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Cho'gall was a powerful ogre mage, Initiate of the Fifth Circle of the Shadow Council, and Chieftain of the Twilight's Hammer clan. Cho'gall managed to survive with remnants of his clan when Gul'dan was torn to shreds by demons during his quest to find the Eye of Sargeras toward the end of the Second War. Fleeing to Kalimdor and taking refuge within the ruined city of Ahn'Qiraj, Cho'gall's body became warped by the power of the Old God C'Thun.​

With the return of Deathwing and the Shattering that followed in his wake, Cho'gall aligned himself and the Twilight's Hammer with the corrupted Aspect and his allies, the powerful Elemental Lords Al'Akir and Ragnaros, to help usher in the end times. Overseeing the cult's efforts from his citadel in the Twilight Highlands, Cho'gall was struck down by champions of Azeroth within his own throne room.


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  • The Killer

    This story is a most intriguing, unique tale I've not seen described in such a way other forms of literature showcase. The characters are mostly understandable and easy, if not at rare times tough to identify with, the tale told is linear and straightforward in a near-flawless first-person narration, showing how the main character feels on the inside in a believable way, but also bears a tang of the strange and demented and that leaves a deliciously troubling, lasting impact on my psyche.

    Reviewed on: February 25, 2016

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