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The Luna Silver Blade Memoirs

A Planet of the Apes Fanfic Novel

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Genres(s): Adventure, Romance and Fanfiction

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Warning(s): Rape, Violence, Death, Swearing, Human/Ape Relation(s), Slavery, Slow Romance, Sexual Slavery, Coming of Age, Trials, Possessive Sex, Enemies to Lovers, Master/Slave and Rebellion

Author's Disclaimer: PLEASE READ FIRST

Dear Reader(s);

Welcome to my FIRST Planet of the Apes Fanfic with an Alternate Universe twist that I hope you will find unique. This is a mixture of the novel, moves, TV Shows and comic versions; I wanted to do something different and take a step out of my comfort zone.

The novel version was written in 1963 and it was called La Planete des Singes the English translation; Planet of the Apes or Monkey Planet and the author who wrote it is Pierre Boulle. This novel was the inspiration to the adaption franchise; though the adaptions were very different from the novel.

From 1968-1973 the first five movies were made; Planet of the Apes, Beneath the Planet of the Apes, Escape from the Planet of the Apes, Conquest of the Planet of the Apes and Battle for the Planet of the Apes. Then from 1974-1976; the TV series live action Planet of the Apes and the Cartoon Return to the Planet of the Apes were made.

Following after were the comic book series, the 2001 remake and the 2011-2017 reboot movie series. I found and read Planet of the Apes Fanfic stories that were interesting, and inspiring; I decided to try my hand.

But this is no ordinary Planet of the Apes Fanfic; I am doing my own version of Pierre Boulle's novel with a mix of the movies, Live Action TV Show and comics. I am using Tim Burton's 2001 remake of Planet of the Apes and expand upon it in this Fanfic story.

I am doing a girl from Earth gets teleported to another world…I know it is cliché but…who has not done it? This is also my first interspecies romance between humans, apes and monkeys; I also found this great song called The Song of the Goddess on a Wiccan site, it's a bit Pagan but it ties into the story nicely in a way.

I do not own the characters of Planet of the Apes; they belong to Pierre Boulle

1968-1973 Movies Screenplays

Michael Wilson

Rod Serling

Paul Dehn

1974-1976 Live Action and Cartoon

Anthony Wilson

David H. Depatie and Friz Freleng

Finally the characters of the 2001 remake and comics belong to Tim Burton and Ian Edginton for Dark Horse Comics. Thank you for reading this Author's Disclaimer and please enjoys this unique story!

Fanfic stories that inspired this writing…

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I dedicate The Luna Silver Blade Memoirs in memory to my Mother; Margaret "Peggy" Bachleda [May: 1952-2014]!

2: Prologue

The Luna Silver Blade Memoirs

A Planet of the Apes Fanfic Novel


A school class was volunteering at a dig site of an ancient city ruin and they were working in pairs of two. But in one section of the ruins; a sudden cave-in happened and two students found themselves trapped.

Ariel and Cornelius, best friends since they were infants, found themselves trapped in a spacious large courtyard that was once a garden and the surrounding walls were still in tact. They contact their teacher by walkie-talkie and were instructed to remain calm as rescue was coming.

They had enough food and water between them to stretch for at least 2 1/2 weeks along with other supplies, a deck of cards and their archaeology tools. Ariel and Cornelius decided to explore the courtyard to stay busy; they made the center their base camp.

Ariel began digging on the right side of the courtyard and Cornelius worked on the left side. They found broken but preserved pottery, fossil groves of trees, dried plants in jugs, broken statues, preserved skeletons of animals, etc.

They carefully categorized their findings in the center of the courtyard and talked theories on the items; Ariel and Cornelius loved learning history, they always had questions and always broke down what they learned, and read. Ariel was also curious about her family history and the impact that took place thirteen centuries ago.

Cornelius always loved history; his family was members of the Historian Guild and they work hard to preserve ancient historical sites, information and the myths/legends that follow. They went back to work after a small lunch of splitting an apple and a ham/cheese sandwich.

It was in the center of one of the fossil grove of trees where Ariel was digging that she found a sealed lock box buried. She called Cornelius' name; he came over and helped unearth the box fully, and set it on a mount of dirt.

He broke the box's sealed lock with a rock; both teens jumped back as they heard the box hissed as it released trapped air. Upon opening the box; they found a thick ten-books-in-one bound book and it was well preserved.

The book was bound in midnight blue with a silver pentacle on the cover and the pages were the color of nightfall with a turquoise never-ending Celtic Knot border, and the words were written in turquoise ink.

"What a find, Ariel;" exclaimed Cornelius excitedly as his friend carefully picked the book up. "This book must have been sealed within this box and buried for thirteen centuries; we'll get very high grades for this find!"

"That is if we get saved first;" said Ariel as she eyed the heavily blocked entrance to the courtyard, "We have flashlights in case it gets dark but we are exposed to the elements!"

"Well until rescue comes we are trapped here for the time being;" said Cornelius as he looked around, "let's read the book and learn who wrote it!"

"It's a memoir written in 20th Century Earth English;" said Ariel after she opened the book and took a look at the first page, "this is history from someone's point of view!"

Cornelius used the walkie-talkie to report their findings before moving to the center of the courtyard and feet from their other findings. They lay on their stomachs on the ground with the book open between them and began reading…

3: 0

The Luna Silver Blade Memoirs

A Planet of the Apes Fanfic Novel


"Be careful what you wish for;" is a simple saying that is also a motto and mantra…

If I knew that picking up a talisman and making a simple wish that ends up coming true; I would have trashed the talisman and washed my hands. If someone were to tell me that I was going on an adventure on a world ruled by evolved talking apes, I would have checked you for a fever before recommending that you go to the "funny farm" wearing a straightjacket.

I was given a talisman, made a wish and now call this new world that I got sent to now home. I was also given special Gifts that helped me survive but also made me a weapon of sorts and I learned to stay alive with luck, and help.

I made friends who helped, made enemies who tried to hinder and also found love that would have been considered very strange. One particular friend had this book made for me and I decided it was time to write my memoirs.

The pages were the color of nightfall, decorated with turquoise never-ending Celtic Knot borders and the ink I was given to use was turquoise. This is my history written from my point of view and whatever intelligent species or race who may find my story; I pray that you do not destroy it.

Each chapter has four parts at least; you may not believe it but I hope you hear my voice and let me tell you my story. Read my story and then return it to its burial until it is dug up again.

It is up to you, the esteemed reader, to decide the fate of my tale; write it off as fiction or rambling nonsense or pretend that it is simply a story. A story written by an ordinary human girl and yes, my dear esteemed reader…I am human!

My name is Luna Silver Blade and I come from another world called Earth, and this is MY story…

4: Book 1
Book 1

The Luna Silver Blade Memoirs

A Planet of the Apes Fanfic Novel

Part 1



As I said before…

My name is Luna Silver Blade; I had long silvery white hair and mismatched blue eyes, right eye was sapphire blue like twilight and left eye was midnight blue like the night sky. I had alabaster white skin with lips red as a red rose [that was natural and yet was mistaken for lipstick] and I had natural kohl-like eyelashes; I stood at 4'11" and was even mistaken for an albino, yet I had natural looks that was considered exotic.

I'm an orphan and I was considered lucky to be living with my Aunt Rose. Rose O'Sullivan wasn't related to me by blood but she was my godmother and she knew my birthmother during her time pregnant.

I guess before I tell my story; I should at least tell my Mother's story first. I only knew my Mother from my godmother and it is a sad story but it is the perfect place to start…


My Mother had named herself Ananke Moira Blade; she was a homeless teenager of sixteen. She never spoke much about her family only that they were too religious and strict.

Ananke could/would not conform so they threw her out; no money, no change of clothes, just nothing. She was fifteen at the time and did odd jobs for some money to buy food, and saved to buy a bus ticket.

She traveled across the country; doing odd jobs, hitch hiking, anything to keep going. Ananke slept in homeless shelters and sometimes even slept under benches on the ground.

She visited libraries and read every book she can to stay educated; she regretted not finishing school and became one who fell through the cracks. By the time she turned sixteen; Ananke forgot her family and real name, she concentrated on surviving.

Ananke was a beautiful young woman with blond white hair and mismatched blue eyes. She knew how to fight and protect herself from being raped, and she always carried a knife hidden on her person.

On her eighteenth birthday that was on Halloween night; she came to a small town called Sunnydale. Everyone was in costume as Ananke searched for a place to sleep as the homeless shelters were filled up.

Ananke was alone as she went into the woods to find a place to sleep away from people. But everything changed that night when a drunken male stranger came upon her; he made a pass and she refused, yet the drunk wasn't taking no for an answer.

She tried to draw her knife but the stranger knocked her out; when morning came and Ananke awoke, her clothes were torn, blood between her legs and soreness as she stood up. She left town once she was cleaned and hitched hike her way to New York State; Ananke knew that she was raped but she did not know who and she never spoke about it to anyone.

She spent Thanksgiving with a family who were kind enough to offer her shelter, food and a bed; yet Ananke never stayed long. She did odd task for the family and even babysat, and was paid good money until she had to leave.

Ananke kept moving until sign of winter was coming had her finding a homeless shelter in another small town. It was days before Christmas when Ananke Moira Blade met Rose O'Sullivan who was volunteering in serving food at the shelter.

Rose was three years older then Ananke; she had black hair and green eyes, she had a willowy figure and stood at 5'2". Rose and Ananke became very close friends by New Years of 1990; it was Rose who helped Ananke after the eighteen-year-old homeless teen discovered she was pregnant.


Rose had Ananke living with her and to Ananke Moira Blade; Rose O'Sullivan was an older sister and her only friend, and confidant whom she told about the rape. Throughout the pregnancy; Rose made sure that Ananke went to her check ups and during an ultrasound of one appointment they learned that she was going to have a girl.

Ananke knew that her unborn daughter was a product of rape but she could not hate the child; but she was also scared about how she was going to care for a child with no proper education and no job. But Rose eased her fears and got her taking night classes, and helped her study.

Rose converted a second spare room into a nursery as both women of eighteen and twenty-one prepared for the baby. It was in June and on the night before Midsummer that Ananke went into labor, and Rose rushed her to the hospital.

Rose stayed by her friend's side as the night passed for the labor was long and painful; it was during a Midsummer dawn that Ananke gave birth to her daughter in the hospital birthing pool. But when the new mother was helped out of the water; the young girl suddenly collapsed into a seizure that scared Rose and worried the doctors.

The doctors did everything they could to save her but it wasn't enough and Ananke soon passed. This left the doctors feeling stumped; there was an emergency autopsy done to find out the cause but nothing came up and it became known as a mystery.

Rose knew that Ananke never liked to talk about her family; she knew that the girl was practically abandoned and Rose considered herself the only family that the homeless girl had. Ananke never spoke her real name; she always called herself Ananke Moira Blade.

Rose and Ananke made plans in case something happened; Rose was named the child's guardian and godmother before the birth. When Rose O'Sullivan held her goddaughter for the first time and saw how unique she was; she vowed to love the child as if she was her own.

Ananke loved the Moon and the color silver; Rose thought of a unique name and she named the baby girl, Luna Silver Blade. Rose loved the child and never left her alone for long; she moved the crib into her bedroom so that the baby could be near.

She took Luna to work with her and the child was adored by many who held her; there were no shortage of arms that were willing to hold the baby. To Rose; Luna Silver Blade was her child but she never forgot the child's birthmother, Rose kept a picture of Ananke around and visited her gravesite whenever she could.

Ananke was given a small private funeral with just Rose and the baby, and a few homeless people who had known Ananke for a short time. On Luna's first birthday and the first anniversary; Rose brought a bouquet of roses to lie on the grave and she spoke to Ananke, told her friend about her child and repeated the promise she had made to always care for Luna.


It wasn't until I was six-years-old that I learned about my birthmother from Aunt Rose and how I learned what it meant to be a child born of rape. Yet my godmother always stressed that my birthmother never blamed me for the conception; I was a miracle in a way for my birthmother was able to find another family in Aunt Rose.

I was a unique child; my aunt and I would always visit my birthmother's gravesite to lay flowers on it, and to talk to her. I even spoke to the picture of my birthmother and noticed how our eyes were the same mismatched blue.

So I was an orphan; a child born of rape but I will never let that dictate what I will become…

5: 2

The Luna Silver Blade Memoirs

A Planet of the Apes Fanfic Novel

Book 1

Part 1


Thanks to Aunt Rose; I became an avid reader at a young age and was ahead of my class in English but Math was never my strong suite for I had trouble understanding the problems. My Godmother became my tutor for Math and helped me find ways to add, subtract, multiply and divide.

From Kindergarten to 1st Grade; I knew I was different from the other kids and I had trouble making friends with kids who were my age. I was self-conscious of my looks and preferred to hide myself.

I preferred hiding my looks especially my eyes; I never liked how people would stare at my eyes in curiosity. I always wore a scarf with my hair tucked underneath along with a hat; I also wore a pair of sunglasses to hide my eyes behind.

I always wore long sleeved button shirts and long pants with gloves; my classmates thought I was weird but my teachers understood. But I could only cover up when going outside otherwise I was allowed to keep my sunglasses on inside.

I kept to myself during lunch and recess; I would be found with a book and my nose inside it this would be the only time I never wore my sunglasses. For lessons; I always took my sunglasses off so that I could see better and always put them back on before any of my classmates could see my eyes.

I soon finished Kindergarten and by then; Aunt Rose had another job offer to become head librarian in a New York Library. We moved to a two-bedroom apartment and celebrated my Seventh Midsummer Birthday; I missed visiting my birthmother's gravesite for it was also her anniversary, so my Godmother and I would fill a vase with water, and put flowers in it behind my birthmother's picture.

We were soon settled in and it wasn't long until I was getting ready to attend First Grade in Elementary School [I forgot what the school was called though]. But I remember the first day of going to school; the building was a three-story red brick building as my Godmother went with me early so that she could see that I get comfortable.

The principle who I will call Mr. Burns escorted us to the First Grade classroom on the first floor; I learned that Grades 1 and 2 were on the first floor, while Grades 3 and 4 were on the second floor, and Grade 5 had the entire third floor. There was a nice library, a large cafeteria and an indoor/outdoor gym.

My First Grade Teacher was Miss. K and her classroom number was 7; she was a nice lady who got me to an assigned seat in the front row. Soon other students start showing up and Aunt Rose headed for her first day of work with a promise to pick me up after school, and she had never broken a promise.

I learned that my classmates came from the same Kindergarten class and they were curious about me as they took their seats. So for role call; Miss. K would call on a student to come up, introduce themselves and say one thing about themselves.

I was the last to be called up and I was soon standing before my classmates feeling nervous dressed in a nice blue button long sleeve shirt and long black pants wearing a scarf like a hood with my hair tucked in, and wearing sunglasses along with my gloves. I felt the many stares that bore at me as I said: "My name is Luna Silver Blade and I am an avid reader!"

"Luna Silver Blade…" said a boy in the back of the class with a snort, "what kind of name is that?"

"Why is she wearing sunglasses, a scarf and gloves?" asked another boy off to the left middle side and a girl said: "Why is she so pale and wearing lipstick? That is weird!"

Miss. K rang a bell and brought order to her class; then she said: "Miss. Blade's name is very unique; she prefers to hide her looks out of self-consciousness, she is pale because she has fair skin and her lips are naturally red not lipstick!"

I took a Kleenex anyway and rubbed my lips with it before showing no smudge before stuffing the tissue into my pocket, and returned to my seat.


I had a nice class as we went over class schedule with a chart showing what our classes will be followed by name tag plaques being placed on our desks to show our assigned seats. Then we went to the school library, met the librarians and learned the library rules; we even got school library cards so that we can take books out.

Then we went to the gym and met the gym teachers who gave us the safety rules of the gym before we headed to lunch. Aunt Rose had packed me a lunch of a ham/cheese sandwich with baby carrots and Ranch dressing dip, and a Snicker Chocolate Bar for dessert.

After lunch we had recess and I found a tree to sit under to read a book I brought from home; it was a challenging book but I managed to read it. That is until someone snatched the book and my sunglasses from my hands, and yanked my scarf off my head; I looked up to see four of my classmates standing over me and I must have startled them with my mismatched blue eyes as they all jumped slightly.

"She has two different blue eyes and her hair is all white;" said a boy and another boy asked: "Don't old people usually the one with white hair?"

"She looks like a freak and I bet she had her hair dyed somehow;" said one girl who had snatched my book and sunglasses as the other girl held my scarf.

I stood up, picked up a lock of my hair and held it up as I said simply: "My hair is naturally white!"

"Yeah right, Freak, no one is ever born with natural white hair;" said the second girl with a snort as she and her friends suddenly ran away with my stuff.

I chased after them but lost the group of four in the playground and had to make my way to Miss. K who was one of the playground monitors. When she asked me what had happened; I told her four classmates took my book, sunglasses and scarf.

The other teachers helped get my things back and the four culprits got a stern talking to along with a warning of detention. I did not care if I was a tattletale; I was not going to tolerate any bullying what so ever and it was then that I found myself with bullies.

The four classmates were not happy to be tattled upon and they made it their mission to make my school life miserable. But what they can't stand is the fact that I will stand up for myself and I used big words against them.

Four against one wasn't working for the bullies so they got the rest of my classmates to side with them and ostracize me by spreading rumors about me. Miss. K tried to nip it in the bud but it was too late considering the class knew each other from Grade K and they stuck together.

I would find my desk covered in graphite and trash; so for recess I would spend hours washing and cleaning my desk, until the next day when I had to clean it again. During gym we had dodge ball and I was always picked last; during the game I became the target for every ball that was being thrown even my own teammates had gotten me a few times and they were quick to say that it was an accident.

I never liked violence but I was willing to fight back and I fought back; I started practicing doing cartwheels and rolls to avoid the balls, and made sure to catch as well as throw and got a few kids back. I got a few balls to the face but nothing was broken and no bruises but I was sore later.

From age seven to nine and from Grades 1st to 3rd Grade; my bullies made sure no one became my friends and they would bully anyone else who tried to befriend me. My teachers worked hard to try and stop bullying but the kids would not listen to them; but I always fought back and I always got good grades, except for Math which was always my worst subject and yet I managed a D grading of sorts.

Aunt Rose knew of the bullying and she enrolled me in extra classes for self-defense; she even enrolled me in dance classes and I always looked forward to these classes after school. The self-defense and dance classes helped me maintain a balance of myself; I gained self-confidence in myself and a self-discipline that I needed to control myself.

I may continue to be bullied but I had my own secret weapons to use that came in handy. I spent recess in the library and helped the librarians organize the books, I helped clean the classrooms and I got ahead of my classmates in study.


By the time I turned ten; Aunt Rose decided that we would celebrate by going to the zoo for the day after a breakfast of scrambled eggs, grits and hash browns. It was a nice change and it was fun at the zoo; my favorite animals were the apes and monkeys, it was fun watching them in their habitats.

I watched how the apes and monkeys interacted with each other in their habitats; they reminded me what it means to be human in a way as we are not so different but by species. My aunt and I visited other habitats to see the other animals, and yet we always went back to see the monkeys and apes.

It was during lunch when we suddenly heard alarms going off throughout the park and an announcement went over the park: "A chimpanzee has escaped; everyone remain calm and alert, security will be moving around. Please evacuate as calmly and orderly as possible…Thank you and we apologize for the inconvenience!"

The atmosphere within the park was tense as everyone was making their way to the nearest exit of the zoo. Aunt Rose and I somehow got separated in the chaos; I backed myself into a corner under a tree.

I heard a noise above me and looking up; I saw the escaped chimp hanging on a branch. I saw it was a he and he climbed down; I lowered my eyes and crouched down making myself look smaller.

I remembered seeing other chimps do this gesture as I held my hand out with my palm up and I stayed like that for a while. I soon felt the male chimp swipe my hand and I carefully went on my knees with a sigh but still kept my eyes down.

The chimp practically pulled me into sitting on the ground with him as he started to groom me; I stayed still until the security arrived. The chimp did not want to let me go and he was soon tranquilized; I was checked over for any damages beside a few bruises and a messed up hair and a search for my Godmother soon began.

Aunt Rose was found unconscious on a bench and it was discovered that she had an unexpected heart attack; I went with her as she was rushed to the hospital. My aunt never married and yet she raised me well; Aunt Rose spoke little about her own family as she was considered the "black sheep".

She has an older sister named Petunia who was the favorite daughter and she was happily married. Aunt Rose never got along with her sister nor their parents and after her heart attack; we had no choice but to call the "good" older sister.

Petunia O'Sullivan Tobias never approved Aunt Rose's lifestyle; they were raised by old-fashion parents. Mrs. Tobias followed her parents' ways and became a stay-at-home mother; her husband was Eddy Tobias and he was a car salesman, and he was very good at his job in selling cars.

Aunt Rose rebelled against her parents and followed her heart in making her own life; she was never interested in settling down to a marriage life. My aunt liked being a free spirit but she also had a maternal instinct and I was glad to have her as my mother-figure.

My Godmother had a secret that she wanted to tell me as we prepared to move into her sister's home. The doctors wanted my aunt to take things easy and Mrs. Tobias was grudgingly willing to let us live with her family as Aunt Rose got her health in check; but she was going to make us pay for living there.

My aunt told me that she did want children of her own but she could not bear; during the time she lived on her own Aunt Rose found herself in an accident. The main damage was to her womb which had to be removed and as such she became barren, Aunt Rose never told her family about the accident or even her barrenness.

"But I will never regret taking you in, my Moon Blade," Aunt Rose said to me once we finished packing. "Your mother was a teenager when she bore you; a child conceived by and born from rape but she loved you, and I was honored that she had named me your guardian!"

"I love you, Aunt Rose, you are more Mother then Aunt;" I said as I hugged my Godmother tight.


Mrs. Tobias lived in a large house with two wings; Aunt Rose and I were given the East Wing as the Tobias Family lived in the West Wing. The Kitchen and dining room led to the entrance hall, and that became the common area.

When I met Mrs. Tobias; she reminded me a bit of Mrs. Dursley from Harry Potter for she was tall and slim. Mrs. Tobias had long curly blond hair and green eyes; she was dressed like a 80s housewife as she wore a pale blue dress and apron.

Mrs. Tobias had two daughters who were each a year older then me named Jade and Ophelia; they were dressed like socialites and models in well tailored clothes that showed off their bodily curves, breasts and butts. Jade was the oldest with wavy black hair and blue eyes, Ophelia was the youngest with curly auburn hair and green eyes; when I was introduced as Aunt Rose's ward they looked at me like I was some kind of rat.

Once Aunt Rose was settled and she fell asleep for a nap in her room; her sister had me standing in the family room of the West Wing before her and her daughters. I wasn't offered a seat as Mrs. Tobias, Jade and Ophelia sat on the couch across from me as they stared judgingly.

"You may call my sister aunt but remember you are not truly related to us by blood; your mother was a whore who died giving you life and my sister took you in out of the goodness of her heart," sneered Mrs. Tobias and her daughters smirked in contempt at me. "Out of the goodness of my own heart and for my sister's sisters health; you will be living with us and there are conditions/rules that you must follow!"

And those conditions which were also rules went as this…

Condition/Rule 1…I will be attending school with Jade and Ophelia; I will be carrying their school bags to and from school, if any of them get sick I was to pick up any missed work.

Condition/Rule 2…I will be helping their housekeeper clean the house, do laundry, learn how to cook and wash dishes; I am expected to make and serve them breakfast, prepare lunches and make/serve dinner.

Condition/Rule 3…Finally I was to keep myself scarce whenever there are guests around and I was to stay quiet, and not ask any questions

"You follow these three simple conditions and rules, and there will be no trouble;" continued Mrs. Tobias matter of fact. "But if you try and cause trouble then there will be punishments; understand, Girl!"

"I understand, Madame;" I said solemnly.

6: 3

The Luna Silver Blade Memoirs

A Planet of the Apes Fanfic Novel

Book 1

Part 1


I soon met Mr. Tobias when he got home and Aunt Rose woke up from her nape; Mrs. Tobias explained everything to her husband on what was going on in private. Edward "Eddy" Tobias was built like a body builder with a shaved head and a Van Dyke mustache and beard, and he had blue eyes.

He was nice and courteous to my Godmother but I sensed that he was like his wife when he barely gave me a greeting after my aunt introduced me; Mr. Tobias was a family man. He loved his wife and spoiled his daughters; I sensed that Jade was her father's favorite daughter and Ophelia was her mother's favorite, yet in the end both girls were doted upon.

I attended Eden Academy that was a private school that combines Elementary, Middle and High Schools. First floor was Elementary, second floor was Middle School and the third floor was High School; all three schools shared the gym and cafeteria.

There was a school uniform that all students must wear; girls wore knee-length pleated skirts, a suite top and Mary Jane shoes while the boys had to wear tweed suits and dress shoes. Upon entering 5th Grade at age eleven; I became a "pack mule" as I carried the school bags for Jade and Ophelia, I went to my class as they went to their Middle School classes and I became the "pack mule" again on the way back home.

Back home; I changed out of my uniform and went about my chores, I cleaned the rooms, did the laundry and cooked the meals. When I have free time; I spent it with my Godmother and she managed to make sure that I had extra activity.

I started running at dawn before preparing and serving breakfast, visited the library and read a book as I walked. I continued my self-defense and dance classes; I even stayed after class to help clean when the Tobias Family had guests and I found odd jobs to do around town, and earned some money that I saved for emergency as well as kept hidden from the Tobias.

During school and thanks to Aunt Rose's help with Math; I managed to raise my Math Grade to a C; I passed my English and History Classes. I enjoyed Gym as I was quick on my feet and ran track; I was fascinated by Biology and learning about nature.

I knew that Jade and Ophelia were popular, and they weren't happy I was a nerd as I began to take Middle School English, History and Biology while I was still in 5th Grade. But I was still a loner and preferred to avoid crowds; I ate lunch alone in a corner and went to class, I participated in groups but I always stayed back.

I was known as the nerdy Freak who served Jade and Ophelia as their "pack mule"; by Winter Break, Aunt Rose's healthy got worse and during a visit to the doctor we learned that she had advanced leukemia. I was hugging my Godmother tightly in fear as I learned that she had a year to live as the leukemia was too far to treat.

It went undetected since my aunt had her first heart attack; Mrs. Tobias did not show any emotion when Aunt Rose told her the news and all she said: "We will make sure that you are comfortable when the time comes!"


Aunt Rose knew that her sister and her sister's family were using me as a servant; she argued on how wrong it was. It was after Winter Break and school was back in session; I overheard the arguing as I worked on my homework and I could hear the passion in my aunt's voice for my defense.

"Why do you treat my Moon Blade like a servant, Petunia?" Aunt Rose asked; "she did nothing wrong to deserve this treatment!"

"She is a bastard born out of wedlock and her mother was a whore who slept with any man for food, and shelter;" I heard Mrs. Tobias' voice answered in righteous fury.

"Ananke Moira Blade was no whore;" I heard my Godmother say after she gave a frustrated scream, "she was a child who was thrown from her home because she would not conform to her parents' wishes. Ananke was raped on her eighteenth birthday on Halloween night and became pregnant; Ananke never blamed her unborn child instead she loved the child that she carried and I will honor her sacrifice by raising Luna with all the love I have!"

"That Girl was never born from you; she is not blood," exclaimed Mrs. Tobias with a slight pitch to her voice.

"Blood…Are you shitting me;" Aunt Rose roared, "you married our first cousin because of purity! Our parents were fucked up in their heads with that shit load of nonsense!"

"Our family always followed tradition of first cousin marriages and it was always arranged at birth;" countered Mrs. Tobias. "If you had just conformed and obeyed our parents' wishes, and gone through with your own arrange marriage; we would all be very happy!"

"I CAN'T HAVE CHILDREN!" I heard Aunt Rose suddenly scream in fury and everything was silent.

After a few moments; I heard my aunt sigh in realization that she had revealed her greatest secret to her sister at last.

"I am barren, Petunia, I can't bear any children within my body after an accident;" I heard Aunt Rose explain now calm. "Luna Silver Blade is my daughter in all but blood and she is all I have left of my dearest friend!"

"So my children are the last ones who will continue our family line;" I heard Mrs. Tobias say also calm. "You know that Girl will never be accepted by our family and she is only good as a servant until she is eighteen long after you die, Rose!"

In the Tobias household; I am simply known as the Girl but to my Aunt Rose, I am her Moon Blade…


Another year has passed and I was turning twelve; Aunt Rose lost her hair in that time and was now in the hospital. The doctors say it won't be long until she passes; my aunt had me go with her to the movies before then.

It was just the two of us like before; we were watching the remake of Planet of the Apes and it was fun watching. I could not help imagining how different it would have been if a human managed to change Thade's hatred; I had a bit of a crush on that chimp general and felt sorry for him.

I had to sit through a bus ride and listen to my Aunt Rose tease me on my crush; this was before I turned twelve. I remember hearing my aunt say: "If you were in a similar situation like the movie; I can see you paired with Thade even if he is an evolved talking ape!"

Now I had just turned twelve on a Midsummer dawn and I was visiting Aunt Rose at the hospital; I had a bad feeling that this was going to be good-bye. I found her room and went in; my Godmother looked like she shrunk a bit as she was hooked to machines and she had a breathing mask in her nose.

She looked like she was sleeping but when I touched her hand she woke up. Aunt Rose saw me; she gave a tired smile as she brushed my cheek with her fingertips.

"Happy 12th Midsummer Birthday; my Moon Blade," said Aunt Rose sounding tired.

I carefully got in the bed with her and kissed my aunt's cheek before she tucked my head under her chin, and we somehow fell asleep together. Hours later I woke to an alarm and the medical staff began rushing in; I had my ear over my Godmother's heart but I could no longer hear it beat.

I was rushed out of the room as the doctors took over; I became scared that I actually became sick and threw up. I ran to the nearest bathroom and not only washed my mouth out with hot water but I also splashed my face.

I then looked at myself in the mirror and I gazed at my reflection; a scared twelve-year-old girl with long flowing silver white hair and mismatched blue eyes gazed back. My one and only guardian has passed, and I will soon be at the mercy of the Tobias Family; I have a feeling I was about to be sent into the foster care system or slip through the cracks.

When I returned to the room; I heard the doctor announce my Aunt Rose's death and I was in shock as I watched my aunt be covered by a sheet, I lost my birthmother on the day of my birth and now I lost my Godmother on my birthday. One of the nurses saw me and I watched her grab something from inside the side table before coming to me.

"Are you, Luna Silver Blade?" She asked curiously and at my nod; she handed me a sealed envelope and the nurse said: "Your aunt wanted you to have this on your birthday!"

I took the envelope with a mall "Thank you" and I could feel that there was more then a letter inside. I soon sat next to my aunt's body; holding the letter and staring into space.

"Poor girl…losing her aunt on her birthday is a cruel twist of fate;" I heard a nurse say when a couple of them came to check on me.

"The young girl also lost her birthmother too; all Miss. O'Sullivan did was talk about her Moon Blade," another nurse added with a hint of fondness. "She named the girl Luna Silver Blade after the girl's birthmother passed away; the mother was homeless and Miss. O'Sullivan was the only family that Miss. Blade had!"

"Her name is so unique though and it rolls off the tongue; it practically rhymes," said the first nurse as they left.

I soon got up and left; I did not want to return to the Tobias household and no doubt they are receiving the call on my Godmother's passing. Mrs. Tobias and her family never visited Aunt Rose while she was in the hospital; I was the only one who diligently visited.


I somehow found myself in the park; I found a quiet spot hidden from view and away from people, it was under a willow tree by a river and I sat under the branches. I finally opened the envelope, took out the letter and felt something wrapped inside the folded letter.

I carefully unfolded the letter and found a crystal-shaped pentacle; it fitted inside my hand as I read the letter…

To my Moon Blade;

Happy 12th Midsummer Birthday and may your wishes come true, the gift I had wrapped within this letter was given to me by a wise old gypsy woman for helping her in her time of need. She told me that this talisman can grant any wish and will also bestow special Gifts; I kept this talisman hidden for a time and I decided to give it to you.

I know it will be hard with me gone but this talisman will not only grant you a wish; it will also take you to another world. I wanted to wait and give you the talisman on your eighteenth birthday but the Gods thought otherwise.

Use the talisman, go on an adventure and become the woman you want to be. The future is not set in stone; make your choices and find your path; maybe you can finally go on that adventure to Planet of the Apes and restart your life anew.

The Universe is a vast place with many worlds; no matter what your wish maybe!

Love always;

Aunt Rose

After I read the letter I looked at the crystal pentacle and thought about what wish I wanted; I could wish my aunt back to life but that would be selfish. Then I thought about what Aunt Rose wrote me; I could wish to go on an adventure and restart my life in another world.

I thought about the Planet of the Apes remake; I remembered Aunt Rose telling me about the 60s-70s Planet of the Apes Movies and the television series, we even found the novel and comic series version on the web. I combined these versions of the Planet of the Apes in my mind as I gripped the talisman tightly and thought on what kind of adventure it would be.

"I wish…" was all I could say.

I suddenly felt warmth in my hand and looked down to see the talisman glowing. I opened my hand; there was a flash of light and then nothing but darkness.

7: 4

The Luna Silver Blade Memoirs

A Planet of the Apes Fanfic Novel

Book 1

Part 1


It felt like hours when I finally woke and there were first two things I noticed; I was laying on the ground and my right hand hurt like it was on fire. I slowly sat up before I looked at my right hand and could not help but gasp in slight shock when I saw an outlined tattoo of the pentacle on the palm of my hand; I looked at the back of my hand and saw the same outlined tattoo.

"What the fuck…" I said in shock.

I maybe twelve but I knew when the right time to swear would come and shock was the perfect time to swear. At least I still had my clothes and shoes on, and I was still holding my aunt's letter.

It also took me a while to notice my surrounding and I realized I was no longer in New York State, USA nor was I on Earth. I was in some kind of jungle, on some different world and no clue what happened.

So I had a panic attack…

I sat with my knees drawn up and my forehead resting on my knees as I rocked slightly. I finally calmed down and stood up; I made a wish on the talisman that was now a tattoo on my hand and am on another world.

Twelve-years-old and I am on a adventure of a lifetime; my first objective is to find a river and follow it. My second objective would be to find safe eatable food and my final objective is to find people, and learn where the hell am I.

Or better question is…

What world did I land in?

I was soon walking through the jungle with Aunt Rose's letter folded and tucked in my pant pocket. As I walked I thought back to Earth and began wondering about what kind of funeral my aunt would have.

I know she would want to be cremated and her ashes scattered on a mountain; but knowing Mrs. Tobias that may not even happen. I wonder if the Tobias Family would notice that I was gone; they probably think I followed after my birthmother and became homeless, they will be glad I was gone.

Okay…enough morbid thoughts…

I am on a strange new world, I got a fricking tattoo on my hand and I'm getting hungry; I finally heard water and practically ran to find it. As I got closer I began to hear a waterfall and that was when I saw the most beautiful sight…WATER…sweet beautiful life-giving water.

I forgot my hunger as I stripped and ran naked into that pool that was being fed by the waterfall. Aunt Rose made sure I knew how to swim and I did not care that I was swimming in the nude.

The water felt wonderful and for a moment I was happy to just swim, and drink some water. But I soon had to leave the pool and carefully walked to where I left my clothes piled next to my sneakers with my socks stuffed in them.

Yet when I reached the spot I left them; my clothes, my underwear, my socks and shoes were gone. What the Hell happened to my stuff along with the letter from Aunt Rose?

I couldn't believe that I was going to be walking butt naked through the jungle trying to find my stolen stuff. I already heard "the birds and the bees" Talk and I'm entering puberty; I'm not going to flash my budding body.

But if I want my clothes back; I started walking knowing I will be dry and crossing my arms over my developing chest. This was quiet humiliating and uncomfortable; whoever stole my stuff I will smack 'em.


Walking through the jungle butt naked and searching for the culprit who had stolen my clothes was not fun; I started wondering how Adam and Eve managed being naked 24/7 before the apple. I paused in step when I heard a sound up ahead and it sounded like people; my bare feet were sore but I kept walking as I followed the noise.

I soon came upon a small village of people; men, women and children all dressed in animal skins moving around tents of the same material, and talking a different language. There was a large dug out fire pit and a deer-like creature was being roasted; I spotted my clothes near the pit and these people were using my clothes as kindling.

Oh no…my letter from my Godmother was going to be burned…

I took a step and stepped on something familiar; looking down I saw my aunt's letter, they must have went through my pockets and discarded it upon finding it. I soon saw the women start throwing my clothes into the fire and clutching my letter I ran forward as I cried out: "No…don't burn those!"

But it was too late; my clothes were now fueling the cooking fire and these strangers were now staring at me; they chattered in a language that I could guess was Latin as I stared at my burning clothes.

"Licet tu, puer?" inquired an old woman as she approached me carefully.

I kept my arms crossed over my chest and held my letter tightly; the old woman gently touched my arm before leading me to her tent where she pulled a dress made of animal skins from a bag. Her tent was simple and comfortable as I let the old woman dress me in the animal skin dress, surprisingly it actually fitted me and she tied a corded belt around me hips before nodding in satisfaction.

I stuck my letter in the belt as I followed the woman back out; everyone was walking bare foot as the cooked meat was being sliced with obsidian knifes and being served in large leaves being used as plates. The old woman got a leaf-full of meat and brought it to me before she got her own share.

Everyone sat in groups or alone near tents as they ate; I found myself as the old woman's guest. The woman pointed to herself and said: "Maria…" and I pointed to myself and said: "Luna!"

Maria had taken me into her care after that and I learned that she had no other family; but everyone seemed to respect her as a holy woman and I guessed she must have lost a family member. After everyone had eaten of the meat; I watched as the villagers went about their business.

I figured out that the men were the hunters as they made spears, bows and arrows; the women foraged and gathered, tanned the hides and took care of the children. Everyone spoke Latin and I stayed near Maria as she started teaching me how to speak Latin; but I was soon distracted and began to observe everything.

The younger children played and the older children studied how to be adults by watching the other adults. Maria noticed the tattoo on my hand and I found my hand in the old woman's hands as she looked it over before the younger children came over.

Maria waved me to join them as she went to do something and I found myself playing tag under the watchful eyes of their parents.


After awhile the younger children got tired and they gathered in a tent as they laid down with their heads laying on each other's stomach as they took a nap. As for me; I was kept busy in helping to burn the bones and covering the fire pit as the tents were taken down, it seemed that this village was nomadic and everyone was preparing to leave.

I saw Maria garbed in her priestess garb and it reminded me of Xena's Shaman uniform except without shoes. As I helped the women clean the clearing in erasing our presence; I noticed some of the older men were acting as sentries and watching the surrounding jungle with spears, and bows notched with arrows in hand.

"Ut benedicat iter Deos;" exclaimed Marie with a clap of her hands.

The tent with the sleeping younger children was kept up as three older women entered it to watch over the younger ones. The older children who were about to become teenagers gathered with the rest of the adults.

Maria beckoned me over to her side and once I was standing next to her; I watched as one of the men undressed and the other men put a wolf-like pelt on him. He took on a predatorily stance as he looked at the other women through the eye holes of the head that hid half of his face.

I noticed some of the women were blushing slightly as they undressed and stood in a naked cluster until the man who was naked under the wolf pelt started running at them. The women scattered with shrieks but they weren't scared as the wolf-man chased the women around the camp and the other man shouted encouragements to the chaser.

Maria was given a bodhran drum and she began to beat a steady rhythm on it that sounded like a heartbeat. Soon the wolf-man caught one of the women and had her on her hands, and knees.

I could not believe that they were having sex before everyone and no one seemed to care as they watched. I left the clearing for a moment; I could still hear the drumbeat and the sound of the rutting that was taking place.

"Luna;" I heard Maria call and I came back as the women and the now former wolf-man redressed.

My cheeks were warm from the blush and Maria clucked her tongue as she wrapped an arm around my shoulder as everyone prepared to leave. I guess the ritual that was performed was to insure safe travels in a way; the younger children who could walk held the hands of the older children.

The men brought forth sleighs that were to be pulled through the jungle and items that could not be carried were placed on them. I found myself apart of the group and we soon started into the jungle; Maria in the lead with the men carrying weapons following as the women and children in the center, and the sleighs following behind that were pulled by two men each.

Maria had me walking with her as she continued to teach me Latin; she spoke a word and I repeated it, then she spoke a small sentence and I did my best to repeat it. We soon stopped in a orchard that we found and began to gather some apples before continuing on; woven baskets were filled with fruits and vegetables that were found, and gathered.

But something felt off to me as we went back into the jungle and I could not shake the feeling as we continued onward. Maria continued to teach me and the children helped; but it got frustrating after awhile.

Drinking skins of water were passed around as we stopped to eat what we had gathered and we came to a river to refill the drinking skins before continuing on. We soon found another clearing to set up camp; the men began pitching the tents up as the women and children began to gather firewood, Maria was dancing around the clearing as she blessed the campsite.

The men went hunting and had caught another deer-like creature for dinner; the women began to prepare dinner as Maria had me continue my lesson. I did my best to speak Latin and said to the best of my abilities: "Nomen meum est Argentum Ferrum Luna; Ego duodecimo annorum aestas!"

"Bonum;" said Maria proudly.

I smiled at that praise as supper was served as night fell; Maria had me sharing her tent and it was warm as I fell asleep and soon had a strange dream.


"I am the Great Mother;

Worshiped by all creation

And existent prior to their consciousness

I am the primal female force,

Boundless and eternal…

I am the chaste Goddess of the Moon,

The Lady of All Magic

The winds and moving leaves

Sing my name

I wear the crescent Moon

Upon my brow and my feet

Rest among the starry heavens

I am mysterious yet unsolved,

A path newly set upon

I am a field untouched by the plow

Rejoice in me and know the

Fullness of youth…

I am the blessed Mother,

The gracious Lady of the Harvest

I am clothed in the deep, cool

Wonder of the Earth

And gold of the fields

Heavy with grain

By me the tides of the Earth

Are ruled

All things come to fruition

According to my season

I am refuge and healing

I am the life giving Mother

Wondrously fertile

I am the Matriarch,

Tender of the unbroken

Cycle of death and rebirth

I am the wheel,

The shadow of the Moon

I rule the tides of the ocean

And of women and men

I give release and renewal

To weary souls

I am the Goddess of the Moon,

The Earth, the Sea

My names are many,

Yet know that by all names

I am the same

I pour forth insight, peace, wisdom and understanding

I am the Eternal Maiden,

Mother of All

And Matriarch of Reckoning,

And I send you blessings

Of limitless love "

I found myself on a great plain and I could hear three female voices singing that song in a round. I followed the singing to the edge of a great beautiful garden and took a step into the garden; but it felt like I passed through something and I found myself garbed in a robe-like dress of light.

The garden had somehow disappeared and before me were four obstacles that had appeared suddenly.

*Cleanse yourself within the Elements;* whispered a disembodied voice to me.

The first obstacle was water and it stretched like a huge lake; I jumped in and began to swim as the water turned into rapids. I pushed onwards to the other shore but suddenly the temperature went down and the water began to freeze.

Knowing I could get trapped; taking the deepest breath I could I dove under and continued to swim as the water froze over me. Strangely it began to snow underwater and I could feel the snowflakes coat my back, and freeze over yet I kept swimming under the weight.

I was soon close to the other shore but the ice over me was thick and it continued to snow underwater. My entire body was being covered by the snowflakes that were quickly freezing and making me heavy.

I swung up with all my might with my frozen hand and broke through the ice; I pulled myself to shore with a gasp.

*Through Water, Ice and Snow your soul has been cleansed;* said the mysterious disembodied voice to me.

Google Translation: Italian-English Glossary

Licet tu, puer-Are you alright, child

Ut benedicat iter Deos-may the Gods bless our journey

Nomen meum est Argentum Ferrum Luna; Ego duodecimo annorum aestas -My name is Luna Silver Blade; I am twelve summers old