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Hola! Lol, I'm <3 writing! It's the air I breath! Without writing I'd be completly lost!!! It helps me with school, when I'm bored, or just for the heck of it! I love music, t.v., reading and anything weird, creative and fun! I <3 to be weird, but not creepy, Just creatively weird. If I were ever to stop, writing, which will NEVER happen, I would be bored to freakin' death! 

I guess there isn't much. I like school, kinda... Hate exercising, but I gotta do it!!! ;) Love to dance and sing, even though, I'm a horrible dancer, but a good singer, not gonna brag about it, tho! 

Name:Ya know what it is!!! 


Birthday:It doesn't matter!!!

Favorite music:Pop, cumbia music

Singers:Selena,  Tay Swift, Macklemore (Kinda!) And Disney Classics!

Bands:1D and BTR

Movies:Selena, Madea, Police guys, Grown ups, Disney movies!!!


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