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Second Best

By: Millicent Dagworth

Created: April 5, 2017 | Updated: April 5, 2017

Genre : Tragedy

Language : English

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I'm always second best

No matter what I do

I try and try

But it's never enough


I'm told that I'm human

And humans make mistakes

But I'm always yelled at

When I make some though

And told to be perfect


I'm not good at anything

My drawing skills are scratch

My writing skills aren't great

I can't sing or compose

My smarts are in the dumps


I fell in love last year

To someone who I love you

It turned out they lied

And I had fallen

with no one to catch me


They cheated on me

Twice with the same person

Someone who was better than me

In everyway possible


She is beauty 

She is grace

I'm just clumsy

I'm just dull


I have no skills

I have nothing special

I'm as dull as a dandelion 

in a meadow of roses


I always fall alone

No one to catch me

They'll be in the light

While I'm stuck in the dark


No one will save me

When I need someone's help

I'm be stuck in the dark forever

Until the scars take their toll

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