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By: Yin Harmony

Created: January 17, 2017 | Updated: January 19, 2017

Genre : Romance

Language : English

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I have a question...


Is this what it feels like?

Is it true feelings....True love?


You're on my mind all the time,

I feel alone without you, more than usual I'm used to it

yes, but this feeling? Not even close.

It's hurt at times. Sometimes I feel like I'm gonna break or crack my shell.


Other times I'm floating, flying, soaring, dodging, living...

With just a simple: "Hi."


You make my day, you make my night, you make my whole world better, brighter, easier to deal with...


But you have to leave...We both do....

I struggle at times.


Should I tell them? I want to. So much. I really do.

I want to scream to the world! Scream to my family! All those that left me! I'm in love!


At least I think I am, I hope I am...I want to be.

I have all the symptoms, I should have it...Right?


Of course I do. I know I do. Why am I asking stupid questions...


It hurts every time I think of you, when we're apart.

I see other's love everywhere else.

They cuddle kiss hug laugh cry together, but we can't...Not yet...Hopefully...


Do you feel like this? Is this how it's suppose to feel?


Things would be so much easier with you here...

But Life isn't easier...Growing up isn't either.


This feeling...I will believe it's love.
I've never felt aside from when I was younger...

but he left...and I couldn't do anything about it...


I love you. 

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