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My nickname is Kelly. I love to read, write and tell my stories in the darkest and deadly way possible without actually causing harm of course. I'm a chocolate and coffee fanatic and grammar and spelling critic. I love the sound of heavy metal or hard rock bouncing between my ears. I hate techno music because it gives me a headache but loves a little pop here and there. My favourite place to be is home where I can write a story world all of my own and share it with my soon to be fans. I have studied at Charles Darwin University to write both academically and creatively. Even though I majored in biomedical science. Studying both psychology and writing is a concoction for sweet horror. I love the fact that I can write so freely but hate the fact that it takes forever. I hate liquorice, mint and chocolate (mixed) merely because they make my stomach turn. I question who puts mint and chocolate together and curse them for it and resent those who enjoy it. If you're anything like me, we're sure to get along!

P.S. Supernatural action is my favourite thing to write about.

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  • Ishitar and the Wrath of Rowtag

    This is a good, chapter. I like it but perhaps it would be better to give information about your story over a period of chapters. Taking it all in at once is a little hard. I hope this helps! Keep up the good work!

    Commented on: May 28, 2017

  • Ishitar and the Wrath of Rowtag

    This is an awesome story you have so far. I'm really enjoying it. I hope you continue! 

    Commented on: April 18, 2017

  • Halo: New Era

    This is a cute little story you've put together. I love Halo and I like the idea of what you've done. Is this a fan fic? Just curious. Also, you don't have to write your dialogue with who is speaking, you can just say what they've said then who said it just to mix it up a bit.

    For example, "Inside of the UNSC Bark in cyrosleep," Thomas answered. Sometimes, you don't even need to say the name because the reader can automatically assume that the next person in the conversation is one out of two. So, if one spoke the other one will speak. I hope you find this helpful and will continue to write your story!

    Commented on: April 16, 2017