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A 24 year old guy here. I plan to post some stories on this site in the near future, but until then I'll be reading when I have time.

I like Sci-fi, Fantasy, Romance and Adventure mostly.

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  • What The Darkness Can't Consume

    Great and promising start here! Very well written and interesting. It was surprisingly more dark than I had expected from the summary. I was thinking about the usual magic school kind of setting, where everything is bright and shining. But here it seems more realistic. So far I have no idea where you're taking this story, but I'm really looking forward to read the rest.

    Reviewed on: December 22, 2013

  • Quinn's Duty

    Sometimes a bit difficult to read, but overall it's a decent story with a clear plot and nice characters.

    Reviewed on: December 21, 2013

  • The Kidnapping of Mira Von Perner

    I read this too on fictionpress, and I have to say it's a compelling and quite disturbing read that really captivates your attention from the start. Despite this ordeal, the narrator still seems to have her humor intact, which is quite remarkable. Great job!

    Reviewed on: December 21, 2013

  • What The Darkness Can't Consume

    This has been really great so far. I think the story is developing towards romance, since the guy from the first chapter was mentioned. Just a guess though. The main character seems like a strong lead, and very interesting.

    I'm very intrigued by the Aer idea. At first, I thought of it as a synonym to magic, but it seems to be far more complex than just chanting spells and saying a few words. I take it you will explain this more along the way?

    Great job! Keep it up!

    Commented on: December 22, 2013

  • Peacekeepers

    A short yet very smooth and pleasant read! Good job!

    Commented on: December 21, 2013