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Heroes of Rune

By: Noah Sullivan

Status: Completed


Alex Samson was a troubled Teen. At least, that's what his psychologist says. With his absent minded CEO of a father missing, and a power hungry board intent on taking control of the company, things were as bad as they could get. But when two men in a cafe introduce him to the fictional game of Rune, he is taken on a journey that spans both the real world, and the virtual.

Created: October 30, 2014 | Updated: April 22, 2016

Genre : Adventure

Language : English

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1: The Game 1765
2: The Board's Decision 2560
3: A Vacation 923
4: Logging In 3018
5: Truth 3287
6: Revelations 5041
7: Way of the Ginga 1082
8: The Coders 2261
9: The group forms 2042
10: Thieves and Fireballs 3057
11: Qilin and Sharps 2020
12: The Castle of the Hackers 1881
13: Everything hits the fan 2847
14: Light the Fuse 5422
15: Two Months Later 2974
16: Bad Times Ahead 3787
17: Schisms 1826
18: The Story of Milesoftheblades 6348
19: A Chance For an End 1848
20: Infiltration 2419
21: Their Answer 1884
22: The Fallout 3717
23: The Doctor of Death 3405
24: Waking Up to a Nightmare 2944
25: A Father and a Solution 3769
26: A Gameplan 2566
27: Attack 2793
28: One More Tussel 2563
29: Ascending the Stairs 2351
30: Soft No More 3498
31: The Tower 2638
32: Final Fight 3339
33: The Aftermath 2015
34: Epilogue 879
Total Wordcount: 94769

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      • Chapter: 1 Reply

        According to death battle, Spiderman would win, yet somehow Batman would lose to Spiderman, but not captain America.

        Also, congratulations, you managed to write a story that actually interests me. That's not easy, for I am a very picky reader. I look forward to continue reading this story.

        January 22, 2015 | Michael Mann

      • Reply

        The reason that Spiderman won was that his spider sense completely negated Batman's stealth.  Without that, Batman really only had his gadgets and strength.  Spiderman has strength as well, and could counter Batman's gadgets with web and spider sense.  Batman beat Captain America because all the Cap had was strenght and a shield.

        Thanks so much for the comment.  It makes me feel good that my friends and I aren't the only ones who enjoy this.

        January 23, 2015 | Noah Sullivan

      • Reply

        It's no problem at all.

        I have a propose to make to you, Maybe we could critique each others books?

        You of course don't have to, but If you critique my book, Shinda Yo Ni Suru Ni Wa(To Be Dead) I would gladly critique yours, I might still critique your book even if You don't do mine.

        January 23, 2015 | Michael Mann