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I don't care how you got here. You're here. Welcome.

Quiz time for me!

Name: Call me Angie.

Age: Haha.  I'm old enough to be done high school, but young enough to still be able to be friends with people in high school. 

Where I'm From: OH CANADA!  Totally a Canadian.

Favourite reading genres: futuristic stuff mostly. Not, like, H.G. Wells hardcore, but futuristic like Hunger Games, Divergent, and others. I also read things that delve into mythology, and modern imaginings of fairy tales.

Writing Weaknesses: Okay, so this is a writing site. And we know we all have them. Difference is that I'm admitting them here. I never write an outline, and that can sometimes mean certain aspects of a story derail in the middle (although I try really hard not to do that). I can't write from an outline. If I ever have to write an outline, I'm totally writing the story first and then breaking it down into an outline. I'm also a huge procrastinator sometimes. If inspiration strikes, I can write and write and write when I have time. When I lose the inspiration, it can be a hellish experience to get back. XD

Music: I listen to a lot of different bands, artists and songs. I listen to them when I write and sometimes they'll get me through my writer's block. I listen to everything from Taylor Swift to Backstreet Boys to Jesse McCartney to Fall Out Boy to Avril Lavigne to Nickelback to Theory of a Deadman to Miranda Lambert to Coldplay to B.O.B or the Black Eyed Peas. Seriously. I even listen to some 70s music. Basically anything could give me ideas. Country, pop, boy bands, rock, rap. Anything's fair game. Only stuff I won't listen to while I'm writing is classical, or stuff without words. I need the words to get the ideas flowing.

Why do I write?

Possibly the most important question we as writers face. And I'm pretty sure readers are pretty interested in the why of it all too. Make sure our hearts are in the right place.

Writing is what I love. If you've read my stories, you might find them a bit disjointed at times. Honestly, that's because my fingers type and my mind barely thinks. The ideas just come. I have no control over it really. So forgive me that, huh?

And critical reviews are welcomed as long as you tell me what would make the story better. I appreciate these sort of reviews because they've helped improve my writing.

I have a pretty good sense of humour, and chances are if you're not being rude, I'll just laugh stuff off. If you're rude though, what I say back might be more than caps lock (though usually it stays pretty PG - but sarcasm and barbs...if you're rude to me, they're fair game if I choose to use 'em!)

I read for the fun of it (I take pounds of books out when I go to the library to stock up for the week). Writing is just something I do because I feel the need to write. It's a major bonus when people like what they read. I'd write anyway, but to know it's enjoyed feels like a gift to me. Even constructive criticism feels like a gift when applied to my writing because it means someone cares enough to tell me what is wrong with my writing. I might feel a little discouraged at first, but I know that generally I'll end up better off in the end, so I generally just brush off those feelings of mine. :)


How long have I been writing?

I've been coming up with stories as long as I've been alive.  I've always been an avid reader, so coming up with stories felt second-nature.  I wrote short stories for school, but then I started writing on RPGs, got hooked, and then started posting on those as well as writing on first fanfiction, then fictionpress.  Now I'm here.  All in all, I've been writing daily for about five years now.  A while for me, probably not so much for some of you.  Anyways, that's me.


I know it's really long.  I can be wordy sometimes.  It helps that I keep copy-pasting a presentation from my writing sites and then adding on as I go. 


I hope you enjoy any stories I put up, and I hope I'll be able to thoroughly enjoy yours in turn.


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  • Living Ghosts

    A beautiful story. A true work of art. I highly enjoyed it and wish there was more like it. An unusual and creative plot. Very touching, and while it deals with difficult topics it also manages to be a cute read as well. Which I honestly didn't think was possible.

    Reviewed on: January 26, 2014

  • What a Twist: A Dragon and his Prince

    Intriguing concept to start with.  I'll be looking forward to the next chapter to know where this leads.  At first, it seems like the typical fairy tale story with a dash of humour.  But then there's a twist.  Interesting.  I like the idea that it isn't written stuffy either.

    Commented on: January 28, 2014

  • Living Ghosts



    On the one hand, I hate you for what you did your your character.  On the other hand, the ending still rocked.  I loved it.

    Commented on: January 26, 2014