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About Me: I'm Debora and I enjoy telling stories and playing chess. I love comics and movies and I love to study (for fun) a broad range of subjects such as language, history, psychology, anthropology, mythology and folklore, astrology, and religion. Oh yes, the aliens of course and the mythical beasts that no one can prove exist or not. I still believe in the Lochness Monster, Mermaids, and Ghosts. I'm also fond of the Ancient Astronauts hypothesis of extraterrestrials coming to visit our ancestors, and even the idea that some jumpstarted our species. Who knows, maybe there is something in all that, or not. I do know that it is oddly suspicious that isolated civilizations of the past shared similar beliefs about gods and creation. I also know that the common belief (in America at least) of the invisible man living in the sky, sending his son through a virgin to save mankind, and threatening to leave you in a pit of fire for eternity if you don't accept his son, is very much accepted belief. I'm not an atheist, nor do I have issues with Christians, but I don't fit among them. I just know that something flows through everything, and who says it can't take whatever form, aspect it wants to, thus making every religion right and wrong at the same time. The aspect that calls to me is Athena of the Greeks, the goddess of wisdom. I don't know what else to say for this section, so we'll move along. Gender: I'm Female. Not pink crazy and frilly skirts female but female. There are a few slight masculine traits I possess but I identify as Female, both sex and gender. Age: Since I don't feel like updating everytime I age another year, I will just say that I was born in the first half of January in 1990. Ethnicity: I am European-American. I just don't think it makes sense to say I'm just 'American' since everyone else (except the KKK and other Caucasian Americans) has a hyphen about their heritage 'African-American', 'Chinese-American', 'Mexican-American', and so on. I don't have any Native American ties (though that would be kind of cool), but my heritage comes from the French, Polish, Irish, and English, at least. I understand that further back from those four, there is some German and Dutch. Just means I carry recessive genes for blonde and red hair. :-) Languages: Fluent English for the moment. I've been studying Japanese on and off for a few years. Right now I'm doing the same thing with Spanish, I hope to have an okay understanding in both languages someday. Oh yes, and have dabbled in the mother of many western languages, Latin. Roles: I have sometimes (maybe many times) played the role of the pest. It's very easy when you tend to be one to spew truths that many don't want to hear or know. I can also be very eccentric. I sometimes play the roles of the child (goes hand in hand with pest), the smartass, the unwanted teacher/lecturer, the romantic, the lover, the loyal friend, the feminist, and the storyteller. The kind of writer I admire/hope to become at some point: I admire the lovely Margaret Atwood, Laurie Notaro, and Anne Bishop to name a few novelists. Atwood has a dark humor, wit, and imagination I adore. I think about dark futures when I read her work and how close we are to them. The brightside is we're not there and there is always something bright even in the darkness. Notaro shares her embarrassing and humorous events of everyday living. I enjoy reading her work because I can't help smiling and her writing was one of the factors that cemented me into following a path of a writer. Bishop comes up with interesting fantasy worlds and cultures that reflect very dark times in our history and the themes of gender roles, sexual mores, and honor are nicely mixed in. In other mediums, I look up to Quentin Tarintino (film), Stephan Schwartz (theatre), Mel Brooks (theatre and film), Brad Wright (television), Robert C. Cooper (television), Martin Gero (television), and all these writers in comics: Raven Gregory, Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, and Bill Willingham. I hope to become a writer that can play in many different genres and mediums. I want to write for film, television, comics, novels, and theatre just to name a few. I want to write in the genres of fantasy, science fiction, horror, suspense, drama, and comedy. I love to write about silly aliens, psychological disorders, and I'm a fan of tragic villians.
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