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Mostly into fanfiction, dabble with original fiction whenever inspiration strikes.

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  • Schism

    More towards biology/chemistry/maths, with a scattering of physics. The mental stuff's mostly deductions based on psychobabble I get off Wikipedia and those things that pass for motivational books, haha. And psh! As long as the reader picks up on SOMETHING in the words, the comment is definitely worth a reply if I've got a moment to spare. Only reason I'm still writing is because almost eight years ago, someone gave me some decent constructive criticism, and hence I see the value of even a simple review, provided the reader actually *reads*.

    Commented on: September 9, 2013

  • Schism

    Finally, someone who realises the narrator is... nameless and effectively gender-less :P Later on there'll be hints as to whether it's a male or female, though. Regarding the drowning bit and 'always', I meant to imply that the narrator had a recurring nightmare involving that near-drowning experience :P Glad you enjoyed it so far, and hope it'll continue to be a fun read at the very least.

    Commented on: August 29, 2013