: September 10, 2015 | Updated: September 12, 2015

Genre : Humor

Language : English

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1: Let the Begin, Games! 3030
Total Wordcount: 3030

Reviews (1)

  • Michael Wilbur

    I like the premise, and definitely see novel potential; I must've spent half my morning trying to think up possible food weapons, such as the Craive, several opened hot-sauce bottles stuck on a frozen pizza via the plastic wrap and thrown as a discus, sending hot sauce swirling in all directions! Ahem. There were a few grammar issues here and there, and the odd mispelling, but nothing that wouldn't naturally get worked out through normal editing. Your story was a pleasant surprise for me, and I look forward to seeing where it goes from here.

    September 13, 2015 Flag

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