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Hello, Kalley here.

Which if you are confused is pronounced Kay-Lee. I started writing in sixth grade, mostly horrible short stories with several grammar and spelling mistakes. It wasn't until i started Eighth grade that i started writing novels and a few plays - inspired by my weird group of friends and personal adventures. My first actual novel is call 'Sisters', and I like to think that it started my love for writing. If you have read some of my stories, you'll notice that i don't really write about 'happy' topics. I like to think that those types of stories make you think about the people around you experiences and maybe your own. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my stories. And please feel free to comment on any problems you have with them - I know my spelling and grammar are not the best. I am trying to catch them before i post, but sometimes i miss a few (or more) mistakes. 

Thank you for your time, and Happy Reading!!!



*Oh and if you would like to read anything else I've written, feel free to visit my DA. There are a few short stories there I haven't posted here




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  • The Story of Sunshine


    Thanks for the comment. I've know for a while that I suck at spelling and grammar and I really have been trying to fix it. I will take your suggestions and see if i can find ways to help me catch the problems I'm having and fix them. Thank your for the compliment. And I am sorry that you were not able to make it past the third chapter.


    Commented on: September 8, 2014

  • The Story of Sunshine

    Okay. I'll will keep that in mind when i upload and edit my previous chapters. Thank you for the comment. :)



    Commented on: July 6, 2014