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(Small Note: Yes, I changed my screen name. I just wanted all my writing profiles to match each other and  g by a universal name. That's all, carry on to the rest of the profile!)

Not much to say about me. I'm just your normal person, who sees her book characters floating all around the room. :D

But really, I'm just a normal 22-year-old, who has to juggle home, school, and writing. (I'm surprised my arms haven't fallen off in exhaustion!) But, other then that, I'm just someone, trying to make it out in the world.

I started writing off and on, during middle school and high school, but I never had a passion for it, until I entered college and found the site It was on there, that I found my true love and passion for writing. As the years went on, I started going into my own story writing and started writing on sites like fictionpress, wattpad, figment and this site. Although I still like writing fanfics, once in a while, it's my own stories that I love writing about and having people from around the world, read and see what I see.

Let's see, what else haven't I told you about myself... Oh, well, I'm not a publish writer yet (But I'm praying I will be, one day. *Fingers Crossed*), but I do write on different online sites. (Check above paragragh for sites names.) Oh a little warning, if you see the same story on here, on one of the sites up top and it's under the names Twilight Smash, Starblazer and/or Blaze of the Storm, do not worry, those are just my different pennames. (But if you see one of my stories under someone elses name, please, feel free to tell me right away.)

Hmmm, I guess the only other things I can tell you about me are... That I'm a book horder. I swear, it's like a freaking library in my house and I have a serious problem. I'm a anime lover; Fullmetal Alchemist, Rosario + Vampire, Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar, Romeo + Juliet, and Pokemon, are my favorites. (And yes, Pokemon is an anime.) Last thing about me, I'm a music geek. I can't get through a day without some type of music. Big Time Rush (The only music group I will act like a fangirl for), Carrie Underwood, Michael Buble, Boyz II Men, The Fray. The list is endless. (As you can probably tell, my music taste is very eccentric.)

Well, that's it about me and if you managed to make it down here and through my very long rambling, I commend you. Just hit me up if you need someone to review your story or just to talk.

Until next time ;)

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  • Mystic Mirror

    Hey there! I decided to do my comments at every ten chapters, instead of doing one for each chapter since I know getting back to back emails can be a headache. Now, onto the story... I have to say, I'm enjoying so far. I'm loving this world that you created and I like how you combined the cultures of Asia and Europe, to create this world and it's just not influenced but just one culture, but many different ones. As for your characters, I'm going to say straight up, that I really want to punch May's sister and mom. Their personalities just rub me the wrong way, but I do like how you portrayed them. I am enjoying May, though and I do like her. From what I read so far, I can relate to her, personality-wise and I believe that a good amount of girls/young women can relate to her. I'm glad you didn't over-do her reaction to the new world or have her underact towards it either. Overall, I'm enjoying her and can't wait to read more about her. (She also gets an extra like, since she's from my hometown.) I also can't wait to see the backgrounds for characters like Leif and Erik. Mistake-wise, from what I read so far, I haven't found any large grammar mistakes and I've only caught a few minor mistakes. The only things I would say is, watch out for some of the commas in some of your sentences. They break up the sentence a little too much and not necessary in some places. (I do the same thing too and it's hard to break out of doing.) The only other thing I would say, is just watch out when using someone title. I noticed that once in a while, someone title was in lowercase when it should have been in uppercase. Other then that, everything seems good. I'm loving the story so far and I can't wait to dive into more of it. Great Job!

    Reviewed on: February 1, 2014

  • Mystic Mirror

    Lol, Baltar is like that uncle or grandfather, who just says whatever on his mind, with no filter whatsoever. He's becoming on of my favorite characters.

    I'm glad you had the chapter with the Laismaran children. I know in previous chapters, its been expressed that humans and Laismaran, hate each other, but it's another thing to see it in action. I'm starting to see why Aedain wants to go with his plan. I like that you also showed Aedain softer side then too. It's a side we haven't had a real chance to see yet.

    I really can't wait to see how all this is going to play out in the end. I did notice some small things in the chapters, just some words omitted here and there and some tiny grammar mistakes.

    All in all, really great set of chapters and I can't wait to see what happens next!

    Commented on: February 6, 2014

  • The Curse of King Arthur (Being Rewritten)

    Hey, sorry I'm just getting back to you. Some personal problems on my end, but I'm back.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the story so far and thanks so much for reviews and advice. And trust me, your critique was nowhere near bitchy. I have seen, read and heard bitchy, trust me, nowhere near that.

    I'm taking your advice to heart and I promise, I have some surprises around the corner in the story.

    Thanks again!

    Commented on: February 6, 2014

  • Mystic Mirror

    Looks like the 'unfriendly' visitor, has reared it's ugly head. That's has to be an embarrassing situation.

    This was a nice filler chapter. It was good to get inside May's head a little more and get to see some more of the human village. It's also a pleasure to see Aedain softer side.

    I do have a question though; I noticed that in the middle, a couple of your paragraphs are left aligned and not indented, I was wondering if it was meant to be that way or not? The only other thing I would point out is at the end, when May and Aedain are speaking. The last set of dialogue isn't spaced between each other. Other then that, it was a good chapter. Good Job!

    (P.S. I'm still going to review the last couple of chapters before this, just wanted to do this one first since it was right there.)

    Commented on: February 4, 2014

  • Mystic Mirror

    Well...looks like my theory about Abrran, was wrong. May he rest in peace. I like that these last couple of chapters gave us a chance to know Aedain and Baltzar (Sorry if I misspelled their names, I have to do this on my cell phone at the moment), and what's going on elsewhere, which is the beauty of a third person POV. I can see how the prologue is now connecting in with the story. Zhawn seems like an instigator and I have a feeling he's going to cause some more trouble, especially for our group. I have a feeling that something going to happen between May and Aedain, but what that'll be, I don't know yet. Good set of chapters.

    Commented on: February 3, 2014

  • Mystic Mirror

    Looks like things are getting even more interesting now. I'm liking how the story is going and my curiosity is getting more and more peaked as I read on. I can't wait to see what happens next. I figured that there was something more to Erik, then what meet the eye but I wouldn't have guessed him being part demon. And it looks like there's even more to him. I don't know why, but something rubs me the wrong way about Maewyn fiancee, Abrran. I just have a feeling that he has an ulterior motive. I have a feeling that there's more that meet the eye to the demons too andnI'm curious what their plan for Erik is. Overall, this has been a great set of chapters and I can't wait for more.

    Commented on: February 2, 2014