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I'm 18, Canadian, and attend university of Carleton in Ottawa. I write when I can and when I'm in the mood for it. I love to write. I write Science Fiction for the most part, though I do have a few ideas that aren't in that genre. When the world isn't good enough, make your own.

Now that introductions are done with, I'm not a new writer, I've been writing since late 2008. I have written a complete trilogy of fanfictions (+ extras) based on the (greatest) RTS game Homeworld which you can find by simply googling (I love how that's an actual word now) my online alias Doberman211. Be warned, that was all practice writing (when I was pretty much a complete noob) with little to no editing done. That paragraph was a mess, so are my fanfictions. Read 'em if you really want, otherwise just don't bother as I'll redo them eventually.

My current project is The Taigian Wars, which is a planned series of 5 or 6 books with many more to follow, as I have a planned sequel series. All this to say it's quite important to me, and I consider it my baby. Any and all criticism would be greatly appreciated, positive or negative. I want to make this first book as close to perfection as I possibly can.

Have a good read!


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