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it's been a very long time since I've been here, and i can assure you i'm a hell of a better writer than i was a few years ago. 


i'm a bisexual ironic weeb, shakespeare nerd, leo, tragedy, narcissist, cosplayer, alleged functioning alcoholic-to-be, artist, "musician" (i do utau covers on my soundcloud, i also do music sorta), writer, historian. so i'd like to think anyway.

Presently I've abandoned my past projects, and I'm working rather diligently on a story--it's called Criminal Fiction and you can read a bit about it on my blog at or i guess you could just google reynn's blog and something will come up with hope. i haven't posted any of it yet, but i'm several chapters in and my small 5-person-fandom rather loves it.

instagram: @reynn_m

deviantART: Reynn13

​soundcloud: reynn_m


fictionpress: ReynnAkolov

​Please support me on my literary endeavours :^) pm me if you need anything i guess? idk


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Criminal Fiction

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  • Criminal Fiction

    Hiatus is (probably) over, back to fortnightly updates for good measure though :)


    I hope you enjoy CrimFIc and its development.

    Commented on: August 17, 2016

  • Criminal Fiction


    CrimFic updates are presently on hiatus as I'm preparing to move into college. Unfortunately, my college is a little difficult to get wifi access to, so CrimFic updates may become fortnightly. Nevertheless, I will try to update whenever possible, and the story is definitely being written!


    Thank you for supporting the development of CrimFic :)

    Commented on: August 6, 2016

  • FReEdOM

    Thank you for your critique :) Yes I have found some grammar issues too (It was initially written in 3rd person but then switched to 1st person) but rest assured the future chapters have already been corrected :)

    Commented on: August 21, 2013