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Hello, I'm Mindy. Writing is my passion, but it's also a part of my life. I guess I've always been a storyteller at heart and I often come up with good stories. Like all works, it takes time and I may not always be motivated.

I'm on FictionPress.com and FanFiction.net under the same pen name Aria Breuer, but I don't think I'll be going on FanFiction.net as I used to. I just want to stick with original works for a change.

When it comes to my stories, I'm not the best at deciding what to use for my covers. If you have a cover design that would fit with my story or poem, feel free to look into them and see what you can do. Whether or not it works for the story or poem, I'll decide naturally.

If you have a question, want me to look at a story, or just to chat PM me. I'll usually chat back right away.

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  • Mini Adventures of Molly's Toy Collection

    Oh, and Tigress, these short stories really are somewhat of a preview of my upcoming main book that I'm working on. Though the short stories themselves don't entirely fit with the main story or book, they at least give you and other readers an idea of what will happen in the story.

    Commented on: November 20, 2014

  • Mini Adventures of Molly's Toy Collection

    Tigress, I'm glad you liked the story. Unfortunately, it's just a short story, so there's no other chapters to go along side it. Usually, short stories don't have a lot of room to explain things. The next chapters are all different short stories, so they're stand alone.

    Commented on: November 20, 2014

  • Blood Trail

    Already, you've given good descriptions. Lilith certainly seems like a broken character, with the loss of her sister or was it closest friend? Either way, you've managed to pack in a lot of emotion in just one chapter. Even I could tell there was tension between Lilith and her father, who seems like a confused guy.

    Good work. Keep writing.

    Commented on: November 20, 2014