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Deja Vu

By: Niles Flynn

Created: September 10, 2015 | Updated: September 10, 2015

Genre : Biography

Language : English

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Who knew it'd be so sad.
Truth be told, Deja vu was nothing to me,
just stupid cliche, |
but now here I am watching you
as you seem to be falling so far.
Is it possible to feel farther away than ever
in the age of the internet?
I can reach out and touch a country
with only a few keystrokes, 
and yet here I am helpless
as you fall.
It's happening again.
I don't know you like I knew her,
but now I recognize the signs
of worsening depression,
and there's nothing I can say
from behind this wall
that will help.
Please tell me,
can I help?
Don't tell me not to worry
when your eyes whisper the truth.
"I'll be okay"
isn't the same as
"I'm okay," 
trust me,
I know.
Who knew it'd be so sad...

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