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Summer of 3022

By: Nicole Eshbaugh

Status: In Progress


Fall of 3012...

In the ruins of the Smoky Mountains, a fifteen year old girl runs for her life through the forest feeling lost, alone and betrayed. A bullet missed her by about half a foot. Guns, they got guns, she thought as ran. Then, why am I surprised? They had been chasing her for- well, she didn't know how long she’d been running. Her jeans were soaked and muddy. Her shirt was torn and had some dried blood on it. She didn't even know if the blood was hers anymore. Why did he betray me? Even now she could hear Seph calling her name and trying in vain to get her to stop.

“Wisteria! Wisty, just give up! You can't escape! You're out-numbered. Don't make this more difficult or painful than it needs to be!”

Like that is going to happen. I'm not stopping 'till I'm dead, Wisteria thought bitterly. She could hear him coming up behind her. Next thing she knew she was on her sliding down hill she’d just be running up with Seph dragging her down. She lashed out with her foot, kicking him in the face and had the satisfaction of hearing the crunch of his nose. As Seph fell back, Wisteria tried to regain her footing. But felt a sharp pain between her shoulders blades instead, and then everything went black.


Four years later...

Special Agent Hayden Lange was in what used to be Smoky Mountain National Park. Other agents were questioning the hikers. The girl, they had found was just now leaving in the helicopter. She looked to be about his age. He had been called in when the local P.D couldn't identify her, which was odd. Ever since Elector Page, everyone had identification chips implanted in their dominate arm. It was the law. Strange, thought Hayden. That this girl has no ID and is here, of all places. I’m never going to hear the end of this. It would be just my luck to get the only Jane Doe in the country. He sighed and turned to the place where the unconscious girl had been found. He hadn't been in the Appalachian since the Great Extinction.


Hayden Lange had just revived the medical file of his Jane Doe from one of the nurses. Great. The doctor had just confirmed that the girl had complete amnesia. All her answers were either “I don't know” or “I don't remember.” Great, just great! This makes my job so much easier. Hayden thought sarcastically. It was time to call Ace, Hayden's eldest brother. Ace had more experience in matters like this. He wasn’t going to be happy about a Jane Doe. It only took two rings for Ace to pick up.

“Director Lange speaking.”

“Ace, It's Hayden.” He paused, “I have a prob-”

“Hayden, I don’t have time for this.” Ace sound tired. “I’m not cleaning up any of your Probie mistakes.”

“I have a Jane Doe,” Said Hayden put emphases on Jane Doe. “Some hikers found her; she was in the Appalachian range, an old national park called Smoky Mountains.” Hayden leaned against the wall. There was along paused then “What?” short and abrupt just like Ace. Hayden sighed, “Do really I need to repeat myself”

Ace made an irritated sound “No, you don’t. What I meant was what do you mean you have a Jane Doe? She doesn’t have ID chip? Where are you?”

“At the moment we’re at Liberty Hospital. The girl has just woken up. The doctor has been confirmed that she has amnesia and doesn’t have ID chip.”

             “Send me a picture of your Jane Doe, Okay?” Ace sighed “Oh, and how old is she?”

            “Um, she’s seventeen or eighteen. I’m having the hospital check her DNA for any matches. And send her picture your way” Hayden was just finishing send the girl’s picture as a nurse stopped in front of him holding out a folder. Hayden took the folder, as he nodded his thanks to the man and handed him back the medical file of the Jane Doe. As the nurse walked away, Hayden opened the file as he lifted the phone back to ear. “I just received the results of the DNA test, I had the hospital run, I don’t have a name, but it appears that our Jane Doe has an identical twin sister.”

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