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Hi! Welcome to my world. I'm known as Spica Starson, in here and most of the other sites I go on (such as Tumblr, FictionPad, FictionPress, DeviantArt, etc.).

Writing has always been one of my hobbies, along with drawing. But isn't writing a part of art as well? So, in short--art is part of my passion. The other part of my passion is machinery, and in some of this case, cars. You'll probably see me featuring several Chevy Camaros on my work in the near future, haha. I have ideas popping in my head every now and then, and this website is one of three places I think will be fit to publish my original stories. Thank you for inviting me to this wonderful site!

Though I will admit, I still do need to improve my writing skills. So every critic, every advise you give, will be much appreciated!--I'm willing to learn, read, and write more.

Currently, I'm working on a new story which still has no name. In the mean time, enjoy a few drabbles which I randomly wrote in my spare time :)


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