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  Hello everyone!  I'm Travis, otherwise known as TravixMan Productions on most sites.  Welcome to my profile!


    I'm a guy who sits around playing Video Games and writing Comics.  I also love basketball, reading books and sometimes Manga, and I also love to draw.  I am a kind person, but I do get mad when people annoy me.  I am absent minded and I tend to forget stuff.  I am also a guy with many fresh ideas each day. (That's why I got an account here. To see if you all like my ideas!)


My Website:






Travix Man (My own Comic,), Adventure, Romance, Horror, and Humor.


Travix Man (Series)


Character Bios (This section is being updated.)

--Freedom and Independex Supporters--

Trip  (Travix Man)
    Trip is the leader of the Independex that helps anyone who is in need, with his powers of flight to assist him.  He is also the medic who raises his team's spirit when they are down.  Trip has made it his mission to stop the Dark Shadows once and for all.

Timothy (Topper)
    Timothy is the spy for the Independex, as well as the younger brother of Trip.  Like most boys, Timothy is a slacker who provides comic relief for the Independex.  Unlike most boys, however, Timothy can be quite serious when he needs to be, often focusing on the future.  While he yearns for a good future, he also worries of the safety of Xtruvenia, as well as his friends of the Independex.

Sylvia (Psyvia)
    Sylvia is the brains of the Independex that uses psychic powers such as telekinesis and levitation to assist her.  She is also the girlfriend of Trip, and would do anything to protect him and her friends.  Sylvia is kind and very studious as she remembers her enemies' strengths and weaknesses.

Benny (Plasmatic)
    Benny is the inventor of the Independex that builds the various weapons and machines for the team, and has the power of electricity.  He is Trip's best friend since childhood.  While Benny retains a serious attitude when he is inventing new things, he can be goofy at other times, such as making jokes.  He is the computer expert of the Independex, with vast knowledge of technology.

Megan (Supernova)
    Megan is the rebel of the Independex that has the power of super strength.  She is also Sylvia's best friend, and will go out of her way to protect her and her friends.  Megan is usually tomboyish, wild, and always full of energy, and often too rebellious for her own good.  As with being rebellious, she can be critical at times to those who slack off, such as Timothy..

Night Freak
    The living weapon arsenal vigilante that crosses paths with the Independex.  While he is usually calm and silent, he can also become violent when angered, making him a difficult person to talk to.  He uses an arsenal of weaponry from within his metal cuffs, and utilizes his mechanical eye, making him resemble a robot.  his violent path for vengeance against criminals gives him many archenemies, including his own allies.

--Secondary Characters--

Travis X
    The leader of Independex. Travis X' is the old, grumbling father of both Trip and Timothy.  In his younger years, he used to fight evil along Trip and Timothy, but that changed when he grew older.  He usually resides in Independex HQ.

--The Dark Shadows--

Dark Trevo
    An evil alien overlord who is the leader of the Dark Shadows.  Dark Trevo is a cruel, cunning, and scheming Darkling who has the ability to use dark magic using the power of unlimited darkness.  He has tried to take over Xtruvenia for a long time, even being successful once, but Travix Man and his friends always get in his way and foil his schemes.

Dr. Freakenstein
    An mad scientist and bounty hunter of Dark Trevo.  Dr. Freakenstein is responsible for the robots that continue to pursuit Travix Man.  However, each one of them fail due to Travix Man and his friends destroying them.  He used to have a family before they disappeared in a bombing caused by the Dark Shadows.  Dr. Freakenstein might be just a scientist, but with his shape-shifting mechanical hand and his vast army of robots, he is truly a force to reckon with!

General Robotler
    A bounty hunter of Dark Trevo and a dictator of his own army.  General Robotler isn't the brightest general of the villainous bunch, but he is the most destructive when it comes to weaponry.  General Robotler is recognized for his damaged left eye that is red with a white pupil, which is protected by a metal monocle.  On occasion, he likes to have a bite every once in a while.  He usually sends his robotic lackeys to do work for him, though if they fail, he does not hesitate to destroy Travix Man himself.  He is feared by his own soldiers and the world, for he is a true force of evil.

--Secondary Villians--

Team Robotix
    A trouble-making trio of lackeys consisting of Bobby, Mad Mack, and Black Jack.  They all work under General Robotler.

  • Bobby:  A humanoid robot who is the only female and the leader of the trio.  Bobby was named by Black Jack, due to her shape being more box-like.  Bobby was created after Robotler created Mad Mack and Black Jack to serve as a leader for them.  She is one of the serious members, as she doesn't allow failure.  However, she often fools around herself.  She is often flirtatious as she walks by swinging her hips, flips her hair, and makes advances toward her targets and allies; Mad Mack falls for her enchanting appearance.  She may have a pretty face, but don't be fooled by her hypnotizing appearance:  she hides a vast amount of weaponry, and a high I.Q.


  • Mad Mack:  A humanoid robot who is the intelligent mechanical genius of the trio.  Mad Mack was the first one created out of the trio, as most of the intelligence flowed into him.  He creates the machines and weaponry for Robotler's army, and also updates the trio's weapons.  He has a huge crush on Bobby and is usually allured by her flirtatious ways, even when she doesn't notice him.  Although he and his allies usually fail their task to destroy Travix Man and his friends, his high intelligence makes him a dangerous opponent.


  • Black Jack:  A humanoid robot who is the weapons arsenal of the trio.  Black Jack was the second one created out of the trio.  However, as an unfortunate side effect, he received low intelligence.  He did, however, gain a vast variety of weaponry, much to his pleasure.  Black Jack is always lazy and will look for an opportunity to slack off.  He knows of Mad Mack's crush on Bobby, and often blackmails his friend to do what he wants if he doesn't tell Bobby of Mad Mack's feelings.  Because of his low intelligence and his foolish behavior, he is often the cause of the trio's constant failures.


Dr. Freakenstein's Monster
    A large, monstrous weapon that was created by Dr. Freakenstein.  While it mostly resembles scrap metal, the monster seems to have some life-like qualities.  With huge, jaw-dropping fists, and the ability to create powerful attacks from his screams, Dr. Freakenstein's monster is a terrifying creature no one would want to meet out in the middle of the night.

List of Locations


New Xtruvenia City
    The capital city of the Xtruvenia. It is the place where Independex HQ is located. There are many buildings and shops in the town. The town shows peacefulness and happiness.

The Dark Realm
    The headquarters of the Dark Shadows. The exact coordinates are unknown to the public eye; it is often shrouded in a dark fog.


    Well that's all about me and my stuff!  I'll be writing more stories and reading some stories!

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  • Carriers

    Currently, I left off at chapter 4.  I haven't been on much, due to business this summer.  And with school returning that means I got to do school work before it starts.

    Either chapter or book review would do just fine.  All I need to know is if I'm doing a good job writing-wise or if there needs to be more character structure, etc.

    I will get back to reading this story whenever my schedule becomes low on work. 

    Commented on: August 18, 2014

  • Carriers

    The concept of this story is fascinating!  Teenagers being infected with an internal virus and forced to spread it is a little bit strange, considering that normal scientists would rather try to remove the virus from them as fast as possible.  Although I must be getting mixed up with doctors, so I understand the man's motives.

    The characters are marvelous, wonderful, and have a vast selection of personalities!   As I read further, their personalities stick out more as they try to fight for their lives.  The bonds they share are just heart-warming and equally stand out in the plot.

    I cannot wait to continue reading this!  When I get to the last chapter, I'll make another Book Comment. 

    Commented on: July 4, 2014