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Wolf Moon

By: Brooke Parker-Lyn

Status: In Progress


The prophesy was clear. Adalyn McCall was to be the healer and saviour of the Wolf Moon pack. She alone would help them recover their lost wolves. Well, not exactly alone. She needed to find her promised mate and from there well… supposedly her powers would be unlocked and the rest would all just click in place. But would it?

Created: February 19, 2016 | Updated: June 19, 2016

Genre : Romance

Language : English

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      • Chapter: 1 Reply

        It's been a while since I picked up on something that caught my attention, but this was certainly enough to do so. It does the job of introducing the reader to the world Adalyn lives in, the background to her clan, & the dangers they face. 

        The mysterious 'sickness' which is tainting the Wolf Moon clan? That was almost perfectly-placed. I have absolutely no idea what that reason could be - so the only logical solution is to keep reading - which is exactly what you want!

        Having said that, I have some comments: For one, I have no idea what kind of world your story is based in - sometimes I think it could be set in the present-day, wolves in among unsuspecting civilians, but then I read about Druids. Of course, you probably answer my question once I head into more chapters, but that was just something. 

        Another little comment would be this: I feel Wolf Moon is too...generic to describe a wolf pack? Now obviously it's the name of your story, & you can outright ignore my advice, but I feel using that term in a different language (Google Translate is a blessing!) or even inventing a language would help raise this story's profile just a little bit, & help make it sound more...not exotic, but different. 

        But that's just me nit-picking! Back to the point, your opening chapter is a very interesting proposition so far. I'll read more!

        March 9, 2016 | Danny Power