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    Hello everybody, my name is Ean. I love to write and have been doing so for years. I'm always trying to improve so feel free to provide constructive criticism when you see fit. I would really appreciate it. As for what I will be uploading to this site, I really enjoy writing speculative fiction, namely science fiction, but really any sub-genre of speculative fiction will do. I don't really plan on writing anything of novel length right now, but only time will tell. I say this because I have tried that before on other sites and it always ends with me taking FOR EVER to update, and generally leaving people hanging for long periods of time after a cliffhanger ending to a chapter. So you can expect short fiction, probably uploaded all at once. 

    So that's me. I am excited to get to know some other aspiring writers and read through some exciting literature. Like I said before, feel free to provide with constructive criticism on my writing, or just leave a comment. I would very much appreciate it.


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  • Existence

    I really appreciate your wonderful comment. I'm still relatively new at trying my hand at short flash fiction, so it's a relief to hear that what I'm trying to accomplish with it is working on some level. 

    Commented on: August 13, 2015

  • Isopeak Red

    Thank you for your wonderful comment and I really appreciate your critique.

    Commented on: August 28, 2013