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A writer lives in a thousand worlds, lives a millions lives and reaches even billions more. 

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  • The Baker Family Murders

    Thanks for pointing that out. I will beta read my stuff better next time.

    I was very indecisive about how I was to present the conflict between Trey and his family even while I was writing this, so basically I REALLY winged the first chapter. The upcoming chapters are just as turbulent in terms of how i am going to present them, but i will take your advice into consideration. 

    This story is me getting back in story writing after almost giving up completely on writing. So i appreciate the feedback. 


    Commented on: June 14, 2015

  • When the Rains Come

    This was okay. I felt a bit confused as to what was going on for most of the story however, so maybe in these one shot stories you could be a little more clear. But otherwise the general concept of what you were trying to portray here was cool. 

    Commented on: June 9, 2015