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Writing is a passion I've always had, but then again, haven't. It took several years for me to grow up, sit down, and finally put all these thoughts on paper, making them what I've always dreamt they would be. So here I am, with old and new stories, striving to do what I've always known I was born to do.

I love God, first off, and that's one big reason why I write, because it's another way of enjoying the life He gave me.

Music is powerful, moving, and can really make you think... especially the songs without words.

There are the simple, really simple things in life that most people miss every day. I enjoy these things and am constantly trying to write about them, although whatever descriptive words I use never quite seem to capture my perspective just right. I'm working towards this, even if I never accomplish it.

I often like what others don't- for example, comedies aren't funny to me at all, but the tone of voice my best friend uses in a sentence can set me off laughing for literally five minutes.

I hope you enjoy my work :) Share your thoughts, be they support or critique... but critique is support as well.


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  • Bad Haircut

    Aboslutely loved this... well-written and made me lol

    Reviewed on: March 24, 2014

  • When They Left

    Very curious... trying to get your point of view, where you're coming from.

    Commented on: March 18, 2014