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Madgie, what did you do? III: Nuclear Snow

By: Amoridere Hall

Status: Completed


This the third installment of the Madgie, what did you? series and this time Bunny awakes two or three years after the Lamentation, a series of nuclear wars that destroyed half the world and its countries and killed off a decent amount of the population, in addition to leaving the world in a nuclear winter. When Bunny sees Doki, she learns that Toki disappeared before the winter (During the Last Lamentation) and that no one knows her whereabouts and is quite believing her to be killed. To further complicate matters, Madgie is severely injured from going outside and falling (also ingesting) the radioactive snow that burns those not immune and is subsequently dying. Can she find Toki and reverse time before it is too late?

Created: August 13, 2013 | Updated: August 31, 2013

Genre : Science Fiction

Language : English

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