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Benjamin Dine's Bio

I'm Benjamin Dine. I am a writer as a hobby. I usually like to write either stories or poems and came here to get a fresh start.

I am a Kent State University graduate with a Bachelor's in Sociology.
Nowadays, I have become a member of the Canton Writer's Guild.

Some of the genres I like are fantasy, primarily. But I can take mild horror (if it's only a part of the story and not the main story) and science fiction. And I am an anime/manga fan too. I do make some satire and social commentary, so just be aware in case something like that shows up. I also have a tendency of being pious.
I have Asperger's Syndrome and have met the challenges that it faces.

Ultimately, I am to write in the fantasy genre as my primary genre.

My stuff can also be viewed on and
It is under the pen name: B. J. Williams

I hope to be reviewed and commented on in the future with my works. I'll try my best to be just and fair when judging.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. I'll be happy to answer questions.


Current Works
Female Crusading Virtue Girls
"Nickname: The Crossroads of Sailor Moon and Narnia"
A magical girl story following Maria Ciliega and her friends as they defend the upright and just in a world who views goodness as being archaic and hindering.

Soon to be Works
Bloodlines of Janochia series
"Nickname: The Lineage campagin of Dungeons & Dragons"

This series of novels follows the bloodline of Idolus Troigia Romero Noxamor.
This is supposed to be based on a series of D&D adventure games.
But none of the games have gotten very far.



Please state in the PM how to make the story better or have ideas for works.
You can also say what you liked and didn't like in the work.


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Gloria In Saecula

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Paradise Not

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  • Carlyle High School

    You have an interesting story that you have here.
    I am going to continue reading this story to the end.
    I look forward to seeing how the relationship between Aaron and Lotus will play out.

    Commented on: May 4, 2015

  • Carlyle High School

    I can imagine Aaron and Lotus saying their love for each other in this chapter. Personally, I feel it's little rushed on their part. But with chapter comments, I'm only to comment on the character's actions.

    Is it purely driven by passion or is there something greater I haven't been able to see or sense yet?

    Commented on: May 4, 2015

  • Drowning

    This is a sad little short story.

    It was pretty good for a drabble.

    What's a dabble anyways?

    Commented on: April 22, 2015