Prologue: The Betrayal

The Twin Silver Crowns of the Stars

A Sailor Moon and Game of Thrones Crossover Fanfic

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Prologue: The Betrayal

Rain fell on her battered body as she laid in a puddle of blood and water; her clothes torn into rags and hair once golden now a muddy brown tinted with crimson. She lay curled under a tree as sobs racked her battered body, thunder rumbled as the sky turned black over the park that has seen many battles.

They have finally shown their true colors three months after the Sailor Wars; her once-lover and so-called friends/protectors have turned on her once she has made countless sacrifices for them. She was once called the Messiah, Light of Hope and Angel of the Moon; but the traitors have left her with countless cuts and burns, they ignored her screams of pain and pleas of mercy when they attacked her.

She remembers their words…

"We don't want you in the Senshi anymore, Usagi!"

"You are unfit to be Leader!"

"You are not worthy to be Princess as such you shall never be Queen!"

"You bring nothing but danger!"

"I never loved you; I only pretended to because of the battles. Now I will find someone who will rule beside me as King and Queen of Earth!"

"The future is not set in stone; we will follow the Prince and whoever is more deserving to rule as Queen!"

"So hand over the Maboroshi No Ginzuishou; the Crystal belongs to the true Queen!"

But that is the one thing that Usagi will never give up to any evil including the traitors; the Maboroshi No Ginzuishou was her Star Seed and core of her Powers, no one could use it not even her so-called future daughter. So Usagi swallowed the Silver Crystal to keep it from the traitors and they attacked her in retaliation.

Usagi Tsukino had nothing to lose; she sacrificed everything and witnessed her family be murdered by Youmas who still survived, and were in deep hiding. Now she lays dying in the rain and under a tree; but she soon heard soft footsteps coming towards her.

"Usagi;" she heard and cracked her eyes open to see the two feline advisers, Luna and Artemis. A fresh sob came out only to be cut off by wheezing coughs as more blood dribbled out.

As death drew near; her body began to glow softly and she said with her final breath: "I wish to be reborn and find true love!"

2: Introduction: Justice and Rebirth
Introduction: Justice and Rebirth

The Twin Silver Crowns of the Stars

A Sailor Moon and Game of Thrones Crossover Fanfic

Introduction: The Moon Queen's Justice and a Strange Rebirth

Why are Fate and Destiny so cruel?

Luna and Artemis huddled together next to Usagi's body that still glowed, and they were both crying. They could not believe that the Sailor Senshi and the Earth Prince would betray the Princess of the Moon so cruelly.

They came upon the Senshi and Mamoru Chiba holding a meeting without Usagi, and they inquired about the whereabouts of the Princess. The sudden silence was unnerving but the looks of indifference also bothered the Lunar Cats and the answers were shocking.

"There is no Moon Senshi; never was nor will be!"

"Usagi Tsukino has served her purpose and was no longer of use nor needed!"

"She was never a real fighter; lives were put in danger because of her!"

"She was never the Princess; Princess Serenity has always been dead and that girl was simply a tool that was used for a purpose!"

"We need someone who will not only lead us but be willing to fight!"

"Usagi Tsukino was nothing more then a immature child; I need a real woman who is smart, beautiful, elegant, mature and has a great body whom I will be happy to show off!"

"The future is not set in stone; we will create a far better future without flaws!"

"But first we need the Maboroshi No Ginzuishou; combine the Powers of the Silver Crystal with the Golden Crystal is the key. Whoever can control and master the Maboroshi No Ginzuishou will rule the Universe!"

"We should have overpowered that useless Odango-Atama and simply take the Crystal; yet instead that ungrateful little bitch swallows it!"

"Calm down, Raye, she could not get very far with the injuries we gave her; we will find the body and cut the Crystal out of it!"

Luna and Artemis left right after they heard everything; the black female cat and white male tomcat who bore the gold upturn crescent moons upon their brows managed to find their charge. But to their horror they were too late as they saw the damage that was done and Usagi managed to make her final wish as her life finally left her; the two felines mourned and wept over the lost.

"Her sacrifice and unjust death will not be in vain;" the advisers heard a familiar voice say.

Luna and Artemis looked up to see the spirit of the late Moon Queen, Selenity appear before them. The feline guardians bowed as they chorused in humbleness: "Hail, Queen Selenity!"

"Dry your tears, my trusted friends, my daughter will have a new life and much more;" said the late Moon Queen. "She will create a better future somewhere else but the fate of this world will still be hers to do with!"

Usagi's body became engulfed in light and when it cleared; the Silver Crystal remained and held Usagi's soul. The Maboroshi No Ginzuishou floated to Queen Selenity's hands; the late Moon Queen kissed the jewel and she said: "Go and find a worthy family who will treasure you!"

The Ginzuishou floated into the sky and vanished; then Selenity said: "It is time to remove my Mother's Gifts from the traitors until my daughter is ready for them!"

Luna and Artemis took their human forms as they flanked their late monarch, and they too vanished. They reappeared within Hannah Tomoe's bedroom; the young Dark Senshi never stirred from her sleep nor sensed the newcomers' presence.

"Are you sure about this, my lady?" Artemis asked quietly and Luna was the one who answered: "Of course this is right; the Senshi and Prince Endymion never showed remorse for the murder of the Princess by their hands, this is the Queen's Justice!"

"Will they lose their abilities to become Senshi if their Crystals are taken?" inquired Artemis matter of fact.

"My Mother, Selene, wasn't just the Titan and Goddess of the Moon; she was Cosmos," explained Selenity matter of fact. "She gave the Royal Families pieces of Her Powers in the form of Crystals to enhance their Planet Powers and in gratitude; the Silver Alliance was formed.

They will still be Senshi but they will no longer have the Crystals; the Earth will become uncomfortable and their Powers won't be too powerful. The Senshi and the Prince will simply be Avatars with access to only their Elements; they will not be able to use the Talismans either!"

The spirit of the Moon Queen went to Hannah's bedside; she put her hand into the girl's chest and reached deep within her soul. The symbol of Saturn appeared on her brow but the young Dark Senshi never woke as Selenity withdrew her hand and the room was flooded with violet light.

An amethyst crystal glowing with a violet light floated in her hand as the Moon Queen summoned a box and set the Amethyst within as the Silence Glaive appeared. Artemis silently took hold of the weapon and it shrunk to the size of a short sword, the long white haired man slipped it into his belt.

Then Queen Selenity tapped the symbol of Saturn and it faded as Hannah continued to sleep; a dark purple pen bearing the gold symbol of Saturn appeared on the bedside table. They went and did the same thing to Trista Meiou; the Garnet was pulled from the Time Guardian's body and flooded the room with crimson light before being placed in the same box.

Artemis took hold of the Time Staff after it appeared; a lavender pen bearing the gold symbol of Pluto appeared on Trista's vanity along with a mirror. Trista never woke from her peaceful sleep and Luna said with a slight sneer: "Some Guardian of Time she was; Pluto relied on the Gates of Time too much and never realized the damages that she has made!"

"Saturn no longer has the Power over Death, Destruction, Ruin and Rebirth; she is now the Avatar of Healing," said Selenity as she looked upon the now former Time Senshi. "Pluto is now no longer the Guardian of Time-Space; she no longer has the Power over Time, she is now the Avatar of the Afterlife and her Gift to See the Past, Present and Future is now limited to the Mirror!"

The Queen of the Moon and the two advisers went to the master bedroom where they found a bed rumpled; Amara Tenoh and Michelle Kaiou laid entwined in satisfaction as they slept in the afterglow of their lovemaking. Queen Selenity retrieved a Lapis Lazuli from Amara's body and a Aquamarine from Michelle's; Artemis took possession of the Space Sword and Deep Aqua Mirror, he tucked the Sword into his belt as he held the Time Staff in his left hand, and the Mirror in his right hand.

The room was flooded with dark blue and aqua blue lights as the Lapis Lazuli, and the Aquamarine joined the Garnet and Amethyst in the box. A navy blue pen bearing the gold symbol of Uranus and a sea green pen bearing the gold symbol of Neptune appeared on the night stand.

"You loyally guarded the Outer Rim and I believed that you have been loyal to my daughter, Uranus, Neptune; I was wrong," said Selenity sadly. "The Outer Senshi are no more; Uranus is now the Avatar of the Winds and Neptune is now the Avatar of the Sea!"

Soon the Queen and the Lunar Advisers appeared in Minako Aino's bedroom; Artemis could not help shake his head and sighed in disappointment as he gazed upon the young woman whom he once viewed as a daughter. Minako Aino was happily cuddling and spooning a large teddy bear as she slept but that was something that Artemis was use to, it was the gold upturn crescent moon that replaced the symbol of Venus upon her brow.

"Oh Venus; I never thought that you would betray the Princess' trust and coveted her position so," said Artemis sadly. "You are the self-proclaimed Goddess of Love and yet you bear the Mark of the Moon as if you were born to it!"

Queen Selenity stuck her hand into Minako's body and reached deep into her soul; the Mark of the Moon on Minako's brow shattered and the symbol of Venus took its proper place. The Moon Queen drew forth the Topaz and it filled the room with warm light; a beautiful golden link chained whip-like belt decorated with rubies appeared.

Luna took the Love Whip and wrapped it around her hips for safekeeping as the Topaz joined the Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine, Garnet and Amethyst in the box.

"You were once proud of your beauty and being the embodiment of Love; but now you are simply the Avatar of Light," said Selenity as an orange pen bearing the gold symbol of Venus appeared on the mirror burro. "The curse that was placed upon you on the matter of love or duty is lifted, but you will have to discover your own love and beauty!"

Minako's once vibrant golden blond hair now became dull dirty blond that was beginning to tangle and her once flawless skin was now plain. The Queen turned to her advisers and she said: "Let us go to the last four!"

They vanished and appeared in Makoto Kino's apartment; the monarch saw that Makoto and Ami Anderson held a sleepover that was also a study session. Ami was slump over a table asleep as she used a book for a pillow and Makoto was stretched out on her couch snoring away.

Queen Selenity removed a Diamond from Makoto's body that glowed like the storms; a gold chain belt with pink rose-shaped beads, a wreath of oak leaves and a golden lightning rod appeared. The Rose Belt and Leaves of Oak merged with the Antenna of Thunder and Lightning, Luna took the Storm Talisman and secured it to the Love Whip.

Next a Sapphire was removed from Ami's body and filled the room with soothing blue light; a winged crystal harp and a VR Visor with headset appeared. Luna put the Visor and Headset in a special satchel along with the Super Computer, and Ice Harp.

"You held the Power of the Storms but instead of using them; you preferred physical strength," said Selenity as a green pen bearing the gold symbol of Jupiter appeared on the table. "Now you shall be the Avatar of Strength and a true Amazon in body as well as mind!"

A light blue pen bearing the gold symbol of Mercury and a small book-size simple laptop computer appeared next to Ami's head. The Moon Queen said: "You were always considered the weakest Senshi but you could have done so much more to become stronger and yet now I see that you prefer to follow anyone whom you believe is logically the better choice, you will still have some of your Water Powers but you are now simply the Avatar of Intelligence!"

"They will not understand after they have awaken;" said Artemis and Luna added: "They will blame Usagi and believe that she still lives, they will search for her to try and take vengeance upon her!"

"Let them search; they are no longer Senshi but Avatar," said Queen Selenity as she and the advisers vanished to the last pair of traitors on their list.

They appeared in the shadows and found themselves witnessing the act of final betrayal; the Moon Queen's eyes darken in silent rage, Luna and Artemis had looks of pure disgust. In the throws of cardinal passion were Raye Hino and Mamoru Chiba; they were in another park with their clothes scattered about them and not caring if they were caught having sex out in the open.

It seemed that they had been at it for most of the night; Mamoru thrusting up and Raye gyrating as she rode. Their cries of passion filled the air and build into screams of release.

Both lovers soon fell asleep in each other's arms and still attached at the hip; Raye and Mamoru have finally gotten what they wanted as they slept in satisfaction, and wrapped in the aftermath of passion.

"I had a feeling that Raye never liked the Princess but this is a low blow;" hissed Luna in anger and Artemis added with distain: "It was known that the Earth Prince was a manwhore who slept with any woman; I would not be surprised if that trait is still the same!"

Selenity reached deep into Raye's soul and drew forth the Ruby that flooded the park in fiery red light. A ebony bow etched with ruby flames appeared and Luna took the last Talisman; though a part of her wanted to use it.

The Moon Queen also reached deep into Mamoru's soul and drew forth the Golden Crystal that glowed golden. Luna asked: "Is it wise to take the Golden Crystal too?"

"Mother created the Golden Crystal and gave it to a mortal lover who was not truly faithful;" answered Queen Selenity as she added the Ruby and Golden Crystal into the box with the rest, "I am simply taking back what is Mother's Gifts!"

A red pen bearing the gold symbol of Mars and a black pen bearing the gold symbol of Earth appeared next to the sleeping lovers. The Moon Queen looked upon the couple and she said simply: "The Avatars of Passion and Roses!"

With that they vanished and reappeared among the ruins of the Moon Kingdom; the eight Talismans merged with the eight Crystals of the Inner and Outer Planets. The Queen looked upon the two advisers who were her closest friends and confidants, she said: "Go and be with my daughter; watch over and guide her, when the time is right I will bestow her birthright to her!"

Luna and Artemis bowed before vanishing…

Rhaella Targaryen was pregnant after the War of the Usurper; she and her son Viserys were sent to Dragonstone for safety. As the months passed; Rhaella knew her pregnancy was different but she did not know why.

Two strangers had appeared during her seventh month; their names were Luna and Artemis, they were husband and wife as well as shape-shifters who take the forms of cats bearing gold upturn crescent moons on their brows. Rhaella was a lonely woman who was forced to marry her brother, Aerys Il Targaryen, she bore two sons named Rhaegar and Viserys III.

Rhaella had lost her firstborn son in the war and she kept watch over her second son but also worried over her current pregnancy. Luna was able to reveal that Rhaella was pregnant with twin girls and with Artemis' help; they created a list of girl names.

There were two names that Rhaella liked the most; Daenerys and Serenity. Soon news of her brother-husband's death came along with a fierce storm and Rhaella soon went into labor.

Over a short time; Luna and Artemis had earned the trust of the House Targaryen, and their loyal supporters. Luna acted as midwife and as the storm continued she delivered Rhaella's twin daughters.

The first daughter born was named Daenerys and Luna tied a red silk ribbon about her wrist to tell that she was the oldest. Sixty minutes later and the second daughter was born who was named Serenity; Luna tied a white silk ribbon about her wrist.

The last thing Rhaella heard as she drew her last breath was her daughters taking their first breath and crying. Waiting for her was a regal woman who bore the upturn crescent moon upon her brow.

"The Cauldron awaits;" said the woman as she held her hand out, "our daughters will be safe with Luna and Artemis!"

When Luna and Artemis realized that Rhaella was dead; they gathered the newborn girls into their arms and swore to protect them. Suddenly upon the brows of both Daenerys and Serenity appeared gold upturn crescent moons; Luna and Artemis gasped in shock at this.

*Fate and Destiny has split their souls;* Luna and Artemis heard the voice of the late Moon Queen say. *One person, two souls split; they are both Daenerys and Serenity Stormborn!*

Suddenly Ser Willem Darry along with several loyal retainers and Viserys came into the room, Willem was a loyal knight who knew the children were in mortal danger once Rhaella's death is announced.

"We must get the Prince and Princesses to the Free Cities of Essos before the Usurper comes to kill them;" said Willem and a retainer replied worriedly: "But we do not have enough ships and the guards are planning to sell the Royal children to the Usurper!"

"Luna and I can help; our duty is to protect the Princesses and guide them," said Artemis matter of fact and Luna nodding in agreement.

By the time the castle garrison came to seize the children; they found a enshrouded dead Targaryen Queen. But as for the Targaryen children and those loyal to them…they had simply vanished.

3: Chapter 1: An Arrange Betrothal
Chapter 1: An Arrange Betrothal

The Twin Silver Crowns of the Stars

A Sailor Moon and Game of Thrones Crossover Fanfic

Book 1

Chapter 1: An Arrange Betrothal

14 Years Later…

A stately portly man with a blond beard and dressed in his best robes was walking through his garden when he heard a noise. Ilyrio Mopatis, Magister of Pentos, could not help grin as he said: "The Silver Sisters are training; I wonder what caused it!"

Following the sounds Ilyrio saw two fourteen-year-old girls; both mirror images of each other with long silver-gold hair and skin that was white, and fine as moonlight. They were slender build and the only difference were their eyes; the older sister had purple eyes with flecks of blue and the younger had blue eyes with flecks of purple.

Daenerys and Serenity Stormborn Targaryen; twin sisters of Viserys Targaryen and seen as rare beauties who are so delicate that a wind could blow them over. Beauties they are but delicate is a deception; the Stormborn Sisters have been secretly trained as warriors and leaders.

Their older brother Viserys carries a sword but does not know how to use it and he was nothing more then an abusive bully. Ilyrio could not help but admire the two young women as they wielded the glaives with ease; laying on a warm bench were two cats who watched the two train.

A black female cat and a white male tomcat bearing gold upturn crescent moons on their brows; Luna and Artemis, two shape-shifters who are very loyal Guardians of Daenerys and Serenity. The two felines took human forms as the Magister approached them; Luna had long wavy black hair and mauve eyes, her husband Artemis had long flowing white hair and cyan blue eyes.

Luna wore a yellow dress and Artemis wore flowing blue robes; they practically raised the sisters after Ser Willem Darry had passed away, Viserys and his sisters were thrown out onto the streets. While Viserys begged for food to stay alive; Luna and Artemis taught the girls how to do tricks with a Frisbee, and managed to earn money for food and a bed at a inn.

Viserys wanted to spend his sisters' money on the most expensive things; but Luna and Artemis would not let him as the girls were the ones who earned the money. Viserys flew into a rage that he called "waking the dragon" and he demanded that the shape-shifters obey him as they were simply servants, and he was the rightful King of Westros.

"Sure, Viserys, you are a King;" said Artemis sarcastically, "you are the King of Beggars!"

The exiled young King saw red and he wanted to murder the white haired man along with his wife; but Viserys knew that his two twin sisters would hate him and run away. Luna nursed the girls when they were infants; she and Artemis were the closest to parents they have, and the two shape-shifters were very devoted.

Artemis was a very good teacher in weapons and hand-to-hand; he taught Daenerys and Serenity how to wield different weapons, fight hand-to-hand and strategy. Luna took over as governess as she taught the girls how to read, write, dance, etc.; but most of all she taught them to be Leaders together.

Viserys still blames his sisters for their Mother's death; he still longs to raise an army, sail to Westros and reclaim the Iron Throne. Magister Ilyrio Mopatis of Pentos welcomed them into his home and offered his support; the girls continued training as their brother made plans and walking around boasting about battles he will win, and reclaiming the Iron Throne.

Ilyrio suggested brokering a deal with the Dothraki warlord, Khal Drogo, by offering both Daenerys and Serenity as brides. The day to meet the Khal had come as Ilyrio watched the sisters train; they were evenly matched and could mirror each other perfectly.

"Do you think it is wise to do this agreement?" Artemis asked curiously and Luna added: "They are only fourteen!"

"Their brother needs the Dothraki and Khal Drogo has been looking for a royal bride," explained Pentos' Magister. "Daenerys and Serenity are the perfect brides; you have raised and taught them well, they will balance the Khal well!"

The sisters completed their training at the same time to the polite applause of the Magister whom they gave polite bows to. Daenerys and Serenity were soon in their shared bedchamber as their bath was being prepared; their brother came in without knocking, smiling and carrying two dresses draped over his arms.

"Dany…Sere…these dresses are to be your wedding gowns;" said Viserys a bit overly cheerful. "Come on…touch them; they are the finest to be made and you are both lucky to wear them!"

Both dresses were beautiful and made of silk; the sisters took them and laid the dress out on the bed side by side, the dresses were soft and cool to the touch. They were modest but elegant and designed to leave the shoulders bare; even the colors match the girls' eyes to tell them apart.

Daenerys' dress was a rich purple with blue embroidery and Serenity's was a rich blue with purple embroidery. Both twins did not wish to meet nor marry a stranger but they also knew that it might save them from their brother and their beloved Guardians will be with them.

"The barbarian will become a man envied to have two beautiful brides;" said Viserys with a smile and a sigh. "Though I would have been content with Dany marrying and I would have Sere as my wife!"

The twins kept their emotions neutral; growing up Viserys had told them of the Targaryen tradition of brother marrying sister, Luna and Artemis had never let him be alone with the girls for long. Luckily Luna entered the room in time as Viserys stripped his sisters and began to grope as well as fondle them; only Luna's sharp voice ended his fun before it began: "Viserys; your sisters must get ready!"

"I was just checking on how they have grown;" said Viserys removing his hands from his sisters' bodies, noticed hesitant from Serenity's hips. "My sisters are still my property even if they marry someone else; they belong to me!"

"The Princesses are no man's property;" hissed Luna once the girls' brother was gone. "You were born with a different destiny; one that is greater then your brother and time is drawing near to it!"

Daenerys and Serenity loved to listen to stories about the dimensional world that was home to Luna and Artemis, their favorite story was about the Moon Princess whom Serenity was named after. The sisters entered the still boiling and steaming bath water; neither of them felt how hot it was as they began washing.

Later they dressed in the dresses that their brother brought them and Daenerys then helped Serenity put her hair up in a unique hairstyle. Twin buns with streaming pony tails on either side of her head and it took a long time to practice the hairstyle growing up.

Soon Magister Ilyrio escorted Viserys, Daenerys and Serenity along with their Guardians to another manse that belonged to Khal Drogo. They arrived in time to see the Khal ride up on a great red stallion; Khal Drogo had long black hair and black eyes, he wore his hair in a single thick braid down his back.

The sisters became a bit nervous and slightly fearful as they gazed upon the man whom they will share as a husband. The Khal never dismounted as he inspected his twin brides before giving a slight nod and rode off.

"Was he not pleased with my sisters?" Viserys asked a bit worriedly and Ilyrio answered: "He was very pleased and if he wasn't; the Khal would have let us know!"

Luna and Artemis gave a small sigh of relief as they flanked the girls as they followed the men. The Magister described that the Khal was undefeated; Dothraki men never cut their hair unless they are killed in battle.

"What a savage;" declared Viserys with a touch of humor, "but they are the most ruthless warriors to have!"

"I don't see why Dany and I have to marry at all;" said Serenity and Daenerys added in agreement: "We don't want to marry at all but be free to make our own life!"

"You will do as I say and that is marry the Khal; I need his men to reclaim the Iron Throne from the Usurper," said Viserys with a mad gleam in his eyes as he rounded on his sisters. "I would let every Dothraki men rape you along with their horses if it meant taking Westros back!"

Luna and Artemis gave warning hisses as they bore their teeth in a snarl, and unsheathed their claws. But the exiled Targaryen Prince paid the shape-shifters no mind as he continued staring his sisters down.

"We yield;" chorused the sisters with a sigh and causing their brother to smile in triumph.

4: Chapter 2: A Destiny Revealed
Chapter 2: A Destiny Revealed

The Twin Silver Crowns of the Stars

A Sailor Moon and Game of Thrones Crossover Fanfic

Book 1

Chapter 2: A Destiny Revealed

It was the night before the wedding; the Stormborn Twins were having trouble sleeping as they huddled together in bed. Luna, Artemis and Ilyrio Mopatis did not trust Viserys' will of sneaking to his sisters' chambers, and compromise one of them out of spite as well as greed.

The Magister had posted a dozen guards to line the hallway and guard the chamber doors; the sisters thought about running away but they did not want to abandon their Guardians. So Daenerys and Serenity hugged each other tight as sleep eluded them; they understood their brother's longing for Westros but his obsession for the Iron Throne was too much.

"Wish our brother never told us about Westros or the Iron Throne;" said Serenity as she tucked her head under her older sister's chin. "We were happy with Luna and Artemis as we traveled, and entertained; it was simple but we were happy!"

"But Viserys is the true King of the Seven Kingdoms and it is his right to reclaim the Iron Throne;" said Daenerys with a sigh. "At least we won't have to marry our brother; Khal Drogo just might be the one to free us!"

"The Khal is apart of your future but you have a greater destiny;" the girls heard a mysterious woman say.

Daenerys and Serenity were on their knees as they saw that they were no longer in their shared bedchamber nor in Pentos or anywhere. They found themselves on a barren land among the ruins of a once great kingdom and it was night with bright stars, and they gasped at a stunning sight.

Above their heads; Daenerys and Serenity saw a beautiful planet of blue, green, brown and white. The sisters explored the ruins together wondering what kind of kingdom it was, who ruled it and why was it destroyed?

They came to the center of the ruins and saw a beautiful crystal sword stuck in the ground; Daenerys and Serenity took hold of the sword handle as one, and they drew out the sword together. The sword glowed and the next thing they knew; both girls soon found themselves holding identical twin crystal swords.

The Stormborn Twins stared in awe at the delicate beauty of the swords but somehow also knew that the blades were unbreakable. A spirit of a woman appeared before the sisters; she had long silvery lavender hair done up in the same style as Serenity and silvery bluish violet eyes, upon her brow was a gold upturn crescent moon and she was garbed in a flowing dress.

"Welcome to the ruins of the Moon Kingdom; I am, Queen Selenity, Daughter of the Moon Titaness and Goddess Selene," said Queen Selenity with a smile. "I greet my daughters, Daenerys and Serenity, Princesses of the Moon!"

"How can we;" began Daenerys and Serenity finished: "be your daughters?"

"Serenity was meant to be reborn as your fraternal twin, Daenerys;" explained Selenity matter of fact. "But Fate and Destiny decided to split your souls, you are both Daenerys and Serenity, and yet you are also individuals!"

"Luna's stories are true;" chorused the sisters and then added as an afterthought: "Of course!"

Queen Selenity went to the girls and touched their brows; Daenerys and Serenity felt a warmth, and turned to look at each other. They were surprised to see gold upturn crescent moon marks on their brows before their minds were flooded with shared memories.

Mixed emotions of grief, sadness and anger flowed through Serenity at the lost of her second life by the hands of those whom she trusted most. Daenerys was stone faced but her eyes spoke volumes of the violence that she wished to unleash on her sister's behalf.

"Now is the time for a new era; you will be able to forge a whole new future for Essos and Westros," said the Moon Queen as a box appeared floating. "A new age of Gods and Dragons shall rise, and not only are you the heralds but Queens!"

The box opened and nine jewels floated out in a circle; a Sapphire, Ruby, Diamond, Topaz, Laps Lazuli, Aquamarine, Garnet, Amethyst and Golden Crystal. A rainbow of colors flooded the ruins as the twin sisters knelt with their hands cupped at the wrists in prayer.

"Receive they birthright; the Gifts of Selene," intoned Queen Selenity with her own hands cupped at the wrists in prayer. "Rise as the new Twin Goddesses of the Moon and Guardians of the Cauldron!"

The jewels glowed bright as they split in two and floated towards the girls as the Moon Queen chanted…


Wise Maiden of Intelligence and Water,

Bestow the Wisdom of Ice

And the Knowledge of Water…


Passionate Mistress of War and Fire,

Bestow the Passion of Flames

And the Spirit of War…


Courageous Huntress of Thunder,

Bestow the Courage of the Storms

And Protection of Nature…


Golden Nymph of Love and Beauty,

Bestow the Light of Love

And the Heart of Beauty…

Laps Lazuli;

Heavenly Sylph of the Sky,

Bestow the Blessing of Heaven

And Power of the Sky…


Graceful Siren of the Deep Waters,

Bestow the Embrace of the Depths

And the Affinity of the Sea…


Watchful Guardian of Space-Time,

Bestow the Revolution of Change

And Sight of the Afterlife…


Dark Lady of Death and Ruin,

Bestow the Silence of Destruction

And Restoration of Rebirth…

Golden Crystal;

Serene Mother of Life,

Bestow the Cycle of Balance

And Circle of Life…

Awaken Guardians of the Cauldron;

The Stars call upon thee…

Arise O Goddesses;

The Universe awaits!"

The jewels enter the bodies of Daenerys and Serenity; both sisters were filled with Power as they each shed a tear that glowed and flooded the area with bright light.