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22 | African American/Cherokee Indian | Non Existent Human-being | Simblr | Artist Hobbyist | Straighter than Sex | Sex Lover | Anime / Cartoon Fan | Shy | Social Awkward | Common Sense Era | RP Player | Technology Junkie | Pastel Goth | baTHOT | Batman Fan | WWE Fan | Fantasy Lover | Wannabe Writer+ 

Hello! You may call me Yurii or Yuri for short. At this moment, I'm highly busy with my art. I'm trying to better myself. I hope my gallery makes ya happy. I'm a teen mom, and I've a beautiful five years old daughter and I'm social awkward and I love to RP alot. If I'm not distracted or busy. I have the love for history and arts, I'd been creating my own world over 8 years now. And it still on going changing stuff around and adding stuff. I support same sex relationship and trans genders | queers | other culture. I respect it even if I don't understand it. I'm open minded to everything and doesn't judge, it not my job to judge others only God can do the job.

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