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I am an aspiring writer who has profiles on various websites including deviantArt, fictionpress,, and ReadWave.  I began writing when I was 16, and my love of video games compelled my interest in being a novelist.

I write mostly fantasy stories based in various genres, basically whatever tickles my fancy.  I major in vampire stories.

I'm an Iowa man, and love my home.  I was recommended to this site from fictionpress, but the start of my life on here is a bit slow.

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  • Kingdom of the Ravens

    I'm not that good at reviews but I will do my best. I read the first few chapters and I will say I am impressed with what I have read so far. No corrections are in order from what I can see. I hope to read more in the future!

    Reviewed on: February 6, 2014

  • Kingdom of the Ravens

    Great start to the story, i'll look forward to reading more.

    PS, love the various movie and story references throughout, quite entertaining to me to be honest.

    Commented on: January 12, 2014

  • Dialogue: Tales of Lies and Unsaid Words

    Wow.  That was more than a little short, but since that was in your description I shouldn't be surprised.  The middle paragraph reminds of a last will and testament description, like the author was pouring his last words into his message.  That was strong.

    Commented on: January 10, 2014

  • White Tapestry

    I like it, and I'll read the rest and enjoy the rest of the story^^

    Commented on: January 10, 2014