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Concrete Angels

By: melody dupree

Created: January 20, 2017 | Updated: January 20, 2017

Genre : Tragedy

Language : English

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~~Concrete Angels
Melody Dupree

I stand in the place that I never wanted to be in.
It is shaded and I stand over a double grave.
My husband to one side and a family friend to the other.
Our daughter and his son both gone too soon.
Robbed of life.
They stand as Concrete Angels.
A testament to the needless violence that plagues our children’s lives.
Severed brake lines.
An uncontrollable speed.
A guardrail unseen.
An incline lined by trees.
The creator of our Concrete Angels. 
A crash hard enough to destroy the car.
A fireball of flames.
Only identifiers are a license plate and dental records.
A group of friends in tears.
Classmates and family members in disbelief.
In shock of the news.
That they are now Concrete Angels.
A week-long memorial.
One at school as friends and classmates mourn.
One with family as we mourn the days they were born.
One at a football game to mourn a player lost.
One at the scene of the accident.
One at a funeral parlor the day before the funeral.
A day to say goodbye as two caskets are lowered.
A day one year later to erect the statue of……
Two Concrete Angels.

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