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Hello! Name is Monty and I love to write! Otherwise why would I be here? =P.

I do hope you enjoy my work as I love to write it. Enjoy my work!

Some things I enjoy doing other than writing and reading (which does happen rarely in comparison to these other things):

- Video Gaming (PS3)

- Video Making (Stop motion animation, flash animation, machinima films)

- Graphics Design (ie. The book covers)

- Movies

- Listening to music (ie. Naitomea/Nightmare, Back Horn, Golden Bomber, Game OSTs like Drakengard 3, etc.)

For video gaming, if you're interested in teaming up or gaming together, here is my PSN: Naitomea1224 & MontyMason (just contact me to let me know you sent an invite so I don't reject it without a second thought).

I Also want to add for my readers that you will rarely see me releasing stories frequently. That's because I want to take my time and treat my stories right instead of rushing them and releasing them. I know everyone values their time, so I would rather try to give the best product possible for my readers that can help fill up their free time without any regrets of wasting said time.

UPDATES section:

- Stories in the planning phase:

-- Runaway (Drama/Slice of Life)

-- Boy Gender Girl (Drama/Romance/Slice of Life)

-- The World Ruler (Drama)

-- Beyond Earth (Drama/Sci-Fi)

-- Life V: Existence (Drama/Romance/Slice of Life)

-- Guilty Verdict (Supernatural/Horror)

-- Tea House: Generations (Slice of Life)

-- Parallel Nightmare (Horror/Mystery)

- Stories in the writing phase:

-- Ice Tactician (Mecha Action/Sci-Fi)

- Stories in the editing phase:

-- Ice Tactician (Mecha Action/Sci-Fi)

- Stories currently being posted:

-- Ice Tactician (Mecha Action/Sci-Fi)

- Stories Discontinued:

DISCLAIMER: My reviews may tend to be extremely critical and sometimes sound harsh due to my blunt nature, but that's because I want to see you IMPROVE. If you're the sensitive type then I highly advise against requesting a review from me.

Notice of Copyright: 2010 to present, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Well, happy reading!

- Mohit

This work by Mohit Goyal is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

To Anyone that will still consider copying my work without my permission (especially for commercial uses), I WILL file a DMCA infringement report against your attempt.


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