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For Art of my Characters, go to my DA Page here:

Characters so far: Azren and Cordia
To Come: Kale and Bri

For a version of this story with italics, go to my home-base at Fictionpress here:


I like to RP. A lot.

So what happened here is me and my friend Re'Shuul started playing out a casual RP on the side when we were bored, and it turned absolutely awesome. So we turned it into a novel, buttered it up, and let it free into the wild internet yonder. It will be seven books, and we're contemplating extending that way beyond its borders. That won't be solidified until we're sure this will last. Happy reading!


Read the story warning on the front page, and it explains everything. Sometimes I put updates on whether there was a mistake and it needed fixing.

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  • Seventide: Book I: Delirious Duality

    There's a lot of dialogue because this is actually an RP between two people. :D If you look closely enough, you can actually tell where one person stops writing, and the other picks up! 

    I'd gone through on a second draft and weeded out things that led to dead ends,and smoothed dialogue and plot holes. So far, Re'Shuul is going through for the final draft as I upload chapters. (He doesn't have the time to read straight through like I did.) 

    So no, it won't read entirely like a novel! It's buttered up to be like one! I'm glad you love her! Bri and Kale are the main characters through most of the book, but tides turn a little once you hit a certain chapter. Things get deeper and more complex as you go, and since there will be seven books total (we're as I speak now 280 pages into book 2,) it's going to get REALLY intense.

    Thank you so much!

    Commented on: October 9, 2013