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Hey, so I'm an aspiring writer like many of you on this website. I'm 17 years old and have been writing/telling stories since I was five years old. I have many ideas that I'd love to turn into words, but alas, time is limited in the world of a high school student nowadays. I also have this thing were I am incapable of writing short stories, so plan to see some longer stories from me.

My current book, The Elementals Project (title suggestions anyone?),  is basically a thought of when I was researching nanotechnology and how it could be used to help people improve themselves. Add in some cool superpowers and a few high highschoolers into the mix and out came a story I think people will really like.this story once it gets rolling. If anyone has any suggestions, ideas, questions, comments or other critiques, please feel free to review or comment or even private message me.

Thank you, and continue your reading,


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