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By: Yin Harmony

Created: October 11, 2016 | Updated: May 9, 2017

Genre : Fantasy

Language : English

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A friend, a true friend.


i watch, I listen no one notices me


I may not show it but you're important to me


You really are. 


i support you, all the way. I'm your number one fan


I wonder how long is my life span...


You probably don't care.


living life on the edge.


You don't do you?


i know


you don't.


I tried to help


i gave you warnings


I gave you chances, but you didn't care.


not everything revolves around you. You're not Ms. perfect


You never fucking were. 

I'm tired. I tried! I tried so damn hard!


But you fucking cunt said no. 


I'm not your parent. 


I'm not your Mom


I don't love you...


i can't believe i used to...


I gave you a piece of my heart...


you smashed it all...


I really thought you were better...


I should have followed the warnings. 


Fuck you.

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