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My Heart

By: melody dupree

Created: February 2, 2017 | Updated: February 2, 2017

Genre : Fantasy

Language : English

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~~My Heart
Melody Dupree

A shot to my heart.
It was planned.
Your friends laugh at me.
I feel tears fill my eyes.
The day was five months before.
Now I became something to ignore.
My heart is shot to pieces.
A part of you that you won’t know.
A little boy that won’t have a father.
Your friends don’t know.
But my friends do.
Can’t you see the evil looks?
I spend my free time in the nurse’s office.
The hurt in my eyes.
You can see.
Was it worth it?
The pain in my heart.
A single parent home.
A child with no role model.
A shot to my heart.
That was planned.
But the child was not.
Now you don’t have a chance.
A year later.
A chance meeting.
A baby in my arms.
A look of recognition.
A glance at the baby.
You try to speak to me.
I keep you at bay.
An arm’s length away.
A look of hurt.
Flashes of pain.
Across your face.
But how can I care.
You aren’t worth my heart.
When you were.
I was hurt.
Left to fend for myself.
A little one to care for.
The one that I truly love.
The one that needs me.
A look thrown your way.
I turn away.
The wind blows my hair.
Behind me.
I hear a call.
My name is spoken.
But I don’t hear it.
The shot was taken.
And it cost me.
My heart.

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