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Diving In Deep

By: aki_kiku mu

Status: In Progress


You know when the world is out to get you. Blake knew the minute he started seeing someone that mirrored his exact image. Now he's having a hard time deciphering his nightmares from reality.

A year isn't a lot of time, but it's long enough for whatever is happening to him to take over completely. The clock is ticking and his only hope of surviving the battle comes in the form of a girl who knows too much, and a best friend that brings conflicting feelings to his already damaged existence.

In the end, he ends up asking himself, "who has the right to exist?"

Him or me?

Created: April 26, 2015 | Updated: May 5, 2015

Genre : Horror

Language : English

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      Chapter 5.

      I cant say..Blake's fathers an ass. Cuz, he  down right  an ass. Lol. :D don't like him

      April 29, 2015 | pink samurai

    • Chapter: 1 Reply

      Vivid. :D. Oh, my....Not good. Is he going to get choked?..Nicely done. Will add, new to this site, once i figure out how. :D

      April 27, 2015 | pink samurai

    • Reply

      Thank you! :) I can't say what actually happens there, it would be a spoiler, but let's just say he has some pretty crappy luck. Haha

      April 27, 2015 | aki_kiku mu