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Books are my favorite things to read with my spare time. If I see blank pages, I will do what I can to fill them. Fantasy books are among my favorite things to read. There is something special and unique about a world full of dragons, knights, castles, or anything with a hint of magic. I find those ones are one of the easiest books to write.

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  • Egyptian Mummy

    It is a very interesting read. The history of Egypt is very neat to read about.

    Commented on: February 26, 2016

  • Heartbeat

    Your story was amazing to read. It was so cute how you coupled the characters in the end and it was also beautiful. I liked it how they leaned on each other for support.

    Commented on: February 9, 2016

  • Survivor

    I loved the whole story. The ones about two friends liking each other are some of my favorites. It felt like reading a comic book. Please continue, you are doing a great job on this story.

    Commented on: January 23, 2016